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Some Like it Scot by Suzanne Enoch To be released 10/6/2015

Some Like It  Scot by Suzanne Enoch best selling award winning author as always I am all consumed by her exceptional talent  as it just spills over each and every page from cover to over. A definite quick paced riveting page turner that is both captivating and fascinating that the reader will feel they are in historic scotland taking this adventure with the book characters.

Scotland around 1818

Laird Munro MacLawry called Bear due to his size as he is one big mon and being fierce, protective  of those he cares for, yet can make a mon piss on his boots with just one look! Also in the way he carries himself. Bear  is the total package six foot seven inches tall,  long black hair, gorgeous with both braw and brains and the sexiest brogue in Alba (Scotland). Though some treat him as he is an empty headed lug only good for a rowdy brawl! Weel the big lad is also a wee bit of rogue bedding at most of the lasses in the Highlands. As of late Bear is is disgusted with his siblings as the love big has hit them all, some of MacLawry most fierce warriors too! He is miserable with the changes feeling lonely and very much alone as of late, due to his sibling marriages filling up  their home and clan with drooling bairns! He is determined and positive that will never happen to him!  He has bedded about three quarters  of the women in the Highlands, but only sees it as an evening of fun,  definitely not a lifetime. Giving Bear the chills to just to think of himself being tied down to one lass for the rest of his life! No way, definitely not for him, but as his brother The Marquee Ranulf explains times are changing ....

Cartriona ( Cat) MacColl is a lass some might call or describe her as a  hoyden, mannish, or has a boyish nature -as she enjoys dressing as a lad, wearing trousers, cursing like a man and is an independent, self sufficient  young woman. Cat excels in hunting, fishing  and is a crack shot with a flintlock musket. She can can do this better then most men well all men except for one  Munro ( Bear) MacLawry. Of course this ginger haired lass is also beautiful no matter how much she hides it in big oversized shirts and hat yet not realizing the trousers makes her more enticing to a man such as Bear MacLawry. Catriona is hiding her 19 yr. old  English half  sister Elizabeth  from an unwanted forced English marriage from an English Duke, who is forty-two years her senior and has a reputation of killing off his wives! The plan is to stay on the run until she reaches her majority at age twenty-one. At least that is the plan for the reunited sisters, whom had been separated for the past eleven years. Then this giant Bear of a man enters her life,no matter what she does to get him to leave her alone, even aiming a flintlock musket  at his chest! Bear lusts after Cat and tries to get in her in his bed which she keeps refusing quite a blow  and set down for this ladies man as she is the first lass that has ever rejected him ever! It is usually quite the opposite way for Bear,  as he is usually the one being chased. Of course he also realizes these sisters are going through hard times living off the land on his property in the old falling apart haunted Abbey unknown to them. So Bear keeps leaving food, supplies and little gifts for them which just frustrates Cat  though Elizabeth appreciates his gifts even is more trusting then Cat. Cat doesn't want his charity, is stubborn and determined to take care and protect she and Elizabeth on her own with out this big mon's  or anyone's help. Plus she doesn't trust easily and for good reason. Bear is determined to get her in his bed he is just surprised when she enters his heart as well. Cat doesn't realize who  that Bear is MacLawry and assumes he is just a trapper ot poacher and most likely stealing from the MacLawrys. Bear also thinks if she knew he  his true identity she would high tail I'd off the property never to be seen again. It's the first time in awhile Bear has felt needed and someone to protect which is what he fiercely enjoys to do he thinks his heart isn't  but he is in for one big surprise....

So will Cat fall in his arms and weaken? Will she find out his true identity and if she does will she feel duped and betrayed? Will Elizabeth be able avoid this murdering Duke. Will Bear find his happily ever after as his sibling or will he be alone forever? Lot of bumps on Cat and Bear's road that need to be ironed out bit is that even possible? You will have to read this all consuming powerful marvelous book and find out and more.

Lots of surprises in this wonderful read about forced alliances and betrothals and the true reason Cat and her sister had been separated for the past eleven years that just blew me away but I loved it. I found this book fascinating as it has all the elements readers want in a fabulous Scottish historical romance adventure, mystery, suspense, secrets, mistrust,m intrigue, heartbreak, conflict, betrayal,  humor as some parts were hilarious and at long last love! I absolutely loved the pairing of Bear and Cat. You can read this as stand alone or in book order, readers choice either or but it definitely is a book you don't want put  down and stays with you long after you have read. I recommend in book order as you will see characters from previous books  and I feel you are more connected to the characters and family plus it is always fun connecting the dots. Again you can read this book as a stand alone too  it's a personal choice.

I have been reading Ms. Enoch's books for a good twenty five years think her regency The Black Duke's Prize was my first and I have a shelf full of her books as they always remain on my keeper shelf.  Some Like It Scot is not different except with the exception I think it is now my favorite.  Yes The entire Scandalous Scots series is magnificent and somewhat addictive in my opinion as I just want more in this series!  I sure she continues writing more Scottish historical romances as she writes them so beautifully.p It's was one of those books that steals heart and warms your soul. Some Like It Scot had plenty of action which made it a fun, quick paced page turner yet I didn't want it to end. I highly recommend this spectacular superbly written book as it is was one you  definitely don't want to miss in this  magnificent romantic Highland adventure!

Scandalous Scot Book List By Suzanne Enoch

O.5  One Hot Scot
     1.The Devil Wears Kilts
     2.Rogue with a Brogue
     3. Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid
     4. Some Like it Scot - TBR on 10/7/2015

***I received this advance readers copy from netgalley.com in exchange for ane honest review which I gladly give.***

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Vonda Sinclair Highland Adventure 7 Book set review by another reader

Disclaimer:This is not Celtic Barb's review just another readers review and. This is author Vonda Sinclair's comment.

