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The Highlanders Welsh Bride by Cathy & DD MacRae. The Hardy Heroines Series, book #5. 5 Kilts. Celtic Barb says it’s a magnificent masterpiece!

Book: The Highlander’s Welsh Bride
By Cathy MacRae

Series: The Hardy Heroines , Book #5
Release Date: 12/27/2018

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook (of)
1)Tartan Book Reviews
2)Celtic World of Historical Book Reviews
3)Purple Tulip Book Reviews
4)Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog

Book Rating: 5/5 Stars/Kilts

MacLean Castle
Morvern, Lochaline, Scotland

A very emotional read: It starts off why Laird Birk MacLean has no trust in women. As his first wife took a lover, but as Birk required the proof of his wife’s unfaithful ways and finally had it! He truly wanted to make her suffer! Yet she and her lover were both dead in the bottom of the sea from a shipwreck! Some say God was paying them back for their infidelity and cheating ways. This was an arranged marriage that was supposed to help resolve clan animosity. It had been a complete falsehood, though he did have two daughters, but still no son and no heir. This meant he must marry again-to secure a future Laird for the Clan! This was the last thing Baron/Laird Birk MacLean wanted!

Princess Cary Wen is sitting in the Dungeon of The MacLeans for poaching deer. The punishment for this offense is death by hanging! Yet for Baron and Laird Birk MacLean he is weary of the parade of lassies being presented to him. Either they were of frail nature or just wanted to use him for his title and wealth. He had no use for this bunch of  self-centered, weak minded, useless women that only care for themselves! Laird Birk would love a strong wife who could aid him with one of the most powerful, brawny, indestructible clans in western Scotland!

As it had been the aftermath of war, Prince Llewelyn of Wales was dead, after making his last attempt against the English! His warriors escaping King Edward I (Longshanks) capture, imprisonment but mostly death by execution! After all it was a time when Vikings, pirates, bandits and rogues control the Sea! Yet all who fought alongside the Prince of Wales was known as a traitor. This is when Birk MacLean was hearing tales of Llewelyn’s wife. One lass who fought at her husband's side as a warrior in Wales fight for independence only a year earlier.

Cary had known she must escape further north to keep out of Longshanks clutches, or she would be joining her husband in the afterlife.  Now she and her brother grab a boat, yet it is shipwrecked. Now everyone she ever loved is gone. The Princess of Wales who escaped on a boat thinking she would be safe away from Longshanks not realizing their were other dangers like pirates, Vikings and disagreeable Scots! Who knew, certainly not her, especially not expecting a death sentence! Now she gets an offer she wasn’t expecting to become this a Lairds wife or death? Would entering this marriage make her wish for death? Plus with so many lies and secrets surrounding them, how can a marriage work? A man who was cuckolded and a woman betrayed!  How can this arranged marriage turn into a thing called love?

This is the fifth book in the Hardy Heroines series. A fun exceptional read I love highly recommend. As with any book in this series can be read as a stand alone book too.  I personally enjoying reading in book order to see how the characters dots connects. It’s definitely personal choice. Any readers who love true history weaved with a fictional romance will absolutely love this book! It has some well known names in history as well as fictional characters. Yet all the ingredients of characters all mix well and it’s a story well done indeed! I loved this book and any historical romance reader will love this book from start to finish.

This fast paced page turner is a riveting adventure I did not want end! From heartbreak, war, death, betrayal, imprisonment, arranged marriage, hatred, love, holding onto life by a thread and so much more. Incredible settings, characters you can’t help but love and dialogues that are brilliant! The plotting is amazing! As I found plots within plots and finding yourself holding your breath with anticipation, not knowing what could possibly happen next!

I can’t recommend this book enough as I absolutely and unequivocally loved The Highlander’s Welsh Bride by Cathy & DD MacRae.

Disclaimer: I received a gift copy from the author for a fair and honest review. I voluntarily agreed to read, review and blog All words, ideas and thoughts are my own.

