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My Highlander Husband by Cindy Pennick, The Clan MacLaren, Book One, 5+ Kilts. It totally wowed Celtic Barb! Beautifully written, just amazing true history with a fabulous fictional romance is the best!

Book: My Highlander Husband by Nancy Pennick

Series: The Clan MacLaren, Book Book One

Reviewer: Barb Massabrook of
Tartan Book Reviews  and
Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog

Heat Setting: Mild

Overall Setting: 5 Stars

1715 Scotland

Times were insecure with whispers of another Jacobite rising and war coming soon.  The English King felt the only way to secure alliances  was through marriages and bloodlines. In other words wealthy English heiresses marrying Scottish Laird’s or their first born son. The next to be Laird. Now the English daughter of the Duke of Norchester, Lady Juliet Anna Marie Kingston,  already had a love in England. Whom she said, goodbye to, as she understood her duties. She also wondered: why she was the only nobleman's daughter being chosen to marry a Scottish Lairds son?

It wasn't easy her trip to Glenhaven in Scotland. As she heard the whispers and shouts to leave! Go back to England Sassenach! Except when she met her betrothed it was love at first site for the Lairds son, Ross MacLaren and Juliet! Both were attracted to each other physically and mentally right from the get go!  

Juliet eventually wins the entire MacLaren familie’s, respect and love,  but Ross’s parents  Donnach and his wife Fiona. His Laird father ends up using Juliet which breaks her heart, but agrees to save the MacLaren Family!

Well this did not play out the way you think, as Juliet’s former beau comes into play. Being a wealthy Duke's son he buys a commission and has the Kings ear. This can put the MacLaren Clan in extreme danger!  

The Laird MacLaren is not thrilled having a Sassenach daughter-in-law, but feels he can use her and send her back if needed. The German English King wants to avoid a Jacobite uprising! Rumors of war, as the old pretender Scottish King might be back on Scottish soil. This time to lead his Scottish Warriors for a Jacobite rising!

Juliet's former beau threatens to blackmail The MacLarens. Stating they are Jacobite supporters and traitors! When Laird Donnach asks John what he wants? The answer was easy -  Juliet, or all the men in his clan would be killed or imprisoned as traitors! Wasn't really much of a choice, but it was the reason the Laird agreed to the marriage in the first place.

This novel is super sad at times as Juliet has to even leave her maid and best friend Eva. As she falls in love with one of Ross’s brothers. John is determined to get Juliet back or put all the MacLaren’s in danger!

This story is spectacular it has all the elements historical romance readers love. It is filled with arranged marriages, death, dying, heartbreak, betrayal, illness, remorse, abduction, true factual history, treachery, mystery, suspense, passsion and true love! It is a fast paced phenomenal read that readers will love. Readers will fall in love with three year old Alec, Ross’s nephew and other secondary characters. For example  like his sisters Heather, Greer, and Glynis. Juliet’s former maid Ava and Ross’s brother Duncan too. I look forward to the next book in this spectacular MacLaren series! I can't wait as this author definitely has a gift with Scottish historical romance! I hope she sticks with my favorite genre, as she writes beautifully.

This is a first read by this author Nancy Pennick for me. I absolutely loved this book, it is super fabulous! It has true history and a beautiful fictional romance! Yet there is sadness and sorrow throughout the novel too. So have those tissues handy lassies! Of course there is true love and happiness too and how Juliet and Ross achieve it!

Breathtaking settings, with dialogues that is total perfection. The plots within plots, makes the reader wonder what will happen next-with anticipation! A total nail biter for sure!

I voluntarily reviewed this  ebook from the publisher through NetGalley. All words, ideas and thoughts are srtictly my own.

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Book: The Reluctant Highlander by Amanda Scott

Reviewer: Barb ☘️Massabrook
Tartan Book Reviews
Purple Tulip Book Reviews
Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog

Heat Rating: hot

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars

Another spectacular novel by the gifted Amanda Scott.

The North Inch of Perth, June, 1431

Lady Fiona Ormiston is forming an alliance with the last man she would pick! A barbaric Highlander despite getting protection.  Yet by request of the King she must marry Sir Adham MacFinlagh. A total stranger and unlike anyone she has met before. Though he is to be her husband and hopefully he will shave and bath more often and be more clean and sanitary.

She is shocked when she finds out her new husband is a tender and a wonderful and caring bed partner.

Then she gets some shocking  horrible news! Her new husband's family could be traitors and enemies of the King. Things are now exactly how they seem ,but can Sir Adham trust his new wife? The Knight must make a decision allegiance with blood ties  that is enemies of the King? Perhaps  stand with bride that took his heart so quickly, but he seems to trust her overnight? He will have to pick a side. Which side will it be? His loving wife or blood relatives? Fiona is also an advisor of the King. It is like standing or sitting in between a rock and a hard place.

