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Never Kiss A Highlander by Michele Sinclair, The McTiernays, Book #6, 5 Kilts. Celtic Barb was blown away! Amazing read!

Book:Never Kiss Highlander
By Michele Sinclair

Series: The McTiernays, Book #6

Reviewed By: Barb Massabrook (of) 1)Tartan Book Reviews - Administrator & Creator
2)Purple Tulip Book Reviews - Administrator
3)Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog - Blogger

Heat Rating:  Hot

Overall Rating:  5 Stars

This is the story of Hamish MacBrieve and Mairead MacMathain.

This is a story of betrayal and heartbreak. As Hamish was to marry Selah MacMathain, he discovers she loves his younger brother. Hamish was supposed to lead the clan and marry Selah MacMathain ten years ago. Yet he finds out Selah loves his younger brother Robert.  As this is the woman who was suppose to be his bride. He gives the lairdship to his brother as well as the woman he thought he loved.

Ten years later: Hamish had been working as an elite guardsman of Clan McTiernay for the past decade. Again he's been betrayed and duped by another woman. Now over the years his brother Robert had tried to reconnect, sending messages to come back. Hamish has refused, now castle Foinaven is in danger and needs his help. The danger surrounds Selah’s younger sister Mairead.

Mairead had idolized Hamish as a little girl and  thinks he will be her savior. Yet when he returns with only himself and no army it is sheer disappointment.

When Hamish returns after such a long absence - he doesn't even notice Selah. He only has eyes for her younger sister Mairead, who was only a child last time he saw her. Mairead is also quite smitten with the handsome Hamish. Can she break through his cold untrusting  heart. Will he realize the danger she's in and lend a helping hand?  Will he open his heart or has heartbreak and betrayal gotten the best of him?

This is a must read. In book six of The McTiernay series by Michele Sinclair . I highly recommend it as I have read the others always a sheer joy to read. You can read “Never Kiss A Highlander”as a stand  alone book or in book order. I absolutely loved it!

I received an advance reader copy from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review through netgalley. All words, thoughts and ideas are my own.

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Kyla By Keira Montclair. The Highland Clan Series, Book #9 Five Kilts. Celtic Barb says Keira Knocks out another winner! Fantastic read!

Book: Kyla by Keira Montclair

Series: The Highland Clan, Book #9

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook
1)Tartan Book Reviews
2)Purple Tulip Book Reviews
3)Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog

Heat Rating: Mild

Overall Rating: 5 stars  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Highlands of Scotland, Late 13th century

This is the story of Kyla Grant and Finlay MacNicol. Kyla is Alex Grant’s daughter sister of Jamie and Jake Grant. Findlay is Jamie Grant’s second in command and best friend. Kyla and Finlay have known each other since they were children. Sometimes it takes a second look to know what is right in front of you.

As there is a lot of turmoil since the attack on Alex Grant. While he is recuperating from his near fatal wound twins, Jamie and Jake are acting as Lairds for their Da. These are Kyla’s elder brothers.

Kyla is determined to act as her Clan's peacemaker even if it puts herself in danger. She will do whatever it takes to protect her clan and allies. After watching her Da the great Alex Grant in a weaker state and he mama always worried. She will do whatever it takes to stop this upcoming clan war. The only way is her connection with their enemies daughter, Davina Buchan. As they are similar in age and can feel compassion in her.

She follows her brother Jamie to go to enemy Buchan on a peaceful mission.  It is to secretly find out if other enemies are hiding out in Buchan holding. Kyla feels she's an assets to the clan to speak with Buchan  Daughter. As Kyla like her mother has a huge heart. When she finds out how Buchan uses his own daughter all she wants to is to protect and save Davina!

The Buchan is furious Kyla won't help him and throws her and her guard Findlay out. Than Laird Buchan uses Kyla’s big heart to take advantage to abduct her and hold her for ransom. As he wants both Kyla as a trade for Grant land and Castle. Plus he wants Findlay to train his untrained men in battle.

He now is allowing another sadistic enemies, Simon de La Porte under his roof. This enemy is even more dangerous and twisted, where Kyla and Findlay may end up dead. Just as they both realize they are in love.

You just don't want to mess with Clan Grant or Ramsay and not to expect retaliation or worse. Yet will Findlay leave his beloved clan as his plan to show his mettle did not work out! Will he and Kyla even survive?

Another nail biter as Keira Montclair pens another phenomenal tale with so many twists and turns. I could not put this book down!
This is the ninth fabulous page turner in The Highland Clan series . It is a riveting, action packed, heart melting  adventure from start to finish. I just love the Grant/Ramsay Clan and all their allies. It's is definitely a book readers and lovers of Scottish historical romance don't want to miss!

