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The Highlander Who Loved Me by Adrenne Basso 5 Kilts

This is book about a second chance at love as the Laird's Niece Lady Davina Armstrong  meets Sir James McKenna,  second son of Laird McKenna who has been been traveling with the Armstrong Clan. Davina and James meet spend time together and fall In love and  plan to marry. If you think that's the story you will sadly be mistaken. As some awful evil brigands attack them Davina is badly scarred on the inside sending James away and releasing him from their betrothal agreement . Davina has a big fears of men and leaving the house becomes a recluse and hides away at her Uncles cabin.

Five years later she says enough is enough and is sick of hiding away as James mother has been writing to Davina  for the past three years and invites her for Christmas. Davina doesn't worry about running  into James as he has been away on the Crusades for the past fives years. So they are both surprised and a bit shocked on seeing each other again which brings old feeling  burn bright to the front burner again. James sees right through this  new Davina and her unlikable behavior and understands the reasons. He lives with his own guilt from and not being able to protect her from harm at that dark and horrible time. He still loves her and has to convince her to be with him forever plus he has competition as his own brother Malcolm, though it is one sided. Davina does not return the feelings for his brother, though they do both seem to compete for her affections even though she still has a big fear of men she can't seem to get over.

Definitely have a box of Kleenex with this one as it is rather emotional and I understand Davina's behavior afterall no therapist and counselor to help work out ones fears and irrational behavior back in the day. I loved that James was so understanding and kind as that was exactly the kind of man Davina needs. As if she will ever come around and meet James half way I won't give that away. It explains the who and why of Davina's attack as well. You will have to read the story to find out but certain scenes definitely took my breath away!

Beautifully written that will pull your heartstrings as well as melt your heart and soften your soul. I really felt for both main characters and the agony they both had to confront and deal with. I highly recommend The Highlander Who Loved Me by Adrienne Basso an emotional and enjoyable read that has many twists and turns that will keep you guessing. I have been reading Adrienne Basso books for a couple decades and have yet to be disappointed I am always absorbed in her interesting and riveting plots that have me hooked right from the start. I look forward toward Ms. Basso' next highlander book as I hope she sticks to my favorite genre Scottish historical romance!

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Susana and the Scot by Sabrina York just released! Celtic Barb absolutley loved it! 5 Kilts!

Magnificent! Incredible! Remarkable! Brilliant! Sabrina Scot does it again with another breath taking,  rare, can't put this book down kind of read! Another masterpiece in my opinion! This is the second book in Ms. York's wonderful, "Untamed Highlanders" best selling series and as in the first book of this Untamed Highlanders series, Hannah and the Highlander.  Susana and the Scot, # 2 is the story about  the heroine, Susana Dounreay, who is Hannah's  sister.  We met the hero of this story in the first book too, Andrew Lochlannach, who is Hannah's husband Alexander's younger  brother.  As readers will see Andrew is a bit of a scoundrel and rogue, at least that's what he seems to want people to think though inside he has had been in mourning and broken hearted.  This is also a second chance romance as Susana is Mairi, who is the love of Andrews life, but thinks is deceased and doesn't seem to recognize her though he sees the similarities in appearances. So many unanswered questions that you must read this amazing and spectacular book to find the answers!

July 1813
Caithness Shire, Scotland

It starts of when Andrew is caught trying to seduce Hannah's sister Lana, due to a bet with his best friend Hammish's 100 kiss bet. His brother Alexander Lochlannach, the Laird of Dunnet, then exiles him as Hannah, Lana and Susana's Laird father has been nearly murdered through poisoning  by people who they  had trusted and welcomed and employed for the  Dounreay family. A traitor or a spy planted in the safety of their family home and lands is so disheartening as well frightening, now Susanna trusts meanly no one and has her guard up every second of the day.  Now thieves are raiding and trying to destroy thier lands so Andrew and his men are sent to keep the people, livestock and lands safe. This is when he first spots  the archer lad that he soon finds out is Susana, but feels something familiar about her though he can't exactly figure out why. He sees the similarities between his past love Mairi but sees the differences too. Still he can't pinpoint exactly shy see seems so familiar to him.

