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Raging Sea by USA TODAY BESTSELLING author Terri Brisbin is the second book in The Stone Circle Series, which is was so unique and spectacular and will give you chills and melt your heart at the same time! I absolutely loved the first mesmerizing book in this series Rising Fire, which was Brienne and William's story which had blown me away as well. This is a historical  romantic paranormal fantasy with that just original, refreshing  and imaginative as Ms. Brisbin's  exceptional talent just spills over on each and every page!

Centuries ago there was seven Gods but one name Chaela fell from grace and became too reckless and evil where only wanted to take over and destroy the humanity. Chaela could not be destroyed, but with the six other Gods combining powers and chants they imprisoned her in the endless pit and sealed for eternity. Chaela swore revenge and would kill all their decendants in retaliation for her imprisonment. These decendants  would be humans with powers to keep Chaela and her evil imprisoned no matter what the cost. These humans decendants of the old Gods are called the Warriors of Destiny!

Broch of Gurness
Northern Coast of Orkney, Scotland
Winter, AD 1286

This is the story of Stormblood and Waterblood ....

Farmer, Soren Thorson's Grandfather Einar Brandrson, whom everyone thinks is a bit eccentric and daft due to his chanting, rocking, disappearing and his belief in the old Gods and praying to them and warning an evil war is coming to end the human world!  Soren thinks the same  as everyone else until he started believing in the Grandfather's words as he tells him he can control the wind and storms as he feels the power running through his body himself. Soren feels it must be a coincidence and then after Einar dies leaving so many unanswered questions. Einar leaves some peculiar letters and maps so Soren has his friend, Ander decipher one of them since he is a priest. Previously Soren was afraid his Grandfather would be charged with his heresy and have all that is his taken away. Then as if all things haven't gone haywire the love of his life Ran Ragnarsor comes back to town after a two year absence, the one he betrayed two years ago, but will love forever. The one whose evil father shipping owner and fisherman,Svein Ragnarsor, the one he made an evil deal two years ago, which forced his hand and destroyed  and badly ending the relationship  with his Svein's daughter Ran, Soren's previous lover. Soren having not much of a choice or his Grandfather would have all  that is his taken away and be sent to prison or worse.  It was his Grandfather the man he owed so much to that was more like a father or his lover the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Life sometimes was not fair as either choice was horrible, but he couldn't see his elderly Grandfather being tortured or living the rest of his days in a prison. Soren forfeited his own happiness for his Grandfather, breaking his own heart and the woman he loved and still loves heart!

Ran Ragnarsor was betrayed by the man she thought would be hers forever and he is the last person she wants to see, but unlike Soren strange occurrences happen to Ran when she was near the sea. Plus she see's a aura of color surrounding Soren molten silver as he see's an aura of turquoise like the colors of the sea. They both have a marking on their arms that burn and  appears to move. His was shaped like lightening bolt and her looked like waves in the ocean, the similarities were too great to ignore. The world around these former lovers seem to change, hearing voices, everything looking more vivid and brighter around them and this power they seeme to be able to control. What was going on Ran wondered, but Ran never wanted to see or speak to Soren again! The man who betrayed her and broke her heart. Now she had so many questions and the only other person she could ask was Soren's Grandfather. The elderly man who genuinely seemed to care for her and kept in correspondence with her these past two years she was away. Odd Einar never mentioned Soren in any of the letters, it was as if he knew her heartache without ever mentioning a word about it. Einar Brandrson  might be only one she could trust and answer her questions. When Ran goes visits Einar she finds Soren instead not being aware of Soren's Grandfather's passing, things really start to unravel though she still feels his betrayal deeply. Plus as things start to get out out of control Ran discovers her father and his men are being held as prisoners by the evil Hugh de Gifford and his men, so the only person she can ask for help and trust is Soren Thorson.

Who to trust as the battle of good vs evil continues for Brisbin fans who read Rising Fire as Hugh de Gifford is again a major player in this novel to reprising his role as the minion of the evil goddess Chaela. He is using his fireblood power for evil deeds, wrecking havoc, murdering and whatever he can to free the evil goddess Chaela from her ungodly prison. He believes he will be greatly rewarded once she is freed. Also his birth daughter Brienne who chose her fireblood power for good and her mate William de Brus, the Warblood will be reappearing in this novel as well as the Priests, Marcus and Aislinn and others. Yet not all will survive this war as this group some might call heroes and heroine's, but overall they were the human decendents of the old Gods and warriors! The Warriors of Destiny who would make sacrifices with their own lives to keep the evil goddess in her prison -never to released on humanity no matter what the cost to prevent armageddon! As in all battles and wars not all will survive and come out unscathed. Hugh can feel Soren and Ran coming into their new power untrained and only has to convince them to choose him and his army evil over good since they are so new in their powers. Of course he plans to tempt and confuse them, making them believe he is the side which is good.  Lies, deception, betrayal, torture and murder is what Hugh de Gifford's specialty is and in which he excels at. Of course all he truly wants is to free this evil goddess, gain power, and fortune - being at her right side no matter what the cost and who and what is destroyed! Which will Soren and Ran choose? You will have to read this spectacular book to find out the path and journey the young lovers choose.

Terri Brisbin weaves another superbly written  riveting , magical, enchanting spellbinding, fast paced page turner that will have you so the enthralled in this captivated and fascinating story. So many twists and turns, ups and downs,  which always makes Terri Brisbin novels so delightful and fun to read. Plus topped off in a beautiful and intriguing medieval setting. The loves scenes were also very hot and steamy and so beautifully done. Been reading this author for over twenty years and all her novels are on my keeper shelf .

I highly recommend Raging Sea by the extraordinary and gifted multi talented best selling author Terri Brisbin, for one could not put this book down and devoured it in one sitting! I now can't wait for Blazing Earth, the next book in Stone Circle series. Readers can read this as a stand alone , but I highly recommend you read Rising Fire too, another fabulous spellbinding marvelous imaginative, and fun read. As you will be able to make the connections to some of the characters who reappear in this book, though you can do it just by reading Raging Sea too. I find I am more emotionally connected to the characters when I do this plus I love to connect the dots!

Raging Sea by Terri Brisbin is one of this rare books with and an original, fresh, imaginative storyline that you don't want to miss! Comes out October 6th and pre-order is also available. I was totally delighted and loved this extraordinary book! ~B

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