I received a complimentary reader’s copy that I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and blog. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

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How To Lose A Highlander by Michelle McLean. The MacGregor Lairds Series. Five Kilts. New Author for Celtic Barb the she absolutely loved!

Book: How To Lose A Highlander
By Michelle McLean
Series: The MacGregor Lairds
Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook [of]
1)Tartan Book Reviews
2)Purple Tulip Book Reviews
3)Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog
Overall Rating: 5/Stars- 5/Kilts

The Campbells and The MacGregor have been feuding and  been enemies  for generations. Both accusing the other of horrendous crimes from raiding, stealing livestock to abducting farmers daughters! Laird Campbell's has had enough and petitions the Kings to settle   as he wants King Charles to settle this rival and answer for his crimes. He demands his daughter Sorcha to attend at his side hoping to catch the King’s  eye if possible. Sorcha won't play the whore but she is not against some innocent flirtation to distract the King and persuade him on their side. The problem is he has become fast friends with the outlawed MacGregors! As they they helped him and became fast friends with their Laird on his recent exile and fall from grace. What Cambell does know is MacGregor found a couple Campbells.

The night before the hearing with the King is a masked ball and Sorcha find herself attracted to a masked man. The man was also attracted to this beautiful creature and they had a little interlude and shared a passionate kiss. The attraction and chemistry in instant. Then after pthe hearing she feels betrayed seeing the man from the masquerade ball is non other than her father's enemy Laird Malcolm MacGregor!

The two Chiefs start squabbling and accusing each othe of many crimes. The King has heard enough and found only one solution. That is a forced marriage between Sorcha Campbell and  Malcolm MacGregor. Laird Campbell is appalled feeling no man is good enough for her only daughter. Especially a MacGregor his enemy and his family for generations! Then he worries if MacGregor would take his hate out on his daughter and abuse her physically. MacGregor promised he would never. When Sorcha hears this new she is devastated until her maid comes up with a man of how to this lose this highlander. Yes she had to marry him put there are ways to get out of the marriage that does not include murder. The one thing she cannot do is consummate the marriage so she can declare him incompetent and can get an annulment. As Malcolm's dear cousin John also says to seeks an annulment by declaring Sorcha insane.

Will two people so attracted to each other be able to go through with these deceitful  plans? Yet, as they get to know each other they realize the hateful image they had of each other is not true at all. As they soon find out they are each others soul mate, fate and destiny.  They might possibly go their separate ways, after being brainwashed and conditioned to think of each other in a tarnished light. Will they be  brave enough to take a chance possibly on love?

Will they have this  marriage null and void? Will their beating hearts become entangled or beat as one? Will all this deceit just turn into heartbreak and betrayal? You will have to read this phenomenal read to find out, I highly recommend it!

This is my first book author Michelle McLean which is absolutely spectacular! I was totally captivated and mesmerized from start to finish. It is a fast paced page turner that I just could not put down.

It is filled with all the elements Scottish historical romance readers love. This novel will leave you breathless, with a storyline that has so many twists and turns - not knowing what  could happen could possibly happen next.

“How To Lose A Highlander” by Michelle McLean  is absolutely brilliant! I can’t recommend this book enough! I can hardly wait for the next book in “The MacGregor Lairds” series!

***Disclamer- I received an advance readers copy from the publisher. I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and blog through netgalley. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

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The Duke By Kerrigan Byrne. Victorian Rebels series #4. 5 Kilts! Celtic Barb says Kerrigan wrote another captivating read!

Book: The Duke by Kerrigan Byrne

Series: Victorian Rebels #4

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook (of)
1.Tartan Book Reviews
2.Purple Tulip Book Reviews
3.Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog

Heat Rating: Hot

Overall Rating: 5 Stars/5 Kilts

London 1876

Collin “Cole” Talmage Is the Duke of Trewyth, had been the English Empire's favored son. That is until tragedy hits home and his family is killed! This is how Collin gains the title of Duke of Trewyth. On top of that someone he trusted and called friend betrays him! In battle this so called friend leaves him close to death on the battlefield! He is one move forward not dwell on the past. Now he'd prepared to fight for the battle of his life!

Imogen  “Ginny” Pritchard is an attractive lass who works in the hospital by Day and in the evening works as a serving maid at a bordello/ bawdy house/ alehouse/tavern.  She is determined to pay off her father gambling debts. So her mother and sister don’t have to go to debtor's prison.

