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Cadha's Rogue By R.L.Syme

5.0 out of 5 stars R.L. Syme's beautiful heart stopping high sea romantic adventure you won't be able to put down! Spectacular read!, October 3, 2015

Reviewed By Barb Batlan-Massabrook

This review is from: Cadha's Rogue (The Highland Renegades Book 5) (Kindle Edition)

Horn Holland, 1303

This is the the fifth book in R.L. Syme's Highlander Renegade series which you can also and easily read as a standalone book too. As I have loved this series which has been a sheer joy to read and this book is no exception. Another quick paced page turner, flawlessly plotted, lined with warmth and genuine love and so beautifully written. I totally got swept away in Cadha's Rogue by R.L. Syme

1303, Hoorn, Holland

In this book the heroine of the story is about a Dutch woman Cadha de. Witt whose father is a privateer and was awaiting for her beloved. Her family renamed him Maas Maasen, also hed been an orphan, Scottish boy, her family found and adopted as a child being so young and alone. Due to their different is classes, Cadha and Maas have a secret betrothal her family is not aware of and so when he doesn't return and remains in Scotland without a word Cadha is her heart broken and devastated! Her family knows that Cadha is very close to Maas but are clueless as the depth of her true feelings, as they think she thinks of him as her favorite brother. She decides to go hire a boat secretly and go find Maas In Scotland and find out what is going on and this is where she also meet Valc. Valcymer Vanhorn who falls for Cadha like a ton of bricks except he is dressed like a woman! They go on an unforgettable journey and danger and pirates seems to lurking at every corner, plus this is a very dangerous time to be traveling to Scotland by seas during the renegade war better knows the war of independence.

You can feel the chemistry and heat between Valc and Cadha on heir high sea adventure with plundering pirates with an evil physic captain can tell if you speak the truth or a lie in a matter of a few words. I found the pirate captain's "now finally the truth" rather eerie and some what amusing myself. This book has everything you looks for on a spectacular historical romance:mystery, murder, mayhem, suspense, betrayal, desire, rejection, human trafficking and of course true love. So there is a bit of a triangle and plus the fact she hasn't been exactly honest and straightforword with Valc about Maas who goes by the name Erlan Mason now. Who will she choose, the man from her past, her first love or the or the man who had taught her love and desire in a short period of time? You will have to read this wonderful, powerful book to find out. Personally, I sure hope the man Cadha did not pick gets his own love in a future book. R.L Syme is is one of those rare gifted author's that's stories know how to capture the romance readers heart and Cadha's Rogue definitely ensnared mine! Loved it! I recieved this arc for an honest review which I gladly gave

The Highland Renegade Series

1.The Outcast Highlander
2.The Runaway Highlander
3. The Pirate Highlander
4. Lachan's Revenge
5. Cadha's Rogue

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