Saturday, May 9, 2015

Madeline Martin debut Deception of a Highlander


Deception of a Highland is the debut novel and Madeline Martin and had me captivated from the beginning to the end. As it is about a sister whom will about anything to save her brothers life and to get out from The English Aaron' control. Mariel Brandon has got an outrageous debt to be paid off if she does this one deed she will get out debt from the evil cruel  master mind Aaron whom she has a agreed to work as a spy. Of course not by choice by any means but to save her brothers wellbeing and life.The problem is she immediately falls for the one she is supposed to spy on. So how can one have their cake and eat it too? You must read this book and find out.

Let yourself travel back in time to historic Scotland during James I reign and enjoy all this spying, duplicity and intrigue. You won't be able to put this fast paced action packed novel down. I love independent warrior type of heroine and Mariel in a way is similar to the shieldmaiden's of the Norse and Viming times. A bit shocking for her time but I absolutely loved no one want a winey lass whom needs a man for protection as well as every other need.

London 1604
Mariel Brandon has spied for the ruthless Aaron not by choice at but due to falling in debt where he has kidnapped her ten year brother her parents died from the plague and Mariel had been doing all she could to survive. So far it had been drugging lords and seducing them for their secrets. Plus she has been trained as an assassin in the art of weaponry and fighting as Mariel is a very quick learner especially with the stakes so high. He has the only thing that matters to her in this cold cruel world!

Aaron promises this will be her last job, all Mariel has to do is one more mission where she must travel to Scotland and find two political refugees that Aaron client is looking for no doubt paying a fortune to locate but one more thing she must kill the Laird. Problem is she does not kill, plus the fact she is falling in love with the same man. Yet Aaron has promised to kill young Jack her young brother if she fails to complete this assignment. What will Mariel do?

Promising to seduce men for information makes Mariel sick to her stomach always feeling guilty and apologizing to the passed out victims but when Aaron finally promises this to be her last job she had to jump at the chance. This job she must locate toe political refugees but thing are not always the way they seem. 

This is one of those books I could not put down and had me hanging on to the edge of my seat. The story was so unique, complicated and detailed I was totally blown away to be honest especially for a debut book. It has every element you can imagine Mystery, suspense, guilt, murder, killing, betrayal, rejection,unrequited love, jealousy, passion, compassion, sympathy, hate and love. You get the picture. Plus the exceptional plots in this story were just so outstanding that had me fascinated the entire book. This is definitely worth a reread and yes I absolutely highly recommend and loved Deception of a Highlander its a book you don't want to miss believe it. I would give it a bazillion stars if allowed! 

I can't praise this spectacular book enough, what an exceptional read and book. Applause and more applause to Ms. Martin on a fabulously superbly written first novel and I can't wait for her next book Possession of a Highlander due to release in August. 

Deception of a Highlander by Madeline Martin is one of those rare books I have on my reread list and honestly hated it had to come to an end. Yep it was that spectacular so get ready for a dazzling ride! 

Love! Love! Loved it!~B

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A new MacKenzie novel by Jennifer Ashley comes out in October 2015