Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hannah and The Highlander by Sabrina York

A beautiful read  probably one of the best Scottish historical romances I have read all year which I totally enjoyed Hannah and the Highlander by Sabrina York and am looking forward to more book from this wonderful and talented author. I would give a bazillion star if permitted. This book was refreshing, original and unique as in most book one might have self esteem and insecurities but In this book both have them which causes a lot of miscommunication. This just makes the story more interesting and juicy in my opinion, Hannah feels men only want to marry her for her lands and families and wealth and feels she is an ugly duckling compared to her two beautiful sisters. Plus the fact that Alexander hardly speaks to her where Alexander has had a rough life between his childhood abuse, scars and having a speech impediment where he is embarrassed of his stutter. Oh yes get the Kleenex out as this one will definitely be pulling your heartstrings and was emotional for me. If I get that emotionally involved in a story it only means I am reading a extremely rare and special read! This definitely was that and more.

Barrogill, Caithness County, Scotland, 
May 1813

In Hannah and the Highland it is about the intelligent independent and mistrusting Hannah Dounreay feeling that men only want to use her and marry her for one reason only her families rich land and she is not having this at all. After all why else would they want her unattractive self! Hannah has her mind and well as her tender heart and refuses to marry anyone for anything less then love, but then she meet the handsome Highlander one Alexander Lochlannach  Laird of Dunnet!
Alexander who saves her from a brutal attack and she feels in a sense doomed as she feels the attraction to this silent highlander  almost immediately. Unknown to her he feels the same but she feels as inse of rejections when she kisses him not realizing it was anything but that!  

Be still her beating heart  yet Alexander Dournreay and and with no time to lose with Clan wars over lands and properties!  Alexander. needs to marry the beautiful spitfire one Hannah Dounreay  now and has no time for courting and love games! Yet  how is he to convince this beautiful stubborn minx?  Especially since he is one more of action then words due to his stutter and past abuse,.  On top of that as if he didn't have enough problems  he has a secret that could ruin them both if it is ever revealed. Alexander knows he has fallen love with Hannah, but how is he to convince her that they are meant to be in all the ways that count and all ways she has dreamed of but with her stubbornness,  fragility, and determination and feelings of betrayal! How is he to convince her she is the only woman for him in this life and forever when he is so quiet! Both characters are honorable and protective of there families which was also very touching. 

I did love the secondary character of  her sister Susana in Hannah and the Highlander and was thrilled hear she will get her own story in the next book Susana and The Scot and I am assuming  that the youngest Lana who can see ghosts will be the third but no that is my own suggestion as I haven't heard as of yet. 

This book was so much fun to read I simply couldn't put it down, it totally has me captivated with so many twists and turns and ups and down just the way I love to read and also felt all the emotions and trials this couple went through. I highly recommend this spectacular read which was superbly written that will steal your heart and own a bit of you soul. One of those toe curling books that are alway hard to put down at least it was for me. It's is a a definitely page turner! This was a first Sabrina York  novel but definitely will not be the last as I look forward to Susana and the Scot which will be the second book in her Untamed Highlander Series. It is definitely going in my keeper file and I plan to reread again as Hannah and The Highlander was that just totally a brilliant read in my opinion.

This was an ARC I received from in exchange for an honest review


  1. Yes, this book is deff on my wish list. Awesome review