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A PROTECTOR IN THE HIGHLANDS BY HEATHER MCCOLLUM. Highland Roses School series, book #2, TBR 11/ 24/2018 Five Kilts Celtic Barb absolutely loved this emotional action packed highland romance!

Book: A Protector in the Highlands
By Heather McCollum

Series: Highland Roses School, Book #2

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook (of)
1)Tartan Book Reviews
2)Purple Tulip Book Reviews
3) Celtic World of Historical Book Reviews 4)Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog

Heat Rating: 🔥

Book Rating: 5/5 Stars/Kilts

Finlarig Castle
Killin, Scotland
November, 1684

Scarlet Worthington was on the run when she ran away from England to be with her sister Evelyn in Scotland. This was perfect timing to help her run the Highland Roses School. Evelyn and Grey are off to England to prove his parents innocence. However To prove this: they must bring the two traitors heads - to show who the real villains are! Let us just hope this quote does not apply: “Confidence is like a dragon where, for every head cut off, two more heads grow back. Except in this story this quote seems very true.

Aiden Campbell is finally out of confinement! Finally healed from after being badly burned from the castle fires, which nearly cost him his life. In his brother Grey’s absence, he his now to take charge as Chief, while his brother is in England proving their parents innocence. Now Aiden hates all Sassenach especially English women, which is a mystery as well. You would think he would hate the English soldiers the most, for nearly killing himself and his clan by setting fire to Finlarig castle. He does hate everything English but his hatred for English women is more intense and possibly personal?

He does not believe Scarlet Worthington will remain in cold Scotland forever, yet the more he gets to know her the more he finds her charm, wit, bravery and courage to  match her exquisite beauty. He, like Scarlet also continues to be tortured by night terrors as some call nightmares. Scarlet’s nightmares continue and her reason for running to Scotland is soon discovered. Scarlet does not trust any man except for maybe her brother Nathaniel, the Viscount of Hollings Estate, in  Lincolnshire. Yet as Scarlet soon discovers that she and Aiden have more in common than she thinks. She is now the sole teacher while Evelyn is away at her Highland Rose school and wants to teach the ladies to become warriors. So they will never fear men or anyone else who might prey on their feminine weakness. For this she asks Aiden for his knowledge and tutoring to teach ladies to become warriors. To do this they must wear breeches for agility, have hair picks, which are sharpened daggers, to kill or at least maim their would be attacker.

Aiden knows Scarlet is also keeping secrets, especially her conviction that she will never return to England again! Of course Aiden doesn’t believe her. As all English woman always leave cold Scotland. Unfortunately soon the past catches up to Scarlet. Yes she escapes England, but soon her worst night terror becomes a reality! Showing up at the Castle gates in Scotland uninvited. All Scarlets fears and horrific nightmares comes to life. The only man besides her brother she trusts and turns for protection is a man who hates but desires her. He is none other than Aiden Campbell! The one man she is most attracted to, yet hates her just because of the country of her birth!

Aiden has a lot on his shoulders stepping up as Chieftain, for it isn’t only his heart he needs to protect but the safety of the clan. He doesn’t know how Grey handles this responsibility everyday.  In addition the relationship between and Scarlet is a bit of a tug of war. Yet soon this thing between them grows even bigger, but will it last? Aiden knows she won’t stay in Scotland. The English women never do, another reason he doesn’t want to involve his heart. The problem is his heart is already involved and soon the two star crossed lovers find outside dangers and possible clan wars and even death.Yet to catch a rose you must be weary of its thorns…

Heather McCollum pens another brilliant novel with that golden pen of hers! A book that readers definitely don’t want to miss. I always love whatever this author is currently writing. I loved every book in The Highland Isles series and I have loved each book in her new Highland Roses School series. This is the second book in the series which is absolutely mind blowing in my opinion!

