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The Taming of Malcolm Grant by Paula Quinn TBR 9/29/2015

"The Taming of Malcolm Grant" is another exceptional read by the talented Paula Quinn. This is the fourth book in her wonderful (The MacGregors, Highland Heirs Series) you can read this as a stand alone or in series order. Worth a bazillion stars as it was really one to melt your heart and warm your soul. I read this in one sitting as I was totally absorbed and with this delightful read!

Hepburn England, early 18th century

This is the story of Malcolm Grant rogue of men who always left women with broken hearts. He has decided to take his 21 year old  brother Cailean to lose his virginity at brothel, Fortunes Smile his good friend Harry Grey own. Cailean already spotted a redhead prostitute he was attracted her name was Alison,but she was already paid for by the sadistic and evil Baron of Newcastle's brother Andrew. Then Malcolm meets Harry's attractive sister Emmaline who asked for her dog Gascon to come in from the cold rain. The brother and sister only recently reunited. This is when Malcolm first meets Emmaline Grey whom is called Emma. Harry hasn't let Emma's dog inside when Malcolm  and Cailean sided with Emma as a dog lover himself and convinced Harry. It was the first moment Malcolm Grant stirred something in Emma. It was also when Malcolm realized she needed her dog to be her eyes for her as Emma was blind.

Then all hell broke out as Cailean saw Alison being roughly handled by Andrew Winthers and Cailean when after the man. In the end Malcolm amd Cailean were a force to be reckoned with until they realize Andrew Winthers is dead and the Winther's come back with reinforcements and shoot both the brothers. Emma who is also a healer ,but keeps that secret as she watched the woman who saved her life after Harry had abandoned her when she was forst going blind at age ten. In France Her family all contacted a bad fever that killed their parents and left her blind but her friend Clementine saved her and taught her the healing arts. Yet the people who Clementine healed turned on her older friend who was like a mother to her and they had hung her and then burned her sweet friend who was kind to everyone. This is why Emma left France and came to England and reunited with her brother that she forgave knowing he was only fifteen and scared of getting the decease and dying.

Malcolm is known as a rogue and a heartbreaker a man known never to get emotionally involved and always the one to leave. He is a major heartbreaker. Yet as of late people don't realize the change in him. He feels he's been as used as others he has used until he meets Emma a woman who can't see his seductive smiles or dimples In his cheeks. After Malcolm and his brother are injured Emma is required to heal them and Malcolm is impressed how a blind girl can treat and heal others. He admires her independence and how she see's with her hands and her honesty and he knows she had been untouched by any other man. Yet he doesn't think he can love a requirement Emma has, to bed and marry a man. Also though Malcolm and Cailean's deaths are faked there is a couple spies among them and also unknown to all one is Sebastian  (Fletcher) Winthers who wants to get away from his evil sadistic brother plus he starts to like the brothers, but knows he has to avenge Andrew's. death. Also there is also a manipulating prostitute who is favored among the customers Bess who is obsessed with Malcolm and will do anything to get him back! As Malcolm and Bess had a relationship years prior if you can call it that from a paying customer. Bess is extremely jealous of Emma and had even threatened to kill her dog Gascon if she doesn't stay away from Malcolm. Bess knows Malcolm wants Emma she sees how he looks at her, but Malcolm always sees how Emma holds her own when going head to head with Bess and never allows herself to become a victim. Another trait he admires about her that is her braw and strength. Yet Bess tries to put an end of Emma and Malcolm's relationship before it even begins as she is a master manipulator. So there are many mountains and obstacles in the way of this couple's happiness with blackmail, murder, mystery, betrayal, mayhem, abduction and perhaps even love Also many risks plus how could Emma ever leave Harry when she has just recently been reunited with him?Will Oliver and Sebastian murder the Grant brothers or shall Bess or Oliver murder Emma? Will Cailean be able to marry the prostitute Alison who had fallen in love with him and has became Emma's dear friend and healing assistant? You will have to read this fabulous book to find out.

This book was absolutely spectacular with so many ups, downs, twist and turns I was holding  on to my seat by a thread! I read this in one day as I was so absorbed and glued to this book I could not put this full length book down.  This is a major really fast page tuner so superbly written that the near ending had me sobbing. It was emotional too so have some Kleenex handy. The Taming of Malcolm Grant was magnificent  and believe me you don't want miss this amazing wonderful read!

I recieved this from in exchange for an honest review

The MacGregors, Highland Heirs Series by Paula Quinn

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