I love this awesome review posted at Amazon!! Thank you so much, Jenny!! <3 "I spent my week vacation relaxing and reading Vonda Sinclair’s entire Highland Adventure series :) I love how she writes her characters – she is able to weave depth, emotion, love, and despair masterfully throughout her books. She can also set up a great scene – I almost feel like I’m in Scotland, right in the middle of all the action."

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The Taming of Malcolm Grant by Paula Quinn TBR 9/29/2015

"The Taming of Malcolm Grant" is another exceptional read by the talented Paula Quinn. This is the fourth book in her wonderful (The MacGregors, Highland Heirs Series) you can read this as a stand alone or in series order. Worth a bazillion stars as it was really one to melt your heart and warm your soul. I read this in one sitting as I was totally absorbed and with this delightful read!

Hepburn England, early 18th century

This is the story of Malcolm Grant rogue of men who always left women with broken hearts. He has decided to take his 21 year old  brother Cailean to lose his virginity at brothel, Fortunes Smile his good friend Harry Grey own. Cailean already spotted a redhead prostitute he was attracted her name was Alison,but she was already paid for by the sadistic and evil Baron of Newcastle's brother Andrew. Then Malcolm meets Harry's attractive sister Emmaline who asked for her dog Gascon to come in from the cold rain. The brother and sister only recently reunited. This is when Malcolm first meets Emmaline Grey whom is called Emma. Harry hasn't let Emma's dog inside when Malcolm  and Cailean sided with Emma as a dog lover himself and convinced Harry. It was the first moment Malcolm Grant stirred something in Emma. It was also when Malcolm realized she needed her dog to be her eyes for her as Emma was blind.

Then all hell broke out as Cailean saw Alison being roughly handled by Andrew Winthers and Cailean when after the man. In the end Malcolm amd Cailean were a force to be reckoned with until they realize Andrew Winthers is dead and the Winther's come back with reinforcements and shoot both the brothers. Emma who is also a healer ,but keeps that secret as she watched the woman who saved her life after Harry had abandoned her when she was forst going blind at age ten. In France Her family all contacted a bad fever that killed their parents and left her blind but her friend Clementine saved her and taught her the healing arts. Yet the people who Clementine healed turned on her older friend who was like a mother to her and they had hung her and then burned her sweet friend who was kind to everyone. This is why Emma left France and came to England and reunited with her brother that she forgave knowing he was only fifteen and scared of getting the decease and dying.

Malcolm is known as a rogue and a heartbreaker a man known never to get emotionally involved and always the one to leave. He is a major heartbreaker. Yet as of late people don't realize the change in him. He feels he's been as used as others he has used until he meets Emma a woman who can't see his seductive smiles or dimples In his cheeks. After Malcolm and his brother are injured Emma is required to heal them and Malcolm is impressed how a blind girl can treat and heal others. He admires her independence and how she see's with her hands and her honesty and he knows she had been untouched by any other man. Yet he doesn't think he can love a requirement Emma has, to bed and marry a man. Also though Malcolm and Cailean's deaths are faked there is a couple spies among them and also unknown to all one is Sebastian  (Fletcher) Winthers who wants to get away from his evil sadistic brother plus he starts to like the brothers, but knows he has to avenge Andrew's. death. Also there is also a manipulating prostitute who is favored among the customers Bess who is obsessed with Malcolm and will do anything to get him back! As Malcolm and Bess had a relationship years prior if you can call it that from a paying customer. Bess is extremely jealous of Emma and had even threatened to kill her dog Gascon if she doesn't stay away from Malcolm. Bess knows Malcolm wants Emma she sees how he looks at her, but Malcolm always sees how Emma holds her own when going head to head with Bess and never allows herself to become a victim. Another trait he admires about her that is her braw and strength. Yet Bess tries to put an end of Emma and Malcolm's relationship before it even begins as she is a master manipulator. So there are many mountains and obstacles in the way of this couple's happiness with blackmail, murder, mystery, betrayal, mayhem, abduction and perhaps even love Also many risks plus how could Emma ever leave Harry when she has just recently been reunited with him?Will Oliver and Sebastian murder the Grant brothers or shall Bess or Oliver murder Emma? Will Cailean be able to marry the prostitute Alison who had fallen in love with him and has became Emma's dear friend and healing assistant? You will have to read this fabulous book to find out.

This book was absolutely spectacular with so many ups, downs, twist and turns I was holding  on to my seat by a thread! I read this in one day as I was so absorbed and glued to this book I could not put this full length book down.  This is a major really fast page tuner so superbly written that the near ending had me sobbing. It was emotional too so have some Kleenex handy. The Taming of Malcolm Grant was magnificent  and believe me you don't want miss this amazing wonderful read!

I recieved this from netgalley.com in exchange for an honest review

The MacGregors, Highland Heirs Series by Paula Quinn

1.The Seduction of Amelia Bell
1.5 The Sweet Surrender of Janet Buchannan - Novella
2. The Wicked Ways of Alexander Kidd
3. Scandalous Secret of Abigail MacGregor
4.The Taming of Malcolm Grant - TBR on September 29, 2015

The Irish Warrior by Ashley York will be released 9/30 pre-order for only 1.99

This is one you don't want to miss and if you scroll down my reviews you will find my 5 star review for The Irish Warrior as it is another riveting page turner that you won't be able to put down as I highly recommend!

