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RELEASE DAY BLITZ TODAY! A Highlander's Christmas Kiss by Paula Quinn,September 27, 2016






Title: A Highlander’s Christmas Kiss
Author: Paula Quinn
On Sale: September 27, 2016
Series: Highland Heirs, #5
Publisher: Forever
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $7.99 USD



Christmas may be coming to Linavar, but Temperance Menzie is far from joyful. Grief-stricken over the death of her father at the hands of the Black Riders, she almost didn't see the wounded stranger in the woods. And now she's determined to give this braw, brooding Highlander the help she couldn't give her father. But there's a secret lurking in the depths of his blue-gray eyes. And Temperance won't rest until she uncovers it . . .

A killer for hire. It's the last thing Cailean Grant ever thought he'd become, but being part of the Black Riders was his only way to survive. Now, his guilt grows day by day, along with his desire for the beautiful, brave lass nursing him back to health. As Christmas, the season of miracles, draws near and the truth of his identity threatens to come out, Cailean must risk the only thing
he has left to lose – his heart.


New York Times bestselling author Paula Quinn lives in New York with her three beautiful children, three over-protective chihuahuas, and a loud umbrella cockatoo. She loves to read romance and science fiction and has been writing since she was eleven. She loves all things medieval, but it is her love for Scotland that pulls at her heartstrings.




Ten mass market copies of A Highlander’s Christmas Kiss by Paula Quinn.
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A Highlander’s Christmas Kiss By Paula Quinn

She stopped walking and pulled on his hand to stop him as well. “Who am I to you?”
What? What had he said? He realized quickly enough, scowled, and then smiled, giving in to what his heart was telling him. “Ye are—” He paused, not truly sure what to say. He hadn’t wanted to care for her, but he did. He’d let her in, but how could he have denied her entrance? She’d been through much, thanks to him, and yet she still smiled, she still sang, she still had compassion to help him heal.
He began again, reaching for her. He pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her plaid- encased body, shielding her from the wind. “Ye are my candle in the dark.” He stopped again to take her in. He smiled. “I’m better at puttin’ a quill to m’ words than I am at speakin’ them.”
Her wide, beautiful eyes glittered like the snow dusting the braes. He wanted to lose himself there in the expectant hope that lit her gaze.
“You’re doing just fine,” she assured him softly. “Continue, please.”
He shoved aside everything on his mind but her. What was left scared the hell out him. “I canna—”
She waited in silence while he fought his demon for her. Her hope began to fade to disappointment.
It made him smile to think her hope was to be with him and she was waiting to hear him tell her.
“I canna take my gaze from ye, lass. No matter what I’m doin’, m’ eyes find their way back to yer rich dark hair fallin’ over yer flawless jaw, the relaxed curl of your bottom lip that tempts my legs to bring me to wherever ye are. I lay awake at night imaginin’ yer soft inhalations of breath. They fill my heart with something other than mortar and fury. I want to bring ye to me but I’m unworthy of yer dreams. Still, I want to be in them, as ye are in mine.”
“You see?” she said breathlessly. “Just fine.” She closed her eyes and parted her lips when he dipped his head to hers.
He moved his mouth over hers, basking in the intimacy of kissing her, capturing her short, eager breaths. His senses came alive and he used each one of them to fill himself with her. She tasted like passion and innocence. When he slipped his tongue over hers, she opened her arms and coiled them around his neck, covering them both in his plaid. He listened to her heart beating like ancient drums. Or was it his own heart he was hearing? He withdrew a hairbreadth so he could look at her again. The sight of her dreamy-eyed and wanting more nearly drove him mad. He brushed his nose across her temple to her hair, drinking in the scent of her, like the familiar fragrance of peat and pine. “Ye’re bringin’ me back to life, lass.”
He kissed her again, barely holding back the passion raging inside him to be released.


My Thoughts:  Celtic Barb's review of "A Highlander's Christmas Kiss" is previously posted on this blog which was rated 5 Kilts the maximum rating, please scroll down this blog and view it. A Highlander's Christmas Kiss by Paula Quinn is beautiful from start to finish. I have been reading Ms.Quinn's books since her debut as an author. Believe me you can't help but get swept away in her riveting adventures, passionate romances whose characters take a chance on love and bask in the afterglow!