Cole meets the poverty stricken lass, who is trying to keep her mother and sister out of the poor house. Paying off her deceased father's gambling debts.

The chemistry between Colin and Ginny is immediate. As Ginny sees sorrow in Collin’s face and Collin sees her beauty and wants to forget. Ginny pleads with the Bordello owner at the Bare Kitten Gin and Dance Club to refuse this offer! As she does not want to become any man's whore plus she's an innocent, a virgin!

Though it would pay off a huge part of her father's gambling debt.  Collin and Ginny do spend the night together. Though it will be many years until they see each other again. As Collin was captured in battle and became a prisoner of war. He becomes a battle scarred warrior both inside and out.

Collin does try to locate Ginny after his release, yet he doesn't realize she was wearing a disguise and using a fake name. As she was the only bright light in his memory it all the years in prison.

Ginny is still now working as a nurse by day as a nurse  and at the bordello/alehouse at night. Now Collin has been deeply injured in battle and is shocked to see Ginny again. Though this time as his nurse, The nurse who saved his life! Ginny has moved up in the world having  married a titled man who is now deceased. She is now a countess and wants to help others, especially the less fortunate. Ginny has a lot of compassion coming from a background of poverty and abuse. Where Collin coming from a privileged background has a lot of prejudice.

I didn't always like this hero but he redeemed himself. Plus he is also suffering  plus he struggling with PTSD and more. His behavior is very common for those born with a silver spoon in their mouth- the wealthy and titled. Will these two opposite meet on a common ground? Or will they go their separate ways with separate lives? Plus there are secrets and betrayals the make things rather interesting You will have to read this magnificent story and finds out.

Another spectacular Kerrigan Byrne read! She has that special spin that always touches my heart. I have been reading her since her debut as an independent author. Now a brilliant published author and I have loved every book! Kerrigan is one of my favorite authors as I always get caught up and lost in her lush riveting romantic adventures. I can never put her novels down! Always a delight to read from start to finish!

I am always excited to see what Kerrigan Byrne will be writing next! Book 5 is called “The Scot Beds His Wife” to be released October 3rd.I can't wait to read and blog about it. I absolutely love this series! Kerrigan is one of the most powerful authors in historical romance!
Victorian Rebels Series
by Kerrigan Byrne

1.The Highwayman
2. The Hunter
3. The Highlander
4. The Duke
5. The Scot Beds His Wife (To be released October 3rd)

I received an advance readers copy from the publisher. I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and blog through netgalley. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

Maiden from the Mist BUY LINKS PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE NOW. Celtic Barb ran out of space on her review page!

"MAIDEN from the MIST" 
   by Tanya Anne Crosby



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Maiden from the Mist By Tanya Anne Crosby. Guardians of the Stone, book #4 , 5 Kilts! Celtic Barb absolutely loved the finale of this exhilarating series!

Book: Maiden from the Mist
By Tanya Anne Crosby

Series: Guardians of the Stone, Book #4

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook

Tartan Book Reviews - Owner and Administrator

Purple Tulip Book Reviews -Adminstrator

Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog - Blogger

Heat Rating - Mild

Overall Rating - 5 Stars/5 Kilts

Scotia, 1136
Dunrònai Keep

The hero of this story is Laird Caden MacSwein . He was always proud of his great, great-grandsire halberd called the beast. It was a weapon made of thirty-three inches of iron and steel, six feet long and weighing two stone! That was until one fatal day, Beast accidentally took the life of his last living sibling, his brother,  Thirteen year old-Wee Davy. Caden would've protected him with every inch of his life! He wasn't even supposed to be on the battlefield!

This totally destroyed Caden which instantly gave him conversion disorder also known as hysterical blindness. As there was no real reason for his blindness just his grieving and broken heart. Plus It was just the shock and consuming him with guilt. There was nothing he could do to save his baby brother. Seasoned warriors would of moved out of the Beasts way. Yet Wee Davy had no battle experience, he was supposed to be inside the keep to keep safe. Not proving himself to be a mon!

On top of everything, if Caden was killed, they would have Wee Davy, his heir to run the clan. It never happened he took his head though he never saw it drop. As at that very moment he went blind! Than after that he became blind and believing he was damned by the Gods! As the months went by Caden become a shell of the man he was. He let his keep go, no longer protecting or caring for his people and just living in self pity, with major guilt and grief. The one who cares is his Captain and best friend and first in command is Alec.