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Lord Ruthven's Bride by Tarah Scott

Here is my Reciew of Lord Ruthven's Bride by Tarah Scott I. This wonderful analogy in Highland Flames
Lord Ruthven's Bride by Tarah Scott is the second book in her Highland Regency series as the first on Lord Greyson's Bride was originally in the Scroll of the Cridhe, Highland Winds, volume 1 and recently a 2015 RONE award winner as this is in the Guardians of the Cridhe, Highland Flames volume 2. 

1823 Inverness, Scotland

This is book's heroine is Annabelle Montagu who is betrothed to Callum MacLennan and James Ruthven one that saves her life. I kept hearing the song torn between two lovers and loving only one while reading this fantastic storyline!  Yes I sometimes have a music soundtrack while reading books though usually it is Scottisj pipes and fiddles! Lord Ruthvren's Bride is another fabulous fast paced page turner which is the usual for me with talented Tarah Scott books! Another riveting tale of mystery, drama, suspense, espionage, kidnapping, murder and love!

The heroine is the lovely Lady Annabelle Montagu sister of Josephine from Lord Greyson's bride she finds herself curious seeing one of Lord  Monroe Harley  burying a mysterious box and decides to investigate under an oak tree and Lady Morgan's  and decided to discover clues at his home during a party. This is the is how she meets the handsome Lord Ruthven, James Waterson, the new Viscount who was also snooping on Lord Harley but for very reasons . This is when Annabelle's life starts to go out of control, as she tries to hide and is caught and to cover up for her Lord Ruthven gives her a kiss like no other and later feels guilty as she has a betrothed who she intend to marry Callum MacLennon, Marquess of Northington. 

There is someone murdering prostitutes and Ladies of good breeding in Inverness that James had been investigating and fearing Annabelle's might be next victim and then when he saves her life. You can feel the chemistry between James and Annabelle and the guilt Anabelle feels though she would never betray her fiancé either but is torn as is James watching her and knowing he can never have her. Plus knowing she is probably the next to be murdered James feels a need to protect her and frustrated Annabelle takes unnecessary risk's that drive James crazy. Now Annabelle cares for both men and who will she chose?  You will have to read this wonderful novella to find out ,

This is a quick faced paced book that readers won't be able to put down and wonder what will happen next. I do hope the man Lady Annabella did not choose will get his own story too as he was a good man too. I felt sorry for him as he loved her too. Tough when two wonderful men care for you but you have to choose only one! I highly recommend! Another spectacular Tarah Scott read and this book really had so many twist and turns not knowing what was going to happen next it was totally exhilarating! Loved it! 

Other Books by Tarah Scott

Lord Greyson's Bride originally in Scroll's of the Cridhe, Highland Winds, volume one, 2015 RONE winner

Highland Lords series
1.My Highland Lover
2.My Highland Lord

A MacLean Highlander Novel
1. To Tame a Highland Earl

Stand Alone books ( random selection no particular order)
2.Lord Keeper
3.A Knight of Passion
5. The Pendulum Legacy: Legacy of the Celts Brooch and When a Rose Blooms 

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Highland Awakening By Kathryn Lynn Davis

This is my review for Kathryn Lynn Davis book from this amazing analogy! Remember in sale for .99 cents for a limited time and it's amazing


Kathryn Lynn Davis is another in this wonderful group of authors and wrote a magical and mesmerizing about soulmates  a young girl Esmé MacGregor where a family tragedy at nine years of age scars her for the rest of her life. She feels this tragedy is her fault without giving anything away and it happened outside the home and for the past eleven years she has not left her house feeling it will keep everyone safe. This is the story of Caela Rose  (A Tear For Memory) Granddaughter Esmé  so I was super excited to read this! Again it has seer Caela Rose and her magical paintings many years later. Fans of this book will be excited hear this I am sure as I know I was! This was also in Scroll's of Cridhe, Highland Winds, Volume 1 and recent 2015 RONE award winner!

The Isle of Lewis, 1820

The hero of this story is about Laird and healer Malcolm MacLeod who has not been happy since his betrothed Julie ended and fir someone much bellow his station  a bookkeeper from Edinburgh and  as if that not enough his brothers and father want to start a war over it and force Julia to marry him. Malcolm and Julia had been betrothed since childhood but he does not want to force anyone to marry him. He wants to be wanted and plus the face clan do not start wars over broken betrothals as in the days of old and of he doesn't go to war his father has threatened to take the lairdship away and give to one of his two warrior brothers.

Both Esmé and Malcolm are having dreams of each other yet they have never met and love far from each other. Esme has never been interested in other men as they all looked grey to her and the voices come have a meaning as does an old crone to guide them. Both Malcolm and Esmé believe in the old ways and  their beliefs plus the way Esmé seems to be able to read animals thoughts and is a healer as well. Though not a experienced as Malcolm though Malcolm's big hand get in the way when healing anyhow small when they do finally meet it is quite beautiful. As they both follow their dreams and voices without question and go on this magical journey to basically save Scotland! Time is of the essence as a special magical creature needs to be saved and both Esme and Malcolm seem to be the only humans on earth to be trusted but will they be able to save him?

They both have feelings like they have known each other forever, but you can feel that they are destined to be each other's soul mate yet what will happen when their adventure  ends living so far from each other? Family is everything to Esmé and she would never leave them so will Malcolm sacrifice his a lairdship? Of course it had been something he never wanted though he does enjoy caring for the people and the land. As for Esmé will she be able to trust her innocent heart? As this is her first experience with love. Or will she leave with a broken heart? Plus can Malcolm even open his heart again after being crushed so recently? You will have to read this beautiful touching story  which will definitely melt your heart and steal your soul a wee bit too.