I highly recommend "A Highlanders Christmas Kiss" by Paula Quinn for those of you who believe in love!

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Highland Chieftain by Hannah Howell TBR 9/27/2016 -5 Kilts

Book: Highland Chieftain by Hannah Howell 
Reviewed by: Barb Batlan Massabrook of (Tartan Book Reviews) and (Celtic Barb’s Kilted Tartan Book Review Blog)
Release Date: 9/27/2016
Heat Rating: So hot it sizzles off the pages!
Overall Rating: 4 ½ Stars

Another “Hannah Howell” winner that reader fans and followers will be will be absolutely mesmerized! I was  was so excited  to find out some of my favorite characters from book 2003 book “Highland Angel” are in it too! For example -”Sir Payton Murray” and “Kirstie MacLye”. who make a few appearances in this book...yay! Payton is one of my all-time favorite characters that Ms Howell has written about! Highland Angel   which was and is book seven in “The Murrays” bestselling series. This current release “Highland Chieftain” is book 21 of the same series, which can be read either as stand alone book, or Highland Angel and Highland Chieftain can be read a duet. If this is a new author for readers or reading out of book series order. I being a loyal follower of Ms. Howell for over twenty five years, again was totally captivated. Another heartstring puller so have some tissues handy, but also heartwarming and humorous moments as well. A delightful read  from start to finish. Overall an enjoyable and satisfying read, in other words a delightful read from start to finish!

This novel’s heroine is Bethoc Matheson a young woman who recently lost a mother due to complications during childbirth. Her mother who had lived in a fantasy world with a heart broken from a past love. Which often resulted in Bethoc caring for herself and her foster brothers and being ignored and basically raising herself. She knows she could leave but knows she must protect her brothers and sister no matter the cost. Plus her step father Keir was extremely brutal and abusive since her mother's death. Oh he still gave them his occasional beating she and her mother mostly but since her mother's passing it seemed regular and more brutal and frequent. In addition plus he was drinking excessively all the time. The one promise her mother asked of Bethoc was never to allow her now two year old sister out of her site. So now Bethoc always her wee sister Margaret strapped to her back. She also protected her six younger brothers from ages six to sixteen the thing was she could not remember her mother carrying any of them beside the four she lost. Bethoc was wondering why it took until now question where her brothers came from was her memory just faulty or had they been stolen

The hero of the story is Sir Callum MacMillan, Laird of Whytemont. Callum who washes up ashore, nearly was murdered and drowned, except an angel named Bethoc Matheson and her wee sister Margaret had healed him. He was in bad shape with a broken leg, lacerations plus other wounds and abrasions. the leg was the worst of his injuries. Bethoc goes to the business of setting his leg even though not a healer, but did the best to her ability and bring him to her secret hiding place. Bethoc innocent of the world as she has never been anywhere. She has a special gift where she can smell people's scents like their auros whether they are good or evil. Though she has never been trained in her gift, but somehow she senses he is good man and very Bonnie as well.

Bethoc soon realizes these bad men were trying to kidnap the five year old boy her step father Keir recently brought home. She starts asking her brother's questions  she never thought to ask before. Bethoc has much guilt over it, as they were all stolen to help in the fields. Keirs comment about her mother only birthing lassies makes her starts to question. As the four deceased babies her mother did bare. Plus she does not remember her mother miscarrying.The guilt surrounds her, though her brothers seem okay with it as most were orphaned or living on the street.  To them it was better than starving, plus her brothers  truly did seem to enjoy working,cultivating  and watch things grow. Well until they discover some untruths and one of her brothers is beaten badly and Bethoc herself is beaten for not answering questions about a man. Keir is suspicious, drunk and seems to have problems of his own that could put all of their lives in jeopardy!

As for Bethoc and Callum their attraction seem to grow instantly! She was surprised that they have both grown up with abusive, unhappy childhoods.  Although she knows she is way beneath him. As he is a Laird and expects him to leave her as soon as he is healed. Yet the bad men are still looking for the boy Callum feels responsible for. The boy is best at Bethocs home as her father recently addicted him.  Callum is aware and knows protective Bethoc will keep the lad safe until he is healed. At the moment Callum is useless with a broken leg and hopes his men will find him soon and they can retrieve the lad.