I think every woman should have a hair pick on them for protection! Plus you can’t help but fall in love with the swoon worthy,English hater with burn scars, Aiden Campbell! Any fans of Heather McCollum definitely do not want to miss this masterpiece.

This book is probably my favorite at the moment. A definite shelf keeper that readers will want to revisit and read again. A fast moving riveting, romantic, action filled, suspenseful, adventure,  that I absolutely loved. It has so many twists, turns, including ups and downs, that readers will be holding to the edge of their seats! I was holding my breath with bated breath, not knowing what could possibly happen next!
There is more that one villain and more than one plot. I love the idea of independent women in seventeenth century Scotland. It was absolutely brilliant and awe-inspiring that will make you laugh and cry and cheer this special heroine on!

I can’t recommend it enough! I absolutely and unequivocally loved A Protector in The Highlands by Heather McCollum.

Highland Roses School Series
By Heather McCollum

1# A Rose in the Highlands-Grey and Evelyn

2# A Protector in the Highlands-Aiden and Scarlet

Disclaimer: I received an advance reader’s copy from Entangled Publishing. I voluntarily agreed to do an honest, fair  review and blog through netgalley. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.
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The Laird’s Christmas Kiss by Anna Campbell, The Lairds Most Likely series, book #2. Five Kilts. Celtic Barb loves this holiday Highlander heartmelter!

Book: The Laird’s Christmas Kiss
by Anna Campbell

Series: The Lairds Most Likely,
Book #2

Book Type: Novella, 170 pages

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook of Tartan Book Reviews
Celtic World of Historical Book Reviews
Purple Tulip Book Reviews
Celtic Barb's Tartan Book Review Blog

Heat Rating: 🔥

Rating:  5/5 Stars

Achnasheen Castle, Western Highlands of Scotland
December, 1818

Wallflower, introvert, with low self esteem and little confidence is  Elspeth Douglas. She has been infatuated with her brother Hamish’s friend, Brody Girvan, Laird of Invermackie since she was fifteen years old. Yet he doesn't even know she exists! Of course even her family doesn't help her build any confidence, treating her like an oddity. Elspeth feels Brody is the opposite of her,  gorgeous, brave, wild, flirt, gambler and womanizer. and a bit spoiled and always having his way. Not the type anyone would want to court ones shy, wallflower, bookish, sister!

Well Elspeth is twenty years old now, tired of being a doormat and  ignored in this unrequited love! So she has decided to turn a new leaf and forget all about Brody Girvan and move on!

Brody has not been happy with his meaningless life of womanizing and gambling ways for the past year and a half. He is looking for something more. He strikes up a conversation with the shy Elspeth and sees her beauty beyond her tightly bound hair and school girl clothing covering all her lovely curves, beautiful eyes and creamy skin. He sees her intelligence and wit as well, and realizes she is the lass for him. A lass who has always been right in front of him the entire time.The lass he wants, desires, yearns and craves for.

Yet Elspeth just feels she is the only available woman at their small holiday house party. It is harmless meaningless flirtation that doesn't mean a thing to him. She is just happy she doesn't love him anymore. Or is she? Then she gets a makeover, from Fergus new italian artistic wife, and Brody gives her even more attention she is certain because the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan. Yet it helps her confidence too, although Brody is not overwhelmed by this due to his own insecurities and  fear of male competition. As he has known she was beautiful no matter what she wore. Now the entire world will know too.

Plus she seems to reject him just as he opens his heart. Will she ever believe the man she has loved for the past five years could ever love her back? I recommend to read this wonderful Christmas romance and find out!

Another beautiful  Scottish historical Christmas holiday  romance book by Anna Campbell. It is the perfect type of story about love, faith, confidence and trust. About a forgotten lass and an overconfident lad and soon the tables turn and the opposite happens. Yet it's Christmastime a time for magic and the power of love.  Anything is possible at Christmas!

