Friday, September 18, 2015

Winter Fire by Sue-Ellen Welfonder in Highland Flames analogy

This is a fabulous novella by USA bestselling author Sue-Ellen Welfonder and another magnificent read that anyone would enjoy. Especially for those who have a love for the mother country Scotland and I love the mythology, legends and folklore of this wonderful story.

Winter Fire, Return to Kintail book 2 by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Eilean Creag Castle
The Western Highlands, Winter 1352

The Black Stag of Kimtail Laird Duncan MacKenzie can't find a husband for Katla  Mackenzie kitchen lass at Eilean Creag , they all think she is a bit mad since she claims she in love with a God, the Lord of Winter  and at Odin's Fire has given her virtue to him as well. Katla is fine with that since making love with Lord of Fire two years earlier and will take nothing less then her Lord of Winter. The only man she will ever love and never forget!  A lot is happening as the MacKenzie's and MacLeod's have been mortal enemies for hundreds are about to make a peace truse. Wise woman Devorgilla is visiting the castle which means she is up to her meddling shannigans again,Then Katla finds out her a Lord of Winter is just a mortal man and of all things a MacLeod and not just any MacLeod but a lairds son. Katla now is steaming mad and feels used and betrayed by one Gunnar MacLeod, her Lord of Winter! Gunnar who is also in love had good reason not to tell Katla who he was due to he being a MacLeod and she a MacKensie of enemy clans. Also he was leaving for what he thought was a short time as he had thought his Da had just died and his Uncle responsible. He hopes to win Katla back somehow but can he plus there are villains one planning on murdering both Gunnar and Katla. Will this dark force prevail? Katla doesn't believe a laird son would want anything from a kitchen maid but a quick romp and is heartbroken will Gunnar be able to convince Katla of his sincere love? You will have to read this beautiful superbly written story to find out.

Again Ms. Welfonder blows me away with another book I couldn't put down and I love how descriptive she is with describing the setting as I got so absorbed felt I was actually in historic Scotland. Of course as always and a lover of beasties myself I love that MacKenzies are a lover of dogs and the relationships with the animals.I loved Katla's dog Glaum so adorable and expert beggar of treats! Again I loved seeing characters from previous books too. I recommend you read the first novella in this series. The Taming of Mairi MacKenzie another exceptional reads I recommend. You can can read as a stand alone too, readers choice of course.

I loved and highly recommend Winter Fire by Sue-Ellen Welfonder comes out September 21st in Highland Flames, Scrolls of Cridhe, Volume 2.

On a personal note I also love this story since Eilean Donan Castle and Kintail is part of my Scotttish ancestry Clan MacRae and used to fight under  their ally Clan Mackenzie colors since they did not have a chief. I am one of the scattered children of Kintail.

Books by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

The Taming of Mari MacKenzie #1 Return to Kintail
Winter Fire #2 Return to Kintail in Highland Flames, Scrolls of the Cridhe, Volume 2 - TBR 9/21/2015

Scandalous Series
1. To Love a Highlander
2. To Desire a Highlander

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