Bethoc stays to protect her brothers, even when she finds out who her true father is. She knows what a different life she can have, she won't abandon the boys as they are her family to her.

Then thing just turn worst!  Bethoc is framed for a murder she didn't commit!  The bad men are still out looking for the young lad and to finish the job and murder Callum!

It seems the people in authoritative positions running her village,  are falsely accusing female relations and or wives of horrible misdeeds! These are women who are wrongfully being accused, which can turn deadly! As these female relative heirs and or wives are innocent! They are legally entitled and left by  the deceased original property owners! Who is the mastermind giving orders of this evil scheme?  Whose pockets are they filling?  The kind elder Laird or someone else?  

The definite scene stealer who knows how to get a kiss from pretty mon,  is two year old Margaret. A female with a limited vocabulary that knows how to get what she wants, 

This books is plot within plot and so much more filled with in this riveting emotional adventure and so much more. It is layered with mystery, suspense, murder, mayhem, treachery, brutality, lies, betrayal, heartbreak, abduction, and  intrigue. In addition is is filled friendship, healing , loyalty, title difference, family, trust, hope, healing and love!

 A book I couldn't put down!  All Murray series worshippers and Scottish romance readers do not want to miss. For me this read was a bit of heaven on Earth! Well done Hannah Howell as you penned your 21st  Murray book! It is an  exquisite read I plan on revisiting. So off to my keeper  bookshelf! 

This book was absolutely phenomenal and so much more! I definitely recommend Highland Chief by Hannah Howell.

I was give this eARC from the Kensington Publishers in exchange for an honest review through netgalley.

 This review are my own words and thoughts with no other outside influences.

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Good Earls Don't Lie by Michelle Willingham. First in new regency series! TBR 9/27 Five Kilts

❤¨`*•.☘Book ☘Review☘.•*¨❤️

Book: “Earls Don't Lie” by Michelle Willingham
(Earls Next Door) Book #1

Reviewer: Barb

Release Date: 9/27/2016

Heat Rating: Mild

Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

First installment of regency historical “Earls Next Door” sries by bestselling magnificent author, Michelle Willingham. Another supreme novel that historical romance readers will love!

It s a difficult time The Great Famine or the Great Hunger was a period of mass starvation, disease and emigration in Ireland between 1845-1853 in Ireland. It what the Irish hero in Ms. Willingham book is referring when speaking of the potato famine. Again she brilliantly weaves true historical facts into her fictional romance! This is one of my favorite combinations in reading historical fictionz

Yorkshire, Spring 1846
 Ireland is starving due to the potato famine as many will do anything for food - steal, kill sell their soul. Lord Iain Donovan, Earl of Ashton, the new lord of Ashton since his brother Michael's recent death. He has done all he can for his people, but he really has no choice but to find himself a wealthy bride in another country to save them all.. He won't abandon his people and country as his mother did fleeing to America with his sisters. Most likely to find some rich husbands in New York. His mother despises him as he was the spare heir and most likely doesn't even know of his new title since his brother's passing. He has no idea why his mother hates him so and loved Michael so much!  What he must do now is -,find a wealthy English heiress and marry her. Feeling all his problems will then be resolved as this is the perfect solution. Except while traveling he is stripped of his clothing, letter of introduction to Lady Wolcroft and his signet ring. All would prove his identity  Lady Wolcroft is the one who was invited gim and hoping she would make introductions to him to wealthy heiresses, maybe even  her own granddaughters.  Of course he has no proof now, but he hopes he can prove himself and find the thieves who stole his belongings. As Lady Wolcrofts Daughter, Iris and his mother had been very close friends in boarding school. It is their he meets Lady Rose Thornton,  granddaughter of Lady Wolcroft , and daughter of his mother's school friend Iris.