I love how Ms. Scott puts true factual
history with fictional historical romance in her novels. It makes the read so much more interesting and fun to read! I highly recommend this brilliant book! I read in a day - as I was sitting at the edge of my seat wondering what could possibly happen next!

This fast phenomenal,quick paced page turner, filled with royal intrigue, plus riveting adventure,mystery, suspense, betrayal, forgiveness, passion and love!

This book is filled with all the elements Scottish romance readers will absolutely love! It is a book you definitely don’t want to miss. I have been reading Amanda Scott books for years and I absolutely love each and every one! I highly recommend “The Reluctant Highlander” by Amanda Scott

I voluntarily reviewed ebook from the publisher through NetGalley. All words, ideas and thoughts are my own.

Book: How To Train Your Highlander by Christy English

Series:Broadswords and Ballrooms #3

Reviewer: Barb Massabrook (of)
Tartan Book Reviews
Purple Tulip Book Reviews
Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog

Heat Setting: Mild

Overall Setting: 5/5 Stars

Northumberland, 1820

This is the third book of Christy English’s Broadswords and Ballrooms series. I have enjoyed each and everyone although I would call the genre Scottish regency.

This story is about Mary Elizabeth Waters who will do anything to avoid marriage. She has the typical mother who wants her English daughter to marry an English titled gentlemen! Mary Elizabeth just assumed to avoid the entire marriage trap period! Plus her mother feels her Scottish daughter needs to calm down and get settled already! Only an Englishman will be able to handle this and settle her down.

The last thing Mary Elizabeth wants is to be settled down! She has been able to avoid two betrothals already. Plus she is proud of her Scottish heritage which she is terribly homesick for. Plus she feels Englishman want to control her like an animal on a leash. Almost like she would be caged or locked in.

Now her mama got them invited to Harold Percy, the Duke of Northumberland’s house party. Mary Elizabeth just knows her mama is scheming for she to marry this English Duke. She just wants to return to Scotland, roaming on the heather and thistles and swimming in the cold refreshing loch or burns!

At the Dukes party she mistakenly thinks the Duke is the stable boy. Finding the English ways strange,  calling men 30 summers old boys! She makes a friend not realizing it's actually the Duke. Harold, the Duke, knows he will have to fess up and tell the truth eventually and hopes Mary Elizabeth will forgive his fib. The Duke is just tired of constantly being chased by these mothers and their daughters for a marriage offer. They don't even know him! He likes being unrecognizable and unknown by this Scottish beauty. It is quite refreshing and a wonderful change.

Will Mary Elizabeth forgive this English Duke? Possibly will she be furious, being played with like this?You will have to read this wonderful book to find the conclusion.

It's hilarious, Mary Elizabeth always carries blades on her, riding circles around any man. Yet she dances Scottish reels and Harold Percy, the secret Duke knows he must have her! She is the wild Scottish Thistle of his dreams!

Another fast paced page turning, it will make you laugh and make you cry. Wonderful plots wondering what the conclusion will be! This is my favorite book in the series filled with laughter, surprises, betrayal, forgiveness, trust, passion and love!

I read this phenomenal novel in one setting. As it was that magnificent! I highly recommend How To Train Your Highlander, by the gifted author, Christy English. Another book full of fun and enjoyment that I highly recommend!

This is a voluntarily advance ereader given by the publisher through NetGalley. All words, thoughts and ideas are my own.

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Book: Highland Vixen by Mary Wine

Series: Highland Weddings #2

Reviewer: Barb Massabrook of
Tartan Book Reviews, Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog
Purple Tulip Book Reviews

Heat Setting: Sizzling Hot

Overall Setting: 5/5 Stars

Marcus MacPherson is the highland war chief of Clan MacPherson
Nancy Grant will definitely be a challenged. She was taken by Marcus as a way to avoid a clan war or going against his clan as he feared. As it Is an arranged marriage which does not make Nancy happy. She also does not plan on making things easy on Marcus.

As most of his Warriors fear him and the women of his clan can't even look at him without getting the shakes. Everyone fears Marcus MacPherson well everyone except his wife Nancy Grant. She plans on showing him what she is made of.

As Nancy is gutsy, fearless,stubborn  and intelligent. It definitely is not fear as actually they are a couple made for each other. They just don't realize it yet!

I love Mary Wine books and how she puts true history in her fictional historical romance tales. It has all the elements Scottish romance readers are looking for misunderstandings, betrayal, riveting adventure, endangerment, risk taking, fast paced page turner, betrayal, drama, passion,
Clan protection, passion and love!

You will remember this couple as secondary characters, in “Highland Spitfire”, the first book in this series.