Andrew hasn't felt any stirrings towards a woman in over six year since the love of his life Mairi died until Susana  and is determined to have her. Susana is furious the the man she once loved  that doesn't even remember her! She is determined to get this rogue off her lands! Nor does she want him to get glimpse of her daughter, cough she did give birth nine after meeting him... just a wee hint who the father might be! Plus until now she had not realized her new brother-in-law is the brother of Andrew! Susana who convinced Hannah to marry Alexander feels more then a little guilty over this as she hasn't seen her sister since the wedding. Has she realized they were brothers she never would of done that and does not realize Hannah is happy and very much in love with Alexander.

The daughter Isobel is a definite scene stealer in this book! Funny everyone can see who she looks like except the father himself which I found hilarious! You can feel the emotions of these two main characters right from the start and so much misunderstanding too but all in all it made this an exceptional fun read. Again fast moving plots full of adventure, mystery, mayhem, abduction, deceit, betrayal, and of course romance set in a beautiful Scottish highland setting! Another Sabrina York book I simply could not put down I can't wait for Lana's story which will be the next book in this spectacular series that I have totally  enjoyed immensely.  I highly recommend you read Susana and the Scot by Sabrina York it is definitely one you don't want to miss, you can read this as a stand alone or in book order which is the readers choice. I recommend you read them both just because they are both fabulous and fun brilliant!

Another brilliant blew me away  read by the best selling multi talented author Sabrina York who is so gifted and so glad she is writing Scottish Historical's now! I sure hope she continues writing these fabulous Scottish historical romance stories  stays with this this genre for a long long time! Absolutely look forward to more books by the sensational Sabrina York!

I was given this ARC by  the publisher St. Martin's Press through in exchange for an honest review and appreciate the opportunity. You can find my Reviews at and my blog my book group Tartan Book Reviews on facebook, Purple Tulip Book Reviews book page on Facebook, plus Goodreads, Amazon and all the normal book online bookstore reviews places online.


1.Hannah and Her Highlander - Hannah and Alexander

2. Susana and the Scot - Susana and Andrew

3. Lana and the Laird - Lana and Lachlan TBR 5/31/2016

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"The Rock" by Monica McCarty 5 plus Kilts! Comes out 12/29/2015. Book #11 and another powerful Highland Guard Novel!

Again Monica McCarty pens another spectacular brilliant read in book eleven of her phenomenal best selling "A Highland Guard Novel"  series that I have absolutely loved each and everyone including this one titled "The Rock". Monica McCarty is one of the most talented writers in the entire Scottish historical romance fiction genre in my opinion. I can't get enough of her riveting, fast paced page turners that blend true factional history and her own fictional adventure about Robert Bruce bid and holding on to his crown in which he cannot do alone. As he has help as now the English are coming and Bruce plans to be ready for them with his special secret elite and powerful fierce warriors called the Highland Guard. The hero of the story who some will know as  "Rock" eventually and of very humble birth will be essential and play a very key part for Bruce to soon to attain his goal moving toward the most significant battle in the near future.

The story begins in at Douglas Castle, Lanarkshire Scotland  in June of 1296 and ends  during the Scottish Marches era in 1314. . In 1296 this is when Thomas MacGowan known as wee Thom for when he is a lad and the son of the blacksmith and his father was the personal smith and armorer of Lord William Douglas. This is how he first meets Lady Elizabeth Douglas his wee daughter who to him looks more like a princess and this is how he first the child who would become the heart of his desire most of his life as he is only nine  and she was six years old at the time. Lady Elizabeth Douglas that those close to her call Ella or El,  is the heroine of this story.  Then the day Ella comforts Thom after his mum dies giving birth to his little brother Johnny. It turns out she too lost her mum when she was born for the same reason and from that day and on they become the best of friends not realizing about class difference he the Smitty's son and she the Laird's daughter. Then he also became the best of friends  with her brother  Jamie and his friend Joanna who was more of the sister he never had. This book circles a lot on the four of them how the class and social difference affects all four of them as they become adults.

Thom has been in love with Elizabeth ( Ella)  since the first time her and has had her on an unrealistic pedestal since they met as children. Also how Ella's brother Jamie and Thom, who had been the best of friends become bitter enemies, but you will have to read this story to find out the details to the why and when. Jamie now Laird Douglas, also plays an important key part in King Robert Bruces's war and and reaches hero status as well not that this changes Thom's opinion of Jamie no matter how high he climbed! Thom opens his heart to Ella and when Thom saves her from a mishap on a tree as a child Ella claims she will marry him one day! Sadly, when he is twenty and  three and she twenty-one he opens his heart and assumes they really will marry one day, yet Ella only sees's their class difference and has only seen Thom as her very dear best friend. Plus the fact Ella has a fear of starving and not having a roof over her heard due to a dark time in her families past which again you will have to read this  marvelous story to find out why. This rejection and heartbreak prompts Thom to join Edward Bruce's army to and raise his status to become a man-at-arms.