The Destiny Stone shatters, Sorcha Dún Scoti is heartbroken as Una healer, seer and wise magic woman of the clan is gone! She was the eldest protector of the Destiny Stone! This woman was like a mother to all the dún Scoti siblings. Yet for Sorcha she was the closest to her, as Una had raised her. In addition Sorcha seemed to have inherited  some of her seer gifts as well. So the keek stone, gift of sight  and grimoire which is book of spells, magic and healing instructions were left to Sorcha. The Stone, The dún Scoti clan, the last painted ones Pict tribe had been protecting the destiny Stone since the clan’s existence. Sorcha refused to believe her beloved Una is gone forever and is on a mission to find her! Plus her clan breaks her heart from secrets and lies. To find out your sire is the monster that raped and killed your mother!  Plus she always felt something of a burden so she escapes the vale and finds her destiny in the mist.

Now she knows how to cover her tracks so she won't be found. The thing is not only her beloved dún Scoti members are searching for her, so is her sire who never knew of her existence until now. Sorcha is in danger as her evil sire will use and abuse her to get her to do his wicked bidding. As long as it enhances his greed and lines his pockets with gold.

Alec gets a visit from an elderly woman telling him to expect Sorcha looking for passage. This beautiful  lass will appear from the mist, she  comes on the day the bright destiny star appeared. This Star hasn't appeared since baby Jesus was born.

Of course Sorcha is thrilled that Alec gives her passage and when she appears out of the mist. Yet when she doesn't wake up in her destination, but locked in what she thinks is a prison with a naked man she is first. Caden does not believe she can heal him or the folklore stories of some old crone! Though Sorcha is a woman he can't see with his eye, but starts to love with his heart. She gives his people hope from old stories and folklore.

Than when Caden realizes his beloved Sorcha is in danger, for this maid from the mist can't be saved by a blind man! No matter how fearsome he might be or can he? For the first time is Sorcha's life she feels needed and accepted by this clan. Will her demon father take her away forever. Will he kill the man and clan she has started to love? How she wishes now she hadn't covered her tracks so well. So her dún Scoti family back at the Vale could rescue them. Will Caden be blind forever? Will he and his clan even  survive on his remote island? Will the destiny star always stay so bright? You must read this exhilarating tale to find out the conclusion and finale of The Guardians of the Stone series!

Wow I always tear up when a series I have really enjoyed comes to an end. Yes I know-New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Tanya Anne Crosby, has many more stories to be told. As I have been reading her captivating and mesmerizing novels for 25 years!

I just have loved every book of the painted ones, the dún Scoti clan so much. I enjoyed the weaving of true Scottish history, Scottish lore and a fictional romantic adventure that warms your readers heart.

Another mind blowing, fast paced, riveting, romantic adventure! It is has all the elements historical romance readers love. Such as heartbreak, guilt, abduction, hysterical-blindness, Halley's comet, treachery paranormal, true history, folklore, mourning, mystery, suspense, betrayal, guilt, acceptance and love.

You can read as a stand alone book, but I highly recommend you read every book in this series. I plan on re-reading to revisit the painted ones again! Ms. Crosby has a God given talent, with a rare and unique gift of being an amazing story teller. I am so glad I discovered her books in July of 1992. As I have treasured each and every one!  I totally devoured this book from start to finish! I highly recommend this book and every book in this series. I feel you will get a better understanding of the dún Scoti clan and see how each character connects.

The plotting is paced perfectly though you wait with bated breath and anticipation not knowing what could possibly occur next!

I absolutely and unequivocally  loved this phenomenal book! I know readers will love Sorcha and Caden’s story! Happy Reading!

You can find Tanya on

Guardians of the Stone Series
by Tanya Anne Crosby

1. Highland Fire - Aidan and Lileas (Lili) MacLaren

1.5 Once Upon a Highland Legend - Novella and originally part of The Winter Stone Analogy - Annie Ross & Callum Mac Finn

2. Highland Steel - Lael dún Scoti and Jamie Steorling (The Butcher)

3. Highland Storm - Keane dún Scoti and Lianae of Moray

4. Maiden from the Mist - Sorcha dún Scoti and Caden Mac Swein
* the Finale* comes out July 27th, 2017”

I  received an advance reader's copy from the author. I voluntarily agreed to review and blog. All words and ideas are my own.

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Forbidden Night with the Warrior By Michelle Willingham. Warriors of the Night, Book #1, Five Kilts! Celtic Barb Love Love this book plus dedication holds a special place in my heart ♥

Book:Forbidden Night with the Warrior by Michelle Willingham

Series: Warriors of the Night, Book 1

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook (of)

1)Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog
2)Administrator of Tartan Book Reviews
3)Administrator of Purple Tulip Book Reviews

Heat Rating: Smoking Steaming Hot!!!