Once Marcus realizes Nancy left due to the mistreatment from his own Clan. Plus Marcus is understanding his true feelings for Nancy, but doesn't know how to woo her. As he has ever wooed any woman in his life.

Love is definitely a battlefield in this novel! Who will win is anyone's guess. Both are so stubborn and strong willed. Whose heart will be captured first?  Though he knows he wants his wife backs and now understands why she left. He isn't accustomed to wooing. So this powerful war chief must put this puzzle together! That is before he loses the pieces and his wife forever. Can it be done? You will have to read this fabulous book and find out.

It is fast paced page turner, riveting adventure filled with suspense, mystery, betrayal, forgiveness, hope, passion and love. Beautiful breathtaking setting, plots that make you wonder with anticipation what could possibly happen next. Is it doom and gloom for this couple, or ecstasy and bliss? You will have to read this spectacular book and tale to find out the conclusion.

I highly recommend and voluntarily reviewed this ebook from the publisher through NetGalley. All the words, thoughts and ideas are my own.

Book: Princess of Fire byHeather Graham
formerly used pen name Shannon Drake

Series: Fire #1

Reviewer: Barb Massabrook -
Tartan Book Reviews
Purple Tulip Book Reviews
Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book

Heat Setting - Hot

Overall Setting - 5/5

Alaric is a powerful, fearless. courageous and brave warrior. He also wants the beautiful princess Fallon. The beautiful woman he saves from certain death. Though she keeps rejecting the handsome enemy warrior. As Alaric is a Viking warrior of William the conquerer and Fallon is the daughter of King Harold of England. Fallon is feisty, gutsy, hot tempered, stubborn, spirited, intelligent and won't put up with rubbish. This book is brilliantly set around Battle of Hastings. Even though  they are enemies that won't stop Alaric who plans on setting her on fire with love and will conquer her.

It is getting more and more difficult to reject this handsome warrior although Fallon is determine remembering he is the enemy and foe. Alaric calling her his slave does not help with him being the enemy Norman. No matter how Fallon reacts and you can't blame her with his name calling. In Alaric's mind Fallon belongs to him period. He plans on making her fall in love period. Fallon feels she should defend her country where Alaric only see’s that as a big betrayal ans her way of revenge.

I found it a little slow moving when they go back and show how Kong Harold becomes King and his back history and how William became the Conquerer ! Though I usually enjoy the back history I found this a bit boring on both sides. Also found Alaric a bit conceited and self centered at times feeling he can get any women he wants. I think why he gets so frustrated with Fallon’s rejection, but seriously whi wants to be called slave and degrading names. In the long run Alaric becomes the hero and is actually a good person as enemies become lovers which makes their love lustful, consuming, amorous, passionate as opposites attract and makes more endearing,

Overall this is a wonderful book and is action filled right from the being inning through the end. There is plenty of history the readers and lovers of history and romance will absolutely love. I highly recommend Alaric and Fallon’s story and try to understand both points of views. The setting is perfection, plots are breathtaking wondering what could possibly happen next and dialogues are absolutely breathtaking. It is a book you won't be able to put down and it absolutely amazing!

It has all the elements historical romance readers  are looking for. It is fast paced, riveting adventure with true history and fictional romance. Plus mystery, suspense, betrayal, forgiveness, passion, love and more. A definitely book you don't want to miss and endure, as it is a book you will want to read more than once. Absolutely loved this novel!

This is a voluntarily advance ereader given by the publisher through NetGalley. All words, thoughts and ideas are my own.

Book: Constantine by Heather Grothaus

Series: The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels #4

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook of Tartan Book Reviews, Purple Tulip Book Reviews, Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog

Great Book from start to finish. This is about a darkness and or shadow falling over the Holy Land. Four strong, brave and courageous men seek out an enemy. Constantine is a born leader, but also has been tortured and has many mysteries and secrets that are unknown. For one he returns home to find his entire family murdered!

Theodora “Dori” Rosemont is a strong, brave woman who never gives up! Especially if she has a goal or revenge in her peripheral vision! She is a mother first and will do anything for her child. Even if that means killing or dying for her child, but don't dare steal him or take him from her!

Constantine plans on getting blood revenge for Chastellete and his immediate family, murder’s of his wife and son.Except there is confusion, muddle and complication when it comes to to the murderer and his wife.  

When he finds Dori living in his former home, as she is the wife of his families murderer! The man he craces to destroy and kill! Stan does not realize Dori hates this man passionately!  Except she despises her husband who took and stole her son from her. She only wants her son back!

Constantine’s wife hadn't been faithful while he was away on various missions. She was adulterous, and a cheat! As he was unaware of her extracurricular activities outside the marriage bed.

You see the attraction between Constantine (Stan) and Dori immediately. They have many issues and problems too. It is interesting how it all works out. No spoilers as you will have to read this amazing book to find out! The conclusion is absolutely magnificent!