When Iain meets the heroine of the story who had a recent illness and no longer hasthe ability to walk. Plus her mother Iris is having hallucinations since her husband's recently passing. On top of that her sister is secretly married and hasn't shared that with anyone. So this couple definitely there issues and conflicts right from the start.  plus

In addition no one will  believe this half naked man down on his luck until  he shows some heroics and favoritism toward Rose and her family. Rose is observant too and besides his handsome and Irish brogue looks sees how he carries himself.  Plus his reaction when other people try to give him orders in a very non servant way!  So Rose figures he is a very good liar or telling the truth. Which one will she decide? Plus Iains servants deserted him and Roses Grandmother Lady Wolcroft inviting him is out of town!

Rose struggles every day with her handicapp determined to walk again as Physicians and most don't believe she ever will.  In addition both sister hide their mother on this country estate for fear she would be locked up and put in a insane asylum.The type that are cruel and encourage ice baths and shock therapy as there was no compassion in this time for the mentally ill, disturbed, confused or depressed.  On top Rose is missing brother who went to India a couple years ago!

So will Iain ever be able to capture and attract a wealthy bride and be able to prove his true  identity. Is he just a fortune hunter or something more? Will Rose ever be able to walk again? As true love wouldn't care if she can walk or not. Will Iain? Both h/h have their issues, conflicts  and problems. Will they ever be resolved and will that thing called love enter the picture? You will have to read and find out and see if hearts confidence and self esteem will be mended or shattered!

Another Michelle Willingham dazzler that romance readers don't want to miss! Another spectacular tale plus a swoon worthy sexy Irishman that will leave readers breathless!

I was given the ARC by the publisher for an honest review through

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Kidnapped by the Highland Rogue by Terri Brisbin. Comes out 10/1/2016 5 Kilts! Fabulous Read!

Kidnapped by the Highland Rogue by Terri Brisbin
“A Highland Feuding” series,  Book #3
Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook ( Tartan Book Reviews)
Release Date: 10/01/2016
Heat Rating: Hot
Overall Rating: 5/5 Star

I have been reading Terri Brisbin novels for a couple decades and she never ceases to amaze me. As here she goes again in another magnificent novel readers won't be able to put down! This is the second Brisbin book in a row that made me cry! That says a lot if I am getting that emotional from the story and feel that much of a connection. If you are a lover of Highlanders and Scotland it's a must read for you. You can read this books as a stand alone book too. Just a bit more character connections and more fun to read in series order - in my opinion. 

In this book and if following the series you will have met the heroine, Fia Mackintosh as a child and young girl in the first two previous “A Highland Feuding” books. Now she has her own book and what a spectacular book it is! 

Fia Mackintosh lady's maid to Arabella who is wife of Chattan federation chief, Brodie Mackintosh. Fia wishes someone would kidnap and sweep her off her feet too. Just like Both Chief Brodie and Rob Mackintosh, did with their wives. Fia  finding it so extremely romantic and wishes this would be her future too. Well as they say be careful for what you wish for…..

The hero of this story Niall Corbett, who is the King’s Spy. Also, because of a past misdeed his family has lost their titles, property and homes which he is trying desperately to get back. His family is forced to make choices they normally wouldn't make or accept. Niall hasn't seen his family in years.  The King is suspicious of these attack on MacKintosh lands. He suspects it is an outside force trying to start a clan war between clans Mackintosh and Cameron again. Especially since there has been peace for the past six years.  So he has Niall spy for him in the disguise of an outlaw.  So Niall can find out who is giving the orders behind these attacks. Then and only then would the King give back all that has been taken away from Niall and his family.

Now Niall is running with a gang of outlaws that would do anything for a piece of gold. In addition they are burning crops, killing livestock and recently even murder. Yet trying to make it look as if it were done by the Cameron clan.  The ruffians leader Lundie, has not shared a name of the one he takes orders from.  The one issuing orders of these attacks, the one name the King seeks! 

Niall uses the name Iain Dubh and imitated the ruffians uneducated speech, looking dirty unkept,  and wearing the worn dirty clothes they all wear and so on. Now while Brodie and many of his warriors are away - the outlaws are told to attack and pillage the main village close to Brodie's strongholds. Niall spots the most beautiful lass and tries to warn her away before it too late. Then two of the ruffians of the group  saw the wee beauty and want to have a wee bit of fun with the lass. Not in an honorable way in the least so Niall has no choice, but one...