I absolutely  loved this story and the multidimensional characters kept me on my toes. Another riveting story that I couldn't put down! I highly recommend The Laird’s Christmas Kiss by Anna Campbell.

The Lairds Most Likely Series
By Anna Campbell

1)The Laird’s Willful Lass
2) The Laird’s Christmas Kiss

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author for a fair and honest review. I voluntarily agreed to read, review, blog it. All words, ideas and thoughts are my own.

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Dearest Millie by May McGoldrick The Pennington Family Book #3.5 Five Kilts

Dearest Millie
by May McGoldrick

Release Date: On paperback November 1st and digitally on November 13, 2018

Series: ( The Pennington Family,  Book #3.5

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook of
Tartan Book Reviews
Celtic World of Historical Book Reviews, Purple Tulip Book  Reviews
Celtic Barb's Tartan Book Review Blog

Book Type: Novella, 135-137  pages

Overall Rating:  5/5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Edinburgh, Scotland
June 1819

This book centers around Lady Millie Pennington, the youngest sister of the Pennington siblings. She has always been the one everyone always could depend on for her strength, support and perseverance. Though she always stayed quietly in the background of her talented siblings.

Until recently, her destiny of tomorrows had looked s promising, bright, successful, prosperous, happy, and pretty darn perfect. That is until she got the most devastating news in her life, about her health while visiting a Doctor in Edinburgh. While there she was spotted by a family friend, Dr. Dermot McKendry,  while giving her money away to street urchins. He also knew she visited this Doctor who was not her only option. He decided right then and there, he had to get involved-partly due to a past tragedy.

They hadn’t even been introduced as they had been playing pranks on each other prior to their meeting. Dermot’s business partner is Wynn Melfort, who happens to be Millie’s brother-in-law. He is also friends with both Wynn and her sister. He was a former Navy surgeon but was in Edinburgh to open a new hospital.

Dermot, has secrets of his own and was expecting to be introduced to this troubled beauty. He has his own ideas to take her mind off her health issues and to prove she has other options. After all one should always get more than one Doctors opinion. Will she except these options or refuse? Can these two opposites romance even last? Definitely read and find out.

May McGoldrick pens a beautiful novella that feels more like a full book. As I don’t usually get so emotionally involved in short stories. Yet “Dearest Millie” definitely melted my heart, I both laughed and cried reading this spectacular read. McGoldrick readers don’t want to miss this one.

A beautiful breathtaking story about two lovers who both have some secrets. One is health and the other is his guilt ridden past. Yet there are moments you will laugh and some you will cry. A fast paced, emotional, heartwarming, riveting story that is absolutely awe-inspiring! I can’t wait for the next Pennington novel!

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Disclaimer: I received this book from  the authors for a fair and honest review. I voluntarily agreed to read, review, blog and promote. All words, ideas and thoughts are my own.

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The Heart of the Emerald by Nancy Pennick. The Clan MacLaren series, book #3. 5 Kilts

Book: The Heart of the Emerald
By Nancy Pennick
Series: The Clan MacLaren, Book #3

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook (of)
1.Tartan Book Reviews
2.Celtic World of Historical Book Reviews
3.Purple Tulip Book Reviews
4.Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog

Heat Rating: Sweet

Overall Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Scotland, 1716

Englishwoman, Lady Juliet Anna Marie Kingston, was ordered to marry Ross MacLaren by her King. It was shortly after the Jacobite rising. Juliet had to leave her suitor who turned out to be a powerful but evil aristocratic brute. The Scottish savage she thought she was to marry ended up being the sweetest, bravest, and most honorable man she knows. The marriage ending up being one of love. However, her former suitor John Adler, is obessesed with wanting Juliet. He has already kidnapped her once with no help from her father-in-law. Now she was saved by her husband and also has a son and now are returning to Glenhaven Castle. Young Alec who was his sisters son who died from fever and his father was slaughtered in the Rising battle. Now due to this Jacobite battle they had to recently send both of Ross’s sisters to America with her his brother-in-law Jamie. Jamie would of been executed if they they stayed in Scotland.