It did not have any steamy love scenes which I felt was perfect considering Esmé had never even been kissed before and it wasn't needed. It would of felt really rushed if she was to get her first kiss and loose her virginity in one day so I applaud Ms. Davis for not writing one in. It really is a wonderful story and I loved the bits of past celt and droid past and how everything connected and I loved Esme's family especially her painter seer Grandmother  Caelia Rose of course from "A Tear for Memory"  and loved the close relationship they have. Hopefully she will write a story for her sister Breda. I did not like Breda is the beginning but it shows how she matured during Esme's absence and really grew up and was likable toward the end of the book.

Loved this book and definitely recommend this wonderful magical story about tragedy, betrayal, trust , belief, love at first site and soulmates. Highland Awakening by Kathryn Lynn Davis

Other books by Kathryn Lynn Davis

1. Child of Awe

  Too Deep For Tears trilogy
1. Too Deep for Tears
2. All We hold Dear
3. Somewhere Lies the Moon

A Tear For Memory ( Caela Rose's story as a young girl) also originally in Scroll's of Cridhe Volume One, Highland Winds and also *2015 RONE award winner*.

I highly recommend Highland Awakening it was another enchanting and magical story by the talented Kathryn Lynn Davis as for fans of Tears for Memory. Again I loved it!

Happy Book Release Day Kate Robbins!

This is a Highland Chiefs Novella, book one, about Gwendolyn MacGregor whose family was stripped of their titles, wealth and lands due to her greedy unscrupulous Uncle who throws away their family fortune. In turn at a young age  she and her sisters and Gwendolyn into service for the Chief of the Chattan Clan where she is personal maid to Lady Aileana to help support her family.

The hero of this story is Calum MacIntosh the brother of her ladies betrothed. It is also the story of instant attraction and chemistry which sizzles across the pages. Also at one time a man like Calum would of been attainable for Gwendolyn but now there social classes did not mix, yet that doesn't stop Callum for his pursuit of this fair maiden. Also he is of Christian beliefs and she with a pagan beliefs though this also doesn't seem to bother Calum in the least either, This story was so much fun to read and I loved the twist and role reversal as far as sexual experience is concerned. As Calum is the virgin and Gwendolyn is not, this is when the couple are put to the test as Callum has a hard time understanding or accepting or even forgiving her past. Will he? Plus will she be able to forgive his not very accepting and narrow minded view not to mention some harsh vile words he attacked her with. Will she be able to forgive and forget and move forward?  You will have to read this captivating, dazzling story and find out.

 I found Gwndolyn's background  pagan beliefs and healing abilities and so in tune with the earth which I also loved and seeing and feeling one's aura was absolutely fascinating. I really enjoyed reading about this unique and interesting character.

This was quick paced fast moving enchanting story that was totally delightful and so much fun to read! Highlander Bewitched by Kate Robbins  be released on 9/23/2015.  I highly recommend you read this exceptional novella.

Highland Chiefs Series by Kate Robbins

Bound to the Highlander
Promised to the Highlander
Enemy to the Highlander

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One Knight Standing by Kate Robbins and Ian Gillies is available in print now

 Kate hits another winner with this captivating novella about a Laird's sheltered, curious and intelligent  eldest daughter, the beautiful Catherine St Clair. The heroine of this story, Catherine is 18,the eldest of three sisters ,whom is heartbroken over the death of her best friend, teacher, confident, and elderly priest Father Duceppe. The death is mysterious and seems to involve a secret order as well, the secretive well famous Templar Knights!

The hero of this story is about the sheltered William Gillies who was the seventh son born of a seventh son which some believe he has been born with special privileges and abilities. Will has been waiting all  his sheltered life  for his destiny as he knows he is to eventually to join the church and take his vows and become a priest. The main reason he has never paid attention and avoided females known he is never to marry and he has remained celibate his entire twenty years.  As this is what he has been trained for with warrior skills and instincts as well. He can whirl a sword or dagger as any accomplished warrior, or seasoned Captain the guard as well.

As in all mysterious stories full of suspense, murder, espionage and intrigue things or not as what they appear to be. First off Will and his dark skinned companion, best friend and teacher Ash are to go to St. Roslyn and as the new Priest replace, yet at the same discover all of it's secret as well. All will think him a real Priest when he actually is not. All will find it easy to believe all but the ever curious and observant Kathryn St. Clair who will do anything to find out the truth about this imposter priest who had his own guard. Who ever heard of a Priest needing a personal guard at the peaceful St. Roslyn's church and village.Catherine is full of suspicion of this new handsome Priest she is very attracted to, even knowing it is a sin and wrong to have any type of romantic feeling to ones own Priest!

Of course Will soon realizes his destiny is going off course once encountering the beautiful Lady Catherine. What is he to do about it before all these lustful feelings he has never encountered before and want to act on, but hold himself back. Women and marriage is not in a Priest's destiny and future but was it in his? He can imagine how disappointed his father, Ash, and not to even think about the order would think of all his bottled up feelings not that he would ever share. He decides avoidance is the best solution but he is Lady Catherine's priest how can he not hear her confession!

You must read this enchanting, spellbinding, fantastic read to find out how all of this plays out what the results come to be. I always found the true history and biography of the Templars Knights both fascinating and tragic so I loved how Ms. Robbins centered them and their mysteries in this exceptional amazing fictional novella. Another one she has knocked out of the park, just a fabulous entertaining read you won't be able to put down!