In an attempt to save Fia, Niall now known as Iain Dubh makes her his prisoner! He is also ruining her reputation the longer she remains in their captivity. People will assume the worse whether it happens or not. Sadly it's the way of the world at this time period. Yet the more time Fia and Niall spend in others company the more the attraction builds. Also as they get to know each other Fia starts to realise that this ruffian isn't the same man when alone with her,  as he his with the other outlaws. Which man is he? The outlaw or the educated gentleman? Plus they are hiding in caves that Fia is very familiar with. Will Fia be able to attempt a successful escape? 

Will Brodie and his warriors find her in time? As the longer she remains in their custody the more chances her reputation is in peril, as well as her heart. Will the other outlaws have their wicked way with Fia ot worse? Will Fia find out what this Iain Dubh really is hiding and who he really is?  Choices and decisions will need to be made and no matter what is decided will it involve heartbreak and destruction? You will have read this exquisite novel to find out!

Terri Brisbin, The queen of Scottish historical romance does it again! As she pens another fast paced, non-stop action,  mesmerizing  riveting starcrossed romantic adventure! This book is  filled with enchanting landscapes, breathtaking betrayal, and heartwarming passion. Plus feuding clans, secrets, lies, intrigue, mystery, suspense abduction, love and more. Problems seem to multiply and choices to be made, but what shall they be?

Again another exceptional Terri Brisbin novel the I highly recommend. Tugging at heartstrings, tearing up I simply couldn't put down! Absolutely loved it from start to finish! I can't wait for the next A Highland Feuding novel! 

I was given this ARC from Harlequin publishers through netgalley for an honest review.

A Highland Feuding by Terri Brisbin

1.Stolen by the Highlander
2.The Highlander's Runaway Bride
3.Kidnapped by the Highland Rogue

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Totally Brilliant! Taming The Highlander by May McGoldrick, Book 2 The Scottish Relic Trilogy, 5 Kilts! Celtic Barb loved it!

 ❤️ .•*¨`*• BOOK REVIEW•*¨`*•.❤️

Book:”Taming The Highlander” by May McGoldrick
(Scottish Relic Trilogy), Book 2 

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook
Heat Rating; Mild
Overall Rating: 5/5*

Bravo McGoldrick does it again with another extraordinary novel that Historical romance readers will absolutely love!  Weaving true Scottish history into her new breathtaking magical fictional romance! Even has her hero dealing with PTSD. This is another breathtaking, quick paced, page turning masterpiece of a story! In addition with so many twists, turns, ups and downs on this bumpy ride. I was actually holding onto the edge of my seat, with bated breath and anticipation, not knowing what could possibly happen next! In addition a drool and swoon worthy hero that will makes all lassies hearts skip a beat! A total win/ win in my opinion,  one readers of historical romance don't want to miss! For lovers of Scottish historical romance it's a definite must read!
“Taming The Highlander” is book 2, of the magnificent “Scottish Relic Trilogy.” Readers can also read this as a stand alone book. I  just personally feel book order is a bit more fun! 

The Scottish Relic Trilogy  of this sensational “Wheel of Lugh” relic saga continues…

Scotland, 1544, Castle Girnigoe
This heroine of this book is Innes Munro. The daughter of Laird Hector Munro, and older sister of Ailein. Innes, the elder sister, is the one with the relic stone gift. As she can mind read, feel and see what people are thinking and feeling just by using her hands. She basically goes through the same intense experience in her mind, as the person she touches experienced in reality. In addition feeling every raw emotion they felt during the experience as well. Well it is the sixteenth century, so psychics, mediums and anyone with telepathic abilities were often considered being in league with the devil or a witch. Plus accused of being anti- Christian, as in history the church held much power in society as did the crown. Innocent people were often marked as heretics and murdered, if not believers of the same faith. So only Innes’s sister and father know of this gift. They both know her very survival depended on them keeping this quiet and secret as well! As this information could be very dangerous, even deadly If word got out to the wrong type of people. 

As the Munros are at Girnigoe Castle for the wedding of their daughter and sister Ailein and Laird Bryce Sinclair. Bryce, was a widow and whose first wife died under mysterious circumstances. The clan needed a rich heiress - due that he had emptied their coffers to pay ransom to  free his brother Conall. He is the previous Laird of Girnigoe and the current Earl of Caithness. Conall had been presumed dead and spent the past year in an English ndungeon mistreated and tortured by the English! Bryce and Ailein are also a love match, but get off to a bumpy start why she begs her big sister she adores to lengthen her stay after the wedding.