Alec has grown very attached to his new parents, his former Aunt and Uncle. It was also his dying sisters request that Ross take care of Alec. There is also another lad a distant cousin named Cowan, who is a few years older but have grown very close. Now Juliet's old beau John is back in Scotland causing trouble and on the edge of insanity! He is drunk on power as his father is dying which will mean he will inherit the dukedom. His focus is still his obsession with Juliet and to try to get any type of information to prove Ross is a traitor in the Jacobite rebellion. His focus is not only Juliet but her new young adopted son Alec.

Only a few have this information but if it ever gets in John Adler’s ear it would mean Ross would become a prisoner and sent to England for execution. Unfortunately John has a man using one of the MacLaren maids for information. Will she share or even have any reliable information is another problem to be seen. Plus Juliet’s relationship with her father-in-law is still strained as he still sees her as a Sassenach wench. Will he ever accept his sons wife? Also all the MacLarens are missing the sisters Heather and Glynis. Will it ever be safe enough for them to come home to Scotland? Again the MacLaren family is in a lot of caos and suspicion due to John and his red coat solders. What will they do? Can Ross and Juliet even handle more problems? Can their love conquer all? I recommend to read and find out.

This is the third book in Nancy Pennick’s The MacLaren series. Another beautifully written book, filled with all the fast paced, elements, historical romance readers love. I absolutely love this book as it has all the twists and turns that keeps readers at the edge of their seats but wanting more!

Nancy Pennick pens another beautiful book that I highly recommend! I can’t wait for the next MacLaren novel!

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The Clan MacLaren Series
1)My Highlander Husband
2)Donnach’s Daughter
3)The Heart of the Emerald

I received a gift copy from the author for a fair and honest review. I voluntarily agreed to read, review and blog All words, ideas and thoughts are my own.

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A Lord for the Lass by Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan Book # 2 in Titans and Tartans series. 5 KILTS! Celtic Barb was in heaven Frenchman and a Scot is perfection!

Book: “A Lord for the Lass” 
By Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan aka Page Morgan

Series: Tartans and Titans, Book #2

Release Date: 10/22/2018

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook (of)
1)Tartan Book Reviews
2)Celtic World of Historical Book Reviews
3)Purple Tulip Book Reviews
4)Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog 

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Overall Rating: 

5/5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 
or 5/5  KILTS Check out the Scotmoji app! I just downloaded it:

Scotland, 1829
Book Quote: 
She wants nothing to do with men!

He's sworn off all women!

 But with danger looming, the only safe haven may be each other's arms… Amalie Howard & Angie Howard 

Lady Makenna MacLaren Brodie is in prison. She had been falsely accused of killing her husband. Not that he was any Prince among men by any means. Laird Graeme Brodie was a mean abusive, vicious, brutal, merciless,  barbaric tormenting bully. The evidence turned up a dagger in the heart which had been a total setup! A gift from Makenna’s brother Naell that someone obviously framed. 

Makenna knows it’s Graeme’s cousin Colin. A man even more vicious and brutal and extremely jealous! He is obsessed with having his wife something that make Makenna frightened and physically ill. Plus the fact they are starving her with no food or drink. Luckily she has an unusual benefactor that helps her escape!

Makenna decide to go to the wealthy Frenchman’s estate Lord Julien Leclerc she met last year at Naell and Ailsa’s wedding. She thought he would be on the continent busy with business deals. So she thought Duncraigh castle would be a place Colin would never find her. To her surprise the master was home. A master who had been obsessed with this fiery redhead since the day he met her a year ago. 

Of course his honor wouldn’t let him seduce a married woman. Yet now all bets were off! Of course Makenna, the ginger spitfire, could of included her family and they would of come to her defense in a moment! Not to mention so many alliances through marriage. The  stubborn minx wouldn’t do it, feeling it might cause lives and start clan wars.

