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Highland Awakening By Kathryn Lynn Davis

This is my review for Kathryn Lynn Davis book from this amazing analogy! Remember in sale for .99 cents for a limited time and it's amazing


Kathryn Lynn Davis is another in this wonderful group of authors and wrote a magical and mesmerizing about soulmates  a young girl Esmé MacGregor where a family tragedy at nine years of age scars her for the rest of her life. She feels this tragedy is her fault without giving anything away and it happened outside the home and for the past eleven years she has not left her house feeling it will keep everyone safe. This is the story of Caela Rose  (A Tear For Memory) Granddaughter Esmé  so I was super excited to read this! Again it has seer Caela Rose and her magical paintings many years later. Fans of this book will be excited hear this I am sure as I know I was! This was also in Scroll's of Cridhe, Highland Winds, Volume 1 and recent 2015 RONE award winner!

The Isle of Lewis, 1820

The hero of this story is about Laird and healer Malcolm MacLeod who has not been happy since his betrothed Julie ended and fir someone much bellow his station  a bookkeeper from Edinburgh and  as if that not enough his brothers and father want to start a war over it and force Julia to marry him. Malcolm and Julia had been betrothed since childhood but he does not want to force anyone to marry him. He wants to be wanted and plus the face clan do not start wars over broken betrothals as in the days of old and of he doesn't go to war his father has threatened to take the lairdship away and give to one of his two warrior brothers.

Both Esmé and Malcolm are having dreams of each other yet they have never met and love far from each other. Esme has never been interested in other men as they all looked grey to her and the voices come have a meaning as does an old crone to guide them. Both Malcolm and Esmé believe in the old ways and  their beliefs plus the way Esmé seems to be able to read animals thoughts and is a healer as well. Though not a experienced as Malcolm though Malcolm's big hand get in the way when healing anyhow small when they do finally meet it is quite beautiful. As they both follow their dreams and voices without question and go on this magical journey to basically save Scotland! Time is of the essence as a special magical creature needs to be saved and both Esme and Malcolm seem to be the only humans on earth to be trusted but will they be able to save him?

They both have feelings like they have known each other forever, but you can feel that they are destined to be each other's soul mate yet what will happen when their adventure  ends living so far from each other? Family is everything to Esmé and she would never leave them so will Malcolm sacrifice his a lairdship? Of course it had been something he never wanted though he does enjoy caring for the people and the land. As for Esmé will she be able to trust her innocent heart? As this is her first experience with love. Or will she leave with a broken heart? Plus can Malcolm even open his heart again after being crushed so recently? You will have to read this beautiful touching story  which will definitely melt your heart and steal your soul a wee bit too.

It did not have any steamy love scenes which I felt was perfect considering Esmé had never even been kissed before and it wasn't needed. It would of felt really rushed if she was to get her first kiss and loose her virginity in one day so I applaud Ms. Davis for not writing one in. It really is a wonderful story and I loved the bits of past celt and droid past and how everything connected and I loved Esme's family especially her painter seer Grandmother  Caelia Rose of course from "A Tear for Memory"  and loved the close relationship they have. Hopefully she will write a story for her sister Breda. I did not like Breda is the beginning but it shows how she matured during Esme's absence and really grew up and was likable toward the end of the book.

Loved this book and definitely recommend this wonderful magical story about tragedy, betrayal, trust , belief, love at first site and soulmates. Highland Awakening by Kathryn Lynn Davis

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A Tear For Memory ( Caela Rose's story as a young girl) also originally in Scroll's of Cridhe Volume One, Highland Winds and also *2015 RONE award winner*.

I highly recommend Highland Awakening it was another enchanting and magical story by the talented Kathryn Lynn Davis as for fans of Tears for Memory. Again I loved it!

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