Conall Sinclair, Earl of Caithness is the hero. He suffers from PTSD in my opinion, of course no diagnosis in the 16th century. As he lives with guilt, remorse and self-crimination plus is plagued with personal demons and nightmares!  Feeling he let down his clan losing so many of his clansmen during the Battle of Solway Moss. His clan had thought him dead for months, as he would not reveal his high born status which set the English to continue his torture sessions. Then one obviously betrayed him revealing his true identity to the English to ransom.

Bryce who loved and adored his older brother  emptied their coffers, as Bryce would do anything to get Collum back. Another addition to all the guilt and shame he feels. Collum refused to take his title of Laird back, feeling so much self loathing that he didn't deserve it nor want.  It is obvious his clan still loves respects and honors him.This only makes him carry more guilt and burdens on his soul. Not to mention losing a hand, plus his guilt, shame and torture he had to endure while in English custody. Plus all his nightmares and day terrors he lives with every day and night! He was all set to put himself in self exile and leave the clan in definitely! That is until one small beautiful new visitor turned his head then things go in a different direction! 

His first glimmer of hope is this unique and mysterious elder sister of his new sister-in-law. The one who always wears black and gloves who starts to enchants and dazzles his heart and soul! Stirring feelings inside of him like desire he never felt before or at least not like he did for this unusual woman. Even though he doesn't realise it at first it isn't she the physical either though she is a beauty.Yet she is intelligent, independent, kind, stubborn, and great chess opponent! Plus the only person who seemed to start to open his cold heart feeling things he wasn't sure he wanted to feel. Could this be love? Yet Innes gives him hope for a possible bright future again. Is that even possible for a man like him?

Collum doesn't know Innes’s deepest darkest secret! A secret that could destroy this new found happiness. Innes knows most men couldn't handle this power of her. Some may call a gift  but ships definitely feeling as a curse. The burden she has to live with her entire life until death. Innes's met him with her hands accidentally exposed has felt his deepest his route , pain and shame. If the time comes that she confesses her darkest secrets will he feel the same? Or will he feel violated and exposed and abandon her breaking her heart?  Will hearts be broken and he become a recluse again. Plus unknown to him their is very evil man and his minions hunting Innes to murder and steal the relic! Is Innes in immediate danger? Will they succeed? Will Collum be able to live with his beloved's demise? Many unanswered questions that I absolutely recommend to read to find out the answers!  A total masterpiece of a story that I could not put down,

My favorite character and hero in this book is a four legged wolf named Thunder. A definite scene stealer if you ask me! You will have to read this amazing book to see if you agree? Although I think any animal lover like myself will! I personally love beloved animals in stories! 

An emotional, heart-pulling, soul catching, riveting adventure, full of adventure, mystery, intrigue, betrayal, folklore-myths-legends, murder, mayhem,hope, faith and romance! Breathtaking setting, enthralling plots and amazing dialogue that always had me both mesmerized and captivated from start to finish. 

May McGoldrick has been one my favorite novelists in Scottish historical romance genre for decades. As they write such powerful, strong, phenomenal, exhilarating, can't put down novels, that I absolutely love!  “Taming The Highlander” was no different as I loved this story as I did in book one in “Much Ado About Highlanders!” Yes, also Alexander Macpherson show up in this book too! For all you (Macpherson fans like myself) and his relic power wife Kenna MacKay. I love when the characters from the previous book shows up in the current book. It is kind of like a character reunion for readers! 

I now can't wait for “Tempest In The Highlands”coming out 12/6/2016 sadly the last book in this trilogy!

I was given this ARC book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review through netgalley.

The Scottish Relic Trilogy by May McGoldrick
1.Much Ado About Highlander's - Alexander Macpherson & Kenna MacKay
2.Taming The Highlander - Collum Sinclair & Innes Munro TBR 9/6/2016
3.Tempest In The Highlands - Rob Hawkins & Miranda MacDonnell TBR 12/6/2016