Plus the attraction between Julien and MaKenna only grows. Yet Julien has slept his way through the continent with many beautiful women with no attachments. He won’t apologize for any of it, but something he can’t understand occurred on meeting MaKenna. A fascination for redheads that couldn’t satisfy him unless it was the real thing. 

Now he has the real thing with no plans of letting her go. Like all good things come to an end Makenna feels it time to move on out of the country to keep Julien and his sweet maman safe. Yet is it too late with a huge bounty for Makenna! 

Find out what is in store for the French rogue and sassy lassie? Will it be a life of slavery for Makenna under the obsessive violent behavior of Colin Brodie? Will Julien and Makenna finally realize they are soulmates for life?  

I definitely recommend you read this awe-inspiring book! I couldn’t put it down! Including breathtaking setting, magnificent dialogue, amazing characters plus secondary characters like Lady Eleanor Haverille, young Malcolm and Maxim that you can’t help but love. The plotting was absolutely brilliant with so many twists, turns, ups and downs. I was holding my breath with anticipation, not knowing what could possibly happen next! It had me glued to my seat, a definite nail biter! The type of story historical romance readers will love. 

Including all the elements romance readers love. From a riveting page turning adventure, a mystery in a “who done it” style and suspense. Then there is betrayal, attempted murder, murder, abduction treachery, abuse, brutality, abduction, viciousness, humiliation, betrayal, protection, heartwarming passion, trust and love. In addition so many more surprises and much more! 

A book you don’t want to miss! I absolutely and unequivocally loved this story so much! 

Bravo Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan ( Page Morgan)

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A Lord for the Lass - Entangled Publishing

I received a complimentary ARC copy from Entangled publishers through netgalley. I voluntarily agreed to read, review and blog an advanced copy of this book. All opinions, ideas, words and thoughts are my own.

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Mhàiri’s Yuletide Wish by Cathy Macrae. Five Kilts. A Christmas Novella. This is originally from analogy A Christmas Kiss.


Book: Mhàiri’s Yuletide Wish
By Cathy MacRae 

Release Date: 10/22/2018

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook (of)
1)Tartan Book Reviews
2)Celtic World of Historical Book Reviews
3)Purple Tulip Book Reviews
4)Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog 

Book Rating: 5/5 Stars/Kilts

The Scottish Borders 
December,  Fourteenth Century

Mháiri Burns is supposed  to marry an old man in exchange for her Uncle’s life. Her Uncle is being held for ransom by the English. Instead of waiting to be a pawn in this game in this game of ransom, Mhàiri goes to locate a mysterious brooch. It just might be the answer to all her prayers.

Michaell Kerr fostered with Mháiri’s family and has loved her since they were children. Once he discovers that her grandfather has set her to marry another, he needs to find a way to break this horrendous betrothal! In addition to this mind blowing upset he must save her Uncle at the same time. Yet they are running out of time and this ransom has to paid by the end of yuletide! If not he will lose Mhàiri forever which is totally unexcepytable  to Michaell!

What shall the end result be? Yet If Mhàiri doesn’t pay the ransom by marrying this cruel, wicked, vile, old man her Uncle will die! 

Do Mhàiri and Michaell have a chance at happiness? Will their deepest Christmas gift come true or will all their deepest dreams and desires fade away and shatter their hearts forever?

This is wonderful holiday novella by Cathy MacRae. It is also in the analogy “Once Upon a Christmas Kiss” released earlier this month. An excellent way to to get in the Christmas and holiday spirit. A fast paced, page turning, riveting, romantic, adventure, filled with all the elements Scottish historical readers enjoy.

Disclaimer: I received an advance readers (gift) copy from the author for a fair and honest review. I voluntarily agreed to read, review and blog. All words, ideas and thoughts are my own.***