High recommend this was a beta read I was given by Ms. Robbins for an honest review.mww

(Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy Name give Glory) ****Templar Motto***

Other books by Kate Robbins

Guardians of the Cridhe

1. Highland Winds, Volume one, ( Spirit Stone) 5/5* reviewed
2. Highland Winds, Volume two ( One Knight Standing) with six other Guardian stories {release date 9/21/2015}
3. Spirit Stones by Kate Robbins ( stand alone novella) 5/5 star reviewed by me *

Highland Chiefs Series ( *all  5/5 reviewed by me btw and highly recommend*)

1.Bound to the Highlander
2. Promised to the Highlander
3. Enemy of the Highlander

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Winter Fire by Sue-Ellen Welfonder in Highland Flames analogy

This is a fabulous novella by USA bestselling author Sue-Ellen Welfonder and another magnificent read that anyone would enjoy. Especially for those who have a love for the mother country Scotland and I love the mythology, legends and folklore of this wonderful story.

Winter Fire, Return to Kintail book 2 by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Eilean Creag Castle
The Western Highlands, Winter 1352

The Black Stag of Kimtail Laird Duncan MacKenzie can't find a husband for Katla  Mackenzie kitchen lass at Eilean Creag , they all think she is a bit mad since she claims she in love with a God, the Lord of Winter  and at Odin's Fire has given her virtue to him as well. Katla is fine with that since making love with Lord of Fire two years earlier and will take nothing less then her Lord of Winter. The only man she will ever love and never forget!  A lot is happening as the MacKenzie's and MacLeod's have been mortal enemies for hundreds are about to make a peace truse. Wise woman Devorgilla is visiting the castle which means she is up to her meddling shannigans again,Then Katla finds out her a Lord of Winter is just a mortal man and of all things a MacLeod and not just any MacLeod but a lairds son. Katla now is steaming mad and feels used and betrayed by one Gunnar MacLeod, her Lord of Winter! Gunnar who is also in love had good reason not to tell Katla who he was due to he being a MacLeod and she a MacKensie of enemy clans. Also he was leaving for what he thought was a short time as he had thought his Da had just died and his Uncle responsible. He hopes to win Katla back somehow but can he plus there are villains one planning on murdering both Gunnar and Katla. Will this dark force prevail? Katla doesn't believe a laird son would want anything from a kitchen maid but a quick romp and is heartbroken will Gunnar be able to convince Katla of his sincere love? You will have to read this beautiful superbly written story to find out.

Again Ms. Welfonder blows me away with another book I couldn't put down and I love how descriptive she is with describing the setting as I got so absorbed felt I was actually in historic Scotland. Of course as always and a lover of beasties myself I love that MacKenzies are a lover of dogs and the relationships with the animals.I loved Katla's dog Glaum so adorable and expert beggar of treats! Again I loved seeing characters from previous books too. I recommend you read the first novella in this series. The Taming of Mairi MacKenzie another exceptional reads I recommend. You can can read as a stand alone too, readers choice of course.

I loved and highly recommend Winter Fire by Sue-Ellen Welfonder comes out September 21st in Highland Flames, Scrolls of Cridhe, Volume 2.

On a personal note I also love this story since Eilean Donan Castle and Kintail is part of my Scotttish ancestry Clan MacRae and used to fight under  their ally Clan Mackenzie colors since they did not have a chief. I am one of the scattered children of Kintail.

Books by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

The Taming of Mari MacKenzie #1 Return to Kintail
Winter Fire #2 Return to Kintail in Highland Flames, Scrolls of the Cridhe, Volume 2 - TBR 9/21/2015

Scandalous Series
1. To Love a Highlander
2. To Desire a Highlander

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Highlander Bewitched By Kate Robbins, Book 1 Highland Chiefs

This is a Highland Chiefs Novella, book one, about Gwendolyn MacGregor whose family was stripped of their titles, wealth and lands due to her greedy unscrupulous Uncle who throws away their family fortune. In turn at a young age  she and her sisters and Gwendolyn into service for the Chief of the Chattan Clan where she is personal maid to Lady Aileana to help support her family.

The hero of this story is Calum MacIntosh the brother of her ladies betrothed. It is also the story of instant attraction and chemistry which sizzles across the pages. Also at one time a man like Calum would of been attainable for Gwendolyn but now there social classes did not mix, yet that doesn't stop Callum for his pursuit of this fair maiden. Also he is of Christian beliefs and she with a pagan beliefs though this also doesn't seem to bother Calum in the least either, This story was so much fun to read and I loved the twist and role reversal as far as sexual experience is concerned. As Calum is the virgin and Gwendolyn is not, this is when the couple are put to the test as Callum has a hard time understanding or accepting or even forgiving her past. Will he? Plus will she be able to forgive his not very accepting and narrow minded view not to mention some harsh vile words he attacked her with. Will she be able to forgive and forget and move forward?  You will have to read this captivating, dazzling story and find out.

 I found Gwndolyn's background  pagan beliefs and healing abilities and so in tune with the earth which I also loved and seeing and feeling one's aura was absolutely fascinating. I really enjoyed reading about this unique and interesting character.

This was quick paced fast moving enchanting story that was totally delightful and so much fun to read! Highlander Bewitched by Kate Robbins  be released on 9/23/2015.  I highly recommend you read this exceptional novella.

Highland Chiefs Series by Kate Robbins

Bound to the Highlander
Promised to the Highlander
Enemy to the Highlander


A Wonderful novella by Ashley York as she writes another quick paced page turner though it is is lengthy for a novella which is alway a plus for me long enough to get attached to the character which in this book is Sean and Thomasina .

