Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Highlanders Woman by Monica Burns, The Reckless Rockwoods #3

This is the the third book in the Reckless Rockwoods series and is it ever a spectacular read but highly emotional too, so I recommend a box of Kleenex nearby. This is my first book by Monica Burns so obviously you can read as a stand alone book or in series order.

Spring, 1897

Julian and Patience are nearly married but as many can relate she has in law problems right from the beginning.a father-in- law not happy she is half English and still not pregnant with an heir. Also for not picking the Bride of his choosing who is a childhood friend who has wanted Julian since they were teenagers and put thoughts of self doubt and I fidelity into Patience. Patience has the sight but unfortunately it is not always clear and accurate. 

Then due to Julian keeping a friends secret and catching him in lies, Patience fear the worse that her husband has taken a mistress which is the furthest from truth. Patience leaves Julian since he is keeping a confidence and she think the worse. Patience goes to live with her sister but a horrible fire erupts and in saving her nieces and nephews she is badly burned and disfigured. Julian comes to her side bit she rejects him as she doesn't want his pity. Then in a turn of events Julian has a bad carriage accident that leaves him blinded and when Patience runs to his side he reject her pity and sympathy as well. So Patience needs to prove too Julian that she has always loved him no matter what, but how is she suppose to do that? You will have to read this beautiful written story and find out.

This is a wonderful fast paced, page turner with so many twists and turns you wonder how this can be resolved with so much heartache and tragedy. I really felt for this couple to go through so many trials and tests  at the beginning of a new marriage that should be nothing but happy and joyous.This was extremely well written and it had all the elements romance readers love in a spectacular Scottish historical  romance mistrust, deceit, betrayal, misunderstanding, heartbreak, sympathy, miscommunication, forgiveness and love. I highly recommend The Highlander's Woman by Monica Burns it is truly a superb story about true love and sacrifice that you don't want to miss and will definitely pull your heart strings. You won't be able to put this one down and it's ones of those rare stories that's stays with you long after you have read it! Bravo and thank you Ms Burns for a brilliant read! 

*I was give an ARC from in exchange for an honest review which I  give gladly.*

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  1. Your reviews are done so well. I really love coming back to see what new book you read and thought of it. Another book to add to my Amazon wishlist

  2. Wow Kimi your making me blush big hugs Móran Taing sweet lass and thank you my English lass. Love Ya both!