Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Highlander Bewitched By Kate Robbins, Book 1 Highland Chiefs

This is a Highland Chiefs Novella, book one, about Gwendolyn MacGregor whose family was stripped of their titles, wealth and lands due to her greedy unscrupulous Uncle who throws away their family fortune. In turn at a young age  she and her sisters and Gwendolyn into service for the Chief of the Chattan Clan where she is personal maid to Lady Aileana to help support her family.

The hero of this story is Calum MacIntosh the brother of her ladies betrothed. It is also the story of instant attraction and chemistry which sizzles across the pages. Also at one time a man like Calum would of been attainable for Gwendolyn but now there social classes did not mix, yet that doesn't stop Callum for his pursuit of this fair maiden. Also he is of Christian beliefs and she with a pagan beliefs though this also doesn't seem to bother Calum in the least either, This story was so much fun to read and I loved the twist and role reversal as far as sexual experience is concerned. As Calum is the virgin and Gwendolyn is not, this is when the couple are put to the test as Callum has a hard time understanding or accepting or even forgiving her past. Will he? Plus will she be able to forgive his not very accepting and narrow minded view not to mention some harsh vile words he attacked her with. Will she be able to forgive and forget and move forward?  You will have to read this captivating, dazzling story and find out.

 I found Gwndolyn's background  pagan beliefs and healing abilities and so in tune with the earth which I also loved and seeing and feeling one's aura was absolutely fascinating. I really enjoyed reading about this unique and interesting character.

This was quick paced fast moving enchanting story that was totally delightful and so much fun to read! Highlander Bewitched by Kate Robbins  be released on 9/23/2015.  I highly recommend you read this exceptional novella.

Highland Chiefs Series by Kate Robbins

Bound to the Highlander
Promised to the Highlander
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