Blackpool, England 1075

Fan of Ms. York will remember Sean O'Cisoghe in The Gentle Knight Brighit and Peter's book 2 of her Norman Conquest series and not in the most favorable light. Let's just say he doesn't take rejection like a gentleman. So he now has left Eire to get over his broken heart and had major chip on his shoulder. After a two year absence he is planning to return to his Clan in Eote and this is when he meets spitfire Thomasina MacDonnell who accuse's him of taking her horse without permission! Thomasina is dressed as a lad for her own protection. Her brother Niall had her hiding in a cave as her drunkard father gave her away to town evil and unscrupulous man. Plus the idea of bartering  with your own daughter in a way to pay off your debts is disgusting and wrong on so many levels. Now what will happen of her father and her so called betrothed catch up to her?

Thomasina is also looking for her missing brother who was out stealing sheep and Sean who recognizes Tommy ( Thomasina) as a female right away but doesn't let her know. Sean teaches her how to act more manly and they go on this journey together as he has become her protector but not without some danger that involves the evil Ivan From The Gentle Knight and as evil as ever and might even cost Sean his very life. You can feel the sparks and chemistry between Sean and Thomasina which made this such a fun read!

This was a wonderful read that has drama, humor, heart melting moments, danger and  romance. The love scenes were sizzling and beautiful. It was another spectacular read that has you rooting for the couple and  readers of the series will be happy to see Sean moving on with his life, becoming the man he was meant to be. I loved it. You can read as a stand alone book but I personally find it more fun reading in series order to know the background of characters from previous books. Again it is not necessary but a personal choice.

I have been reading Ms. Ashley's novels since her debut as a wonderful author. Her book's always capture my attention from cover to cover filled with riveting adventure, mystery, suspense, drama, conflict, passion and of course love - plus detailed setting, amazing dialogue with character's that come to life and capture my heart!

I can wait for book #4 in Ms. York's Norman Conquest series, { The Seventh Son} which will be released on 3/30/2016!

The Irish Warrior by Ashley York is another exceptional, superbly written, !riveting story you don't want to miss! I highly recommend! ~B

*** I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review through netgalley.com***

Books by Ashley York

1.The Bruised Thistle

The Norman Conquest Series

2.The Gentle Knight
3.The Irish Warrior
4.The Seventh Son - TBR 3/30/216 the pre-order is available now

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Another wonderful B.J. Scott read that starts off very emotional right from the beginning as Brianne Dunbar of Clan husband and three month infant son are murdered by one of their clan's worst enemies Clan MacClurry as there was a brooch with the Clan MacClurry crest and a piece of bloodied cloth with the colors and pattern often worn by this clan. The one thing Brianne promises her deceased husband was to protect the Druid stone her deceased husband Tieran Dunbar clan has protected for generations no matter the cost.

Then from orders from Gavin, the leader of the Clan Mac Clurry entourage as the King James has ordered that Brianne marry Laird MacClurry's  womanizing,drunkard, eldest son Dermid . For the soul reason to stop the bloodshed between clans and fetch the newly widowed Brianne.

Brianne's sire,John Keith of  Glen Ceiteach has not seen or spoken since Brianne ran away with her husband to marry. Since her fathers bride price was too high of a price as he lusted after the Druid stone though it is just heresay, as it is a much guarded secret by her husbands clan. They being madly in love since the marriage price was too high they ran off to get married anyway and Brianne had not spoken to her father since. He was a very self absorbed selfish man and since she ruined his plans to use her as a pawn to increase his lands with rich alliances and marry to an old man three times her age.

All things are not what they seem and some betrayals are hard to forgive. It a very touching story of murder, deceit, treachery and lies yet also beauty, love, happiness, forgiveness and rebuilding. I highly recommend to read this captivating Scottish historical romance. The suprprise ending shall surely capture any lover of romance's heart.

Joanne Rock Giveaway

Awesome Joanne Giveaway

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Raging Sea by USA TODAY BESTSELLING author Terri Brisbin is the second book in The Stone Circle Series, which is was so unique and spectacular and will give you chills and melt your heart at the same time! I absolutely loved the first mesmerizing book in this series Rising Fire, which was Brienne and William's story which had blown me away as well. This is a historical  romantic paranormal fantasy with that just original, refreshing  and imaginative as Ms. Brisbin's  exceptional talent just spills over on each and every page!

Centuries ago there was seven Gods but one name Chaela fell from grace and became too reckless and evil where only wanted to take over and destroy the humanity. Chaela could not be destroyed, but with the six other Gods combining powers and chants they imprisoned her in the endless pit and sealed for eternity. Chaela swore revenge and would kill all their decendants in retaliation for her imprisonment. These decendants  would be humans with powers to keep Chaela and her evil imprisoned no matter what the cost. These humans decendants of the old Gods are called the Warriors of Destiny!

Broch of Gurness
Northern Coast of Orkney, Scotland
Winter, AD 1286

This is the story of Stormblood and Waterblood ....

Farmer, Soren Thorson's Grandfather Einar Brandrson, whom everyone thinks is a bit eccentric and daft due to his chanting, rocking, disappearing and his belief in the old Gods and praying to them and warning an evil war is coming to end the human world!  Soren thinks the same  as everyone else until he started believing in the Grandfather's words as he tells him he can control the wind and storms as he feels the power running through his body himself. Soren feels it must be a coincidence and then after Einar dies leaving so many unanswered questions. Einar leaves some peculiar letters and maps so Soren has his friend, Ander decipher one of them since he is a priest. Previously Soren was afraid his Grandfather would be charged with his heresy and have all that is his taken away. Then as if all things haven't gone haywire the love of his life Ran Ragnarsor comes back to town after a two year absence, the one he betrayed two years ago, but will love forever. The one whose evil father shipping owner and fisherman,Svein Ragnarsor, the one he made an evil deal two years ago, which forced his hand and destroyed  and badly ending the relationship  with his Svein's daughter Ran, Soren's previous lover. Soren having not much of a choice or his Grandfather would have all  that is his taken away and be sent to prison or worse.  It was his Grandfather the man he owed so much to that was more like a father or his lover the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Life sometimes was not fair as either choice was horrible, but he couldn't see his elderly Grandfather being tortured or living the rest of his days in a prison. Soren forfeited his own happiness for his Grandfather, breaking his own heart and the woman he loved and still loves heart!