Wonderful setting,  brilliant dialogue and  magnificent plotting! Readers can't help, but anticipate the outcome. As they won't be able to put this amazing book down either! All four books are great, but I think this was the best of the series. I love the historical accuracy which is my big attraction to historical romance novels.

I highly recommend this phenomenal book that will stay with you long after you have read it! It has all the elements romance readers love!

It is a riveting adventure, faced paced page turner, murder, suspense, mystery, betrayal, love and more. A book you definitely don't want to miss, that you will read in a day! I absolutely loved Constantine by Heather Grothaus, I know you will too!

I voluntarily left a review I was given by the publisher and through NetGalley. All words,thoughts and ideas are mine alone.

The Beast of Aro's Castle by Heather McCollum. Highland isles Series, Book #1. 5 Kilts! Celtic Barb says a major heart stopping magical story

Book: The Beast of Aros Castle by Heather McCollum

Series: Highland Isles, Book 1

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook of
Tartan Book Reviews
Purple Tulip Book Reviews
Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog

Heat Setting: Hot

Overall Setting: 5/5 stars

Ava Sutton is running away from a treacherous, malicious and hazardous step- brother! Her friend Grace's step-brother who has no issue with incest. He is a sick individual that should be put in an insane asylum!

At breakneck speed she heads back to Scotland before she is found. So she disguises herself as a titled English lady. She must convince the chief of Clan MacLean's of Aros to marry her before she is found out by this unstable man. The problem is Tor MacLean swore off women forever, even tries to scare off Ava. A marriage his father arranged, problem is Tor is extremely attracted to her loveliness and her ardor. His infatuation just seems to increase and he doesn't know what to do with these feelings!

As for Ava time is of the essence before the madman catches up to her! Another problem is Tor does not trust women! For good reason too since his first wife was dishonest with him. When Ava comes clean with her lies and dishonesty, Tor is furious! This only proves to him that women can't be trusted. What can Ava do to to prove herself that this was a desperate moment where she had no choice.

This book was so action packed filled with riveting adventure and a quick paced page turner! I literally could not put this book down! It was that amazing which I totally loved.

I so can't wait until the next book in the series as this was just  magnificent! Filled with emotions including betrayal, blackmail, corruptness, selfishness, fraud, dishonesty, threatening, forgiveness, love and passion. The emotions and feeling in this book are absolutely incredible. You actually become so attached to this book. I can't recommend it enough and can't want until Heather McCollum’s next installment!

I highly recommend this book to readers of historical romance which will absolutely love it!

This is a voluntarily advance e-reader copy given by the publisher through NetGalley. All words, thoughts and ideas are my own.

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Book: Wild Wicked Scot By Julia London
Series: The Highland Grooms,  Book one
Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook of Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog, Reviewer for Tartan Book Reviews and Purple Tulip Book Reviews
Heat setting - mild
Overall Setting - 5/5 stars

Spoiled, wealthy and English, Margot Armstrong, always felt she didn't belong in Scotland married to a chieftain. As her father forced her into marrying the Scottish Chieftain, Arran McKenzie when Margot was only 18 years old. As Margot was English and not used to the Scottish Highlands.

Plus being so young she was home sick plus his clan did not make her feel welcome. Most likely her being English but Margot was a bit snobbish too. As she felt she was too good and above everything in the Scottish holdings. She had to admit her husband was rather attractive when he upkept his looks and bathed. Plus he was rather good sexually in the bedroom but it was not enough.

Margot missed home too much and it wasn't long that she ran away to her home and never looked back. Three years later her father returns her to her husband. Her father had no feelings for her marriage but wanted his daughter to spy on her husband and find out if he was Jacobite.

Arran McKenzie was hoping his wife had missed him and Scotland. He was hoping she wanted to heal their marriage and make it work. Then he finds out her father forces his daughter back to her husband. To Arran this was not what he was hoping for at all.

Then the funniest thing happens she develops feelings for her husband. Margot does not want to betray Arran finding he's a good man. Plus she is between a rock and a hard place as the Crown will accuse her father of being a traitor if he doesn't come up with Jacob ite evidence. Plus Margot believes both men are innocent and her husband is investigating why her father sent her back. Arran does not believe it is to heal their broken marriage.

If Arra  digs and finds out the truth will he kick Margot out and find her devious and untrusting. Plus how will this couple ever mend their broken fences!

Another wonderful fast paced riveting adventure that readers will absolutely love. Readers won't be able to put it down and it's a book you won't forget.

I loved it from beginning to end I absolutely loved it and looking forward to rest of the series! It is totally brilliant!

I voluntarily reviewed this book which was given to me by the publisher through netgalley.com. All words and ideas and thoughts are my own.