Overall Rating: Five Stars and Five Kilts

1174, England.

This story is about heroine, Rosamund de Beaufort- De Courcy, the hero is - Warrick De Laurent. They are star crossed lovers to the core. Sadly the stars are not in this couple’s favor!  Both have cruel fathers .. as it is love at first sight.

You can't help, but have empathy for Warrick, whose own father issues torture lashing punishment for his involvement with Rosamund!  As Harold De Beaufort orders the same flogging! This is to force Rosamund to accept his choice of husband, Baron Alan De Courcy. As Rosamund is deeply in love with Warrick De Laurent! Harold threatens the death of Warrick, the man she loves and forces her to watch his brutal thrashing! She has no choice but to accepts her father's terms to save the man she loves life!

Even though Warrick is from a noble family, his father leaves only his brother and sister lands and holdings. Believing his step-mother’s lies  that Warrick is mentally impaired! This is due to his reaction to his baby sister’s death! So he receives nothing, yet he wants lands and holding and respect on his own terms. His life has been that of a soldier and a warrior.

Three years later: Warrick still loves Rosamund even after her severe betrayal!  He does not realize or understand the position and threats her father made to her. Basically using her as a pawn to do his bidding. Forcing Rosamund to watch his flogging...she would do anything to save his life!

Rosamund’s husband Alan De Courcy is dying. Over the years  Alan has tried everything to keep her happy, now she loves him like a brother or a dear friend. Never that deep, passionate, all consuming love, like she had for Warrick.

The problem is if they don't conceive a child soon his wastrel evil brother Owen, will inherit Pevensham holding, lands and its people! He will abuse its people, plus everything Alan has worked for will be destroyed. As Owen's own holding is destroyed and due to his  excessive evil ways and his creditors want repayment!

Owen is extremely  desperate and  wants his brothers estates, title, lands, and even his beautiful wife now!  Now he has made a proposition to Warrick to murder his own brother! What Owen doesn't know is Alan also has made a proposition, but it's quite different.

Alan wants Warrick to conceive a child with his wife and pass it off as his own . This way he would have an heir and be protected from Owen and his evil shenanigans. Alan is aware Warrick is the only man Rosamund has ever wanted. Plus he knows he impregnated Rosamund before,  a stillborn. Though Warrick is not aware of this pregnancy or the loss of this child. Plus Alan wants a marriage between the two so Rosamund is protected too.

On top of this upheaval some of Alan’s own soldier are switching sides and betraying Alan. Feeling his death and no heir in site. Many are doing Owen’s bidding so there is threats and danger at every corner!

Rosamund is no adulterous and wants nothing to do with her husband’s airborne crazy scheme! Warrick thought this would be a perfect revenge on the woman who  broke his heart.

Though he still feel he's her first and only legitimate marriage, though no witnesses. As they said vows three years ago in a church- before they consummated their marriage. They thought this would force Rosamund’s father to accept their union. They were sadly mistaken and only made Harold rush to give her away to another man, who had better prospects in her father's opinion!

When Rosamund and Warrick both confront each other with a slight innocent ignites an all consuming fire that never went away. Feelings buried away for the past three years come back to the surface!  

What will Rosamund and Warrick do? Will they do as her husband requested or part ways forever? Is this a second chance reunion or more devastation, betrayal and heartbreak? This is an absolute must read to find the answers and more!

Have your tissues or hankies nearby, as this quick paced, moving romantic adventure pulls heavy on your heartstrings. It's a major page turner that readers won't be able put down!

I have read every single Michelle Willingham book and they only get better. She is one of the most talented writers in the historical romance genre, the only genre I read. It doesn't matter if it's Scottish, Irish, or regency historical all her novels are supreme phenomenal reads from start to finish.

Always well developed with unforgettable characters , brilliant scenes, magnificent dialogue and breathtaking settings!

This novel is a riveting, romantic, adventure filled with intrigue, mystery, assassination plots,  suspense, murder, flogging, drama and passion. It is so steamy and hot it will make readers drool. Plus betrayal, treachery, hatred, torture, loathing, sibling rivalry, jealousy, and at long last love. As Ms. Willingham pens another heart melting best seller that will make your pulse race. Plus magnificent plotting that you're holding your breath with anticipation not knowing what could possibly happen next!

I received an advance readers copy from the publisher. I voluntarily agreed to do a fair review and blog through netgalley. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

Michelle Willingham

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