Ran Ragnarsor was betrayed by the man she thought would be hers forever and he is the last person she wants to see, but unlike Soren strange occurrences happen to Ran when she was near the sea. Plus she see's a aura of color surrounding Soren molten silver as he see's an aura of turquoise like the colors of the sea. They both have a marking on their arms that burn and  appears to move. His was shaped like lightening bolt and her looked like waves in the ocean, the similarities were too great to ignore. The world around these former lovers seem to change, hearing voices, everything looking more vivid and brighter around them and this power they seeme to be able to control. What was going on Ran wondered, but Ran never wanted to see or speak to Soren again! The man who betrayed her and broke her heart. Now she had so many questions and the only other person she could ask was Soren's Grandfather. The elderly man who genuinely seemed to care for her and kept in correspondence with her these past two years she was away. Odd Einar never mentioned Soren in any of the letters, it was as if he knew her heartache without ever mentioning a word about it. Einar Brandrson  might be only one she could trust and answer her questions. When Ran goes visits Einar she finds Soren instead not being aware of Soren's Grandfather's passing, things really start to unravel though she still feels his betrayal deeply. Plus as things start to get out out of control Ran discovers her father and his men are being held as prisoners by the evil Hugh de Gifford and his men, so the only person she can ask for help and trust is Soren Thorson.

Who to trust as the battle of good vs evil continues for Brisbin fans who read Rising Fire as Hugh de Gifford is again a major player in this novel to reprising his role as the minion of the evil goddess Chaela. He is using his fireblood power for evil deeds, wrecking havoc, murdering and whatever he can to free the evil goddess Chaela from her ungodly prison. He believes he will be greatly rewarded once she is freed. Also his birth daughter Brienne who chose her fireblood power for good and her mate William de Brus, the Warblood will be reappearing in this novel as well as the Priests, Marcus and Aislinn and others. Yet not all will survive this war as this group some might call heroes and heroine's, but overall they were the human decendents of the old Gods and warriors! The Warriors of Destiny who would make sacrifices with their own lives to keep the evil goddess in her prison -never to released on humanity no matter what the cost to prevent armageddon! As in all battles and wars not all will survive and come out unscathed. Hugh can feel Soren and Ran coming into their new power untrained and only has to convince them to choose him and his army evil over good since they are so new in their powers. Of course he plans to tempt and confuse them, making them believe he is the side which is good.  Lies, deception, betrayal, torture and murder is what Hugh de Gifford's specialty is and in which he excels at. Of course all he truly wants is to free this evil goddess, gain power, and fortune - being at her right side no matter what the cost and who and what is destroyed! Which will Soren and Ran choose? You will have to read this spectacular book to find out the path and journey the young lovers choose.

Terri Brisbin weaves another superbly written  riveting , magical, enchanting spellbinding, fast paced page turner that will have you so the enthralled in this captivated and fascinating story. So many twists and turns, ups and downs,  which always makes Terri Brisbin novels so delightful and fun to read. Plus topped off in a beautiful and intriguing medieval setting. The loves scenes were also very hot and steamy and so beautifully done. Been reading this author for over twenty years and all her novels are on my keeper shelf .

I highly recommend Raging Sea by the extraordinary and gifted multi talented best selling author Terri Brisbin, for one could not put this book down and devoured it in one sitting! I now can't wait for Blazing Earth, the next book in Stone Circle series. Readers can read this as a stand alone , but I highly recommend you read Rising Fire too, another fabulous spellbinding marvelous imaginative, and fun read. As you will be able to make the connections to some of the characters who reappear in this book, though you can do it just by reading Raging Sea too. I find I am more emotionally connected to the characters when I do this plus I love to connect the dots!

Raging Sea by Terri Brisbin is one of this rare books with and an original, fresh, imaginative storyline that you don't want to miss! Comes out October 6th and pre-order is also available. I was totally delighted and loved this extraordinary book! ~B

Stone Circle Series by Terri Brisbin

1. Rising Fire - Book 1 available for purchase now
2.Raging Sea - Book 2, TBR October 6, 2015
3.Blazing Earth - Book 3, TBR July 2016

Other recent releases

Stolen by the Highlander - available for purchase  now

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Warrior of Fire by Michelle Willingham comes out 12/01/2015

Michelle Willingham next spectacular novel "WARRIOR OF FIRE" best selling "WARRIORS OF IRELAND" series will be released on December 1st, 2015. Pre-order is available now at Amazon.com for the bargain price of only $4.99. You don't want miss this exceptional read believe me so order asap.

A warrior with fire in his soul! 
Fleeing an unwanted betrothal to the cruel King, Lady Carice knows her days are numbered. She has never felt desirable, until she meets Norman soldier Raine de Garenne. Soon she longs to experience passion, if only for one night…
Aiding beautiful Carice's escape jeopardises Raine's mission, for if he does not kill the King, his sisters will pay the price. And as each step towards his goal brings him closer to betraying Carice, he'll have to make a choice. His duty…or his heart.
Warriors of Ireland
Fighting for honour and for love

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The Highlanders Woman by Monica Burns, The Reckless Rockwoods #3

This is the the third book in the Reckless Rockwoods series and is it ever a spectacular read but highly emotional too, so I recommend a box of Kleenex nearby. This is my first book by Monica Burns so obviously you can read as a stand alone book or in series order.

