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A Wonderful novella by Ashley York as she writes another quick paced page turner though it is is lengthy for a novella which is alway a plus for me long enough to get attached to the character which in this book is Sean and Thomasina .

Blackpool, England 1075

Fan of Ms. York will remember Sean O'Cisoghe in The Gentle Knight Brighit and Peter's book 2 of her Norman Conquest series and not in the most favorable light. Let's just say he doesn't take rejection like a gentleman. So he now has left Eire to get over his broken heart and had major chip on his shoulder. After a two year absence he is planning to return to his Clan in Eote and this is when he meets spitfire Thomasina MacDonnell who accuse's him of taking her horse without permission! Thomasina is dressed as a lad for her own protection. Her brother Niall had her hiding in a cave as her drunkard father gave her away to town evil and unscrupulous man. Plus the idea of bartering  with your own daughter in a way to pay off your debts is disgusting and wrong on so many levels. Now what will happen of her father and her so called betrothed catch up to her?

Thomasina is also looking for her missing brother who was out stealing sheep and Sean who recognizes Tommy ( Thomasina) as a female right away but doesn't let her know. Sean teaches her how to act more manly and they go on this journey together as he has become her protector but not without some danger that involves the evil Ivan From The Gentle Knight and as evil as ever and might even cost Sean his very life. You can feel the sparks and chemistry between Sean and Thomasina which made this such a fun read!

This was a wonderful read that has drama, humor, heart melting moments, danger and  romance. The love scenes were sizzling and beautiful. It was another spectacular read that has you rooting for the couple and  readers of the series will be happy to see Sean moving on with his life, becoming the man he was meant to be. I loved it. You can read as a stand alone book but I personally find it more fun reading in series order to know the background of characters from previous books. Again it is not necessary but a personal choice.

I have been reading Ms. Ashley's novels since her debut as a wonderful author. Her book's always capture my attention from cover to cover filled with riveting adventure, mystery, suspense, drama, conflict, passion and of course love - plus detailed setting, amazing dialogue with character's that come to life and capture my heart!

I can wait for book #4 in Ms. York's Norman Conquest series, { The Seventh Son} which will be released on 3/30/2016!

The Irish Warrior by Ashley York is another exceptional, superbly written, !riveting story you don't want to miss! I highly recommend! ~B

*** I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review through netgalley.com***

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4.The Seventh Son - TBR 3/30/216 the pre-order is available now

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