It's been three years and now Thom is considering marrying a titled and wealthy widow who has taken a shine to him. Ella is considering a betrothal to the handsome nephew, of Robert the Bruce and one of the richest men in the realm. Then Ella's teenage brother Archie is taken prisoner  by the English! The only man that will be able to save him  and able to climb that high rock of his prison is Thom, with his special cliff and rock climbing abilities.  This also does not go unnoticed by King Robert Bruce  and his elite warriors, the Highland Guards. Son of a smith or not Ella finally opens her eyes and realizes the most handsome and honorable man in Scotland has always been there right in front of her,  but is it too late with her betrothal about to be announced? Will she break Thom's heart once again? Will she choose social status and all that comes with it or take a chance on love? You will have to read this  beautifully written exquisite, fast paced riveting  adventure, lined with factual  history, betrayal, jealousy, heartbreak, prejudice of classes, suspense,  drama, honor,  sizzling passion and love and more  to find out.

This book just dazzled me and honestly just  took my breath away. I can't recommend it enough as its a story you won't be able to put down, that will pull at your heartstrings and you won't forget as it will  stay with you long after you have read it. Sadly, only one more book in "A Highland Guard Novel" series! The next  called The Ghost is book 12  TBR  5/31/2016. This is the last and final story in this exceptional, beautifully written,  heart-melting series.  A series that I plan to reread again and again. As each and every Highland Guard Novel has been a reading heaven for me, all memorable and such a joy and privilege to read, I can't thank Ms. McCarty enough!

Absolutely and unequivocally loved  "The Rock" by Monica McCarty which was another absolute masterpiece  in my opinion!

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An Oath Sworn by Diana Cosby release date 12/22/2015 5 kilts

This is the third book in the Oath trilogy by Diana Cosby which I have read and loved each and everyone and this  An Oath Sworn was no different. Another riveting fast paced read, lined with adventure, murder, mystery, abduction, deceit, betrayal and romance that sizzles.

Scotland 1299

Lady Marie Alesia Serouge escapes who had been kidnapped by the evil and corrupt English Duke Renard in Scotland. Marie is the French King Philip's bastard daughter. King Phillip supporting Scotland as the English want it to look as rebel Scots did it to get King Phillips and France to no longer support Scotland. On her escape she sees a man had been shot by the arrow and also pursued by the same English men. As Marie is also a healer so it's in her nature to help the injured, the man is non other then Colyne MacKerran, Earl of Strathcliff as readers of this series will remember from An Oath Taken as his heart was broken when Elizabet chose Nicolas as her husband instead of him.

They both have secret and ironically they don't realize how they both involve each other. As due to being a daughter of the King Marie is fearful and gives her middle name so Colyne has no idea who Marie really is. As the English are trying to make it look to make at as the Scot's are doing all these evil deeds and bloodshed when it is the English doing it. Colyne had a letter from Robert the Bruce explaining this for King Phillip, he believes Marie is a mercenary names Alesia. Marie is tired of men only want her for financial gains, titles and lands due to her stations. Colyne is the first man to care for her for herself although the she is an independent beautiful woman. Colyne does not share his knowledge with Marie either plus he ironically  has men looking for King Phillip's abducted daughter.

Also as things get heated Colyne does not realize that Marie also has a betrothed but things are not what they seem to be and there is a traitor amongst King Phillip's trusted close circle. Marie has a lot of reasons to keep the truth from Colyne but one is to save his life as she know her father with never except him as a suitor.

Lots of plots within plots in the this marvelous fast moving tale with lots of twists and turns that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Will poor Colyne just have his heart ripped apart and broken again?  Will sad Marie have to accept a political loveless marriage as many nobles do?  You will have to read and found out in this phenomenal story. I absolutely loved this captivating story and  a lot of heart wrenching moments for this couple. I highly recommend this action packed, breath taking, spectacular read!  It actually makes me sad that this is the last book in An Oath trilogy which I have absolutely love them all. Highly recommend an Oath Sworn you won't be able to put it down! It is that amazing!

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You can read An Oath Sworn as a stand alone or in series order.

An Oath Trilogy by Diana Cosby

1. An Oath Taken
2. An Oath Broken
3. An Oath Sworn