Spring, 1897

Julian and Patience are nearly married but as many can relate she has in law problems right from the beginning.a father-in- law not happy she is half English and still not pregnant with an heir. Also for not picking the Bride of his choosing who is a childhood friend who has wanted Julian since they were teenagers and put thoughts of self doubt and I fidelity into Patience. Patience has the sight but unfortunately it is not always clear and accurate. 

Then due to Julian keeping a friends secret and catching him in lies, Patience fear the worse that her husband has taken a mistress which is the furthest from truth. Patience leaves Julian since he is keeping a confidence and she think the worse. Patience goes to live with her sister but a horrible fire erupts and in saving her nieces and nephews she is badly burned and disfigured. Julian comes to her side bit she rejects him as she doesn't want his pity. Then in a turn of events Julian has a bad carriage accident that leaves him blinded and when Patience runs to his side he reject her pity and sympathy as well. So Patience needs to prove too Julian that she has always loved him no matter what, but how is she suppose to do that? You will have to read this beautiful written story and find out.

This is a wonderful fast paced, page turner with so many twists and turns you wonder how this can be resolved with so much heartache and tragedy. I really felt for this couple to go through so many trials and tests  at the beginning of a new marriage that should be nothing but happy and joyous.This was extremely well written and it had all the elements romance readers love in a spectacular Scottish historical  romance mistrust, deceit, betrayal, misunderstanding, heartbreak, sympathy, miscommunication, forgiveness and love. I highly recommend The Highlander's Woman by Monica Burns it is truly a superb story about true love and sacrifice that you don't want to miss and will definitely pull your heart strings. You won't be able to put this one down and it's ones of those rare stories that's stays with you long after you have read it! Bravo and thank you Ms Burns for a brilliant read! 

*I was give an ARC from netgalley.com in exchange for an honest review which I  give gladly.*

**I will be sharing with my facebook book group Tartan Book Reviews, and my blog Celtic Barb's Blog celticbarb.blogspot.com and  the usual online book sellers and publications.**

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Hannah and The Highlander by Sabrina York

A beautiful read  probably one of the best Scottish historical romances I have read all year which I totally enjoyed Hannah and the Highlander by Sabrina York and am looking forward to more book from this wonderful and talented author. I would give a bazillion star if permitted. This book was refreshing, original and unique as in most book one might have self esteem and insecurities but In this book both have them which causes a lot of miscommunication. This just makes the story more interesting and juicy in my opinion, Hannah feels men only want to marry her for her lands and families and wealth and feels she is an ugly duckling compared to her two beautiful sisters. Plus the fact that Alexander hardly speaks to her where Alexander has had a rough life between his childhood abuse, scars and having a speech impediment where he is embarrassed of his stutter. Oh yes get the Kleenex out as this one will definitely be pulling your heartstrings and was emotional for me. If I get that emotionally involved in a story it only means I am reading a extremely rare and special read! This definitely was that and more.

Barrogill, Caithness County, Scotland, 
May 1813

In Hannah and the Highland it is about the intelligent independent and mistrusting Hannah Dounreay feeling that men only want to use her and marry her for one reason only her families rich land and she is not having this at all. After all why else would they want her unattractive self! Hannah has her mind and well as her tender heart and refuses to marry anyone for anything less then love, but then she meet the handsome Highlander one Alexander Lochlannach  Laird of Dunnet!
Alexander who saves her from a brutal attack and she feels in a sense doomed as she feels the attraction to this silent highlander  almost immediately. Unknown to her he feels the same but she feels as inse of rejections when she kisses him not realizing it was anything but that!  

Be still her beating heart  yet Alexander Dournreay and and with no time to lose with Clan wars over lands and properties!  Alexander. needs to marry the beautiful spitfire one Hannah Dounreay  now and has no time for courting and love games! Yet  how is he to convince this beautiful stubborn minx?  Especially since he is one more of action then words due to his stutter and past abuse,.  On top of that as if he didn't have enough problems  he has a secret that could ruin them both if it is ever revealed. Alexander knows he has fallen love with Hannah, but how is he to convince her that they are meant to be in all the ways that count and all ways she has dreamed of but with her stubbornness,  fragility, and determination and feelings of betrayal! How is he to convince her she is the only woman for him in this life and forever when he is so quiet! Both characters are honorable and protective of there families which was also very touching. 

I did love the secondary character of  her sister Susana in Hannah and the Highlander and was thrilled hear she will get her own story in the next book Susana and The Scot and I am assuming  that the youngest Lana who can see ghosts will be the third but no that is my own suggestion as I haven't heard as of yet. 

This book was so much fun to read I simply couldn't put it down, it totally has me captivated with so many twists and turns and ups and down just the way I love to read and also felt all the emotions and trials this couple went through. I highly recommend this spectacular read which was superbly written that will steal your heart and own a bit of you soul. One of those toe curling books that are alway hard to put down at least it was for me. It's is a a definitely page turner! This was a first Sabrina York  novel but definitely will not be the last as I look forward to Susana and the Scot which will be the second book in her Untamed Highlander Series. It is definitely going in my keeper file and I plan to reread again as Hannah and The Highlander was that just totally a brilliant read in my opinion.

This was an ARC I received from netgalley.com in exchange for an honest review