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Some Like it Scot by Suzanne Enoch To be released 10/6/2015

Some Like It  Scot by Suzanne Enoch best selling award winning author as always I am all consumed by her exceptional talent  as it just spills over each and every page from cover to over. A definite quick paced riveting page turner that is both captivating and fascinating that the reader will feel they are in historic scotland taking this adventure with the book characters.

Scotland around 1818

Laird Munro MacLawry called Bear due to his size as he is one big mon and being fierce, protective  of those he cares for, yet can make a mon piss on his boots with just one look! Also in the way he carries himself. Bear  is the total package six foot seven inches tall,  long black hair, gorgeous with both braw and brains and the sexiest brogue in Alba (Scotland). Though some treat him as he is an empty headed lug only good for a rowdy brawl! Weel the big lad is also a wee bit of rogue bedding at most of the lasses in the Highlands. As of late Bear is is disgusted with his siblings as the love big has hit them all, some of MacLawry most fierce warriors too! He is miserable with the changes feeling lonely and very much alone as of late, due to his sibling marriages filling up  their home and clan with drooling bairns! He is determined and positive that will never happen to him!  He has bedded about three quarters  of the women in the Highlands, but only sees it as an evening of fun,  definitely not a lifetime. Giving Bear the chills to just to think of himself being tied down to one lass for the rest of his life! No way, definitely not for him, but as his brother The Marquee Ranulf explains times are changing ....

Cartriona ( Cat) MacColl is a lass some might call or describe her as a  hoyden, mannish, or has a boyish nature -as she enjoys dressing as a lad, wearing trousers, cursing like a man and is an independent, self sufficient  young woman. Cat excels in hunting, fishing  and is a crack shot with a flintlock musket. She can can do this better then most men well all men except for one  Munro ( Bear) MacLawry. Of course this ginger haired lass is also beautiful no matter how much she hides it in big oversized shirts and hat yet not realizing the trousers makes her more enticing to a man such as Bear MacLawry. Catriona is hiding her 19 yr. old  English half  sister Elizabeth  from an unwanted forced English marriage from an English Duke, who is forty-two years her senior and has a reputation of killing off his wives! The plan is to stay on the run until she reaches her majority at age twenty-one. At least that is the plan for the reunited sisters, whom had been separated for the past eleven years. Then this giant Bear of a man enters her life,no matter what she does to get him to leave her alone, even aiming a flintlock musket  at his chest! Bear lusts after Cat and tries to get in her in his bed which she keeps refusing quite a blow  and set down for this ladies man as she is the first lass that has ever rejected him ever! It is usually quite the opposite way for Bear,  as he is usually the one being chased. Of course he also realizes these sisters are going through hard times living off the land on his property in the old falling apart haunted Abbey unknown to them. So Bear keeps leaving food, supplies and little gifts for them which just frustrates Cat  though Elizabeth appreciates his gifts even is more trusting then Cat. Cat doesn't want his charity, is stubborn and determined to take care and protect she and Elizabeth on her own with out this big mon's  or anyone's help. Plus she doesn't trust easily and for good reason. Bear is determined to get her in his bed he is just surprised when she enters his heart as well. Cat doesn't realize who  that Bear is MacLawry and assumes he is just a trapper ot poacher and most likely stealing from the MacLawrys. Bear also thinks if she knew he  his true identity she would high tail I'd off the property never to be seen again. It's the first time in awhile Bear has felt needed and someone to protect which is what he fiercely enjoys to do he thinks his heart isn't  but he is in for one big surprise....

So will Cat fall in his arms and weaken? Will she find out his true identity and if she does will she feel duped and betrayed? Will Elizabeth be able avoid this murdering Duke. Will Bear find his happily ever after as his sibling or will he be alone forever? Lot of bumps on Cat and Bear's road that need to be ironed out bit is that even possible? You will have to read this all consuming powerful marvelous book and find out and more.

Lots of surprises in this wonderful read about forced alliances and betrothals and the true reason Cat and her sister had been separated for the past eleven years that just blew me away but I loved it. I found this book fascinating as it has all the elements readers want in a fabulous Scottish historical romance adventure, mystery, suspense, secrets, mistrust,m intrigue, heartbreak, conflict, betrayal,  humor as some parts were hilarious and at long last love! I absolutely loved the pairing of Bear and Cat. You can read this as stand alone or in book order, readers choice either or but it definitely is a book you don't want put  down and stays with you long after you have read. I recommend in book order as you will see characters from previous books  and I feel you are more connected to the characters and family plus it is always fun connecting the dots. Again you can read this book as a stand alone too  it's a personal choice.

I have been reading Ms. Enoch's books for a good twenty five years think her regency The Black Duke's Prize was my first and I have a shelf full of her books as they always remain on my keeper shelf.  Some Like It Scot is not different except with the exception I think it is now my favorite.  Yes The entire Scandalous Scots series is magnificent and somewhat addictive in my opinion as I just want more in this series!  I sure she continues writing more Scottish historical romances as she writes them so beautifully.p It's was one of those books that steals heart and warms your soul. Some Like It Scot had plenty of action which made it a fun, quick paced page turner yet I didn't want it to end. I highly recommend this spectacular superbly written book as it is was one you  definitely don't want to miss in this  magnificent romantic Highland adventure!

Scandalous Scot Book List By Suzanne Enoch

O.5  One Hot Scot
     1.The Devil Wears Kilts
     2.Rogue with a Brogue
     3. Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid
     4. Some Like it Scot - TBR on 10/7/2015

***I received this advance readers copy from netgalley.com in exchange for ane honest review which I gladly give.***

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