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Molly By Keira Monclair, The Highland Clan Book Six 5/5 Stars

Book: Molly By Keira Montclair
Series: The Highland Clan Book Book #6
Reviewed by:Barb Massabrook (Tartan Book Reviews/Celtic Barb’s Blog
Overall Rating:5/5 

Molly and her sister Maggie were sold by their cruel biological father!  A brutish man who would constantly criticize and humiliate Molly every chance mostly on her looks making her feel ugly and worthless. They were sold and given to a life a servitude to a cruel English family who met out horrific punishments to their servants. Luckily Molly and her sister were rescued by Gwyneth and Logan Ramsay and adopted them both. Molly had been so grateful ever since even through born English she was every bit a proud Honorable Scots woman.

Molly’s adoptive mother taught her archery and now she was one of the best archers of the clan. Now only comfortable in leggings and trews. 

Recently the Ramsay’s had to make a royal appearance to find the traitor MacNiven at the Kings palace in Edinburg. For this Molly had the wear a gown, something Molly detests and felt unattractive and awkward in.she can't even accept a compliment without feeling the sting of self doubt and worthlessness! Still having a lot of self esteem issues and lack of self-confidence in her appearance. This is is all due to  her past,  from the abuse and cruel treatment by her English father.

Molly develops bad headaches whenever the clan is threatened. She develops a bad one at this gathering! Then she is attacked and threatened from behind without a warning! The message is that revenge & retribution on all of  her adoptive family and Clans whom she loves so dear!

As for Tormod Moriston there is only one lass for him and that's Molly Ramsay! Of course he is a wee bit intimidated by her adoptive father!  Although he admires Logan Ramsay and his accomplishments as a warrior greatly! He finds Molly beautiful and the only lass for him. It is not solely on her looks which he finds her a total beauty. Also loves her strength, intelligence and kindness too. He too has trust issues from a cruel father and a brother who have been very cruel since his mother died. The only person who cared about him. He just wants someone to be proud of his strengths and accomplishments and to be loved. He has no idea there is a lass who feels all those things and more! 

He seems to stumble whenever giving Molly a compliment or tries to converse with her. Yet she is the only woman he wants. He is also the one who finds Molly after the attack. Then the attack puts him in a position as her protector as he is the only man besides family members that she trusts. It opens an opportunity he never thought to have but the assignment is not as easy as he thought, due to his feelings for the lass.

Will Molly ever realize and see her true worth and beauty? Will she ever open her eyes and see the man she finds the most attractive actually desires and wants her forever. Will clan Ramsay find their latest foe and even survive? 

Will Molly & Tormod ever find their happily ever after? Or is it doom and gloom going their separate ways with danger at every corner. Plus It seems Molly has a power she is not even aware of. How will Tormod react? You will have to wait and see! Recommend to read this magnificent story to find out the answers and more...lots of conflict, drama, betrayal, romance and more!   

Another exceptional fast paced emotional Keira Montclair story that I absolutely loved. Full of all the elements Scottish romance readers will love!

Can read as stand alone but with this fascinating clan I highly recommend you read them all. It is just more fun of a read to connect all the family members. 

*I was given this arc from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.

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If the Earl Only Knew by Amanda Forester 5/5 stars

By Amanda Forester
Series: Daring Marriages, Book 1
Reviewed by: Barb Batlan-Massabrook  ( Tartan Book Reviews) 
Heat Rating: Hot
Overall Rating: 5/5 stars 

This is the first book in the regency sensational new Daring Marriages series by bestselling author Amanda Forester. I have previously read all her Scottish historical romance which are wonderful. She still writes them as well, look for her next one coming out in January of 2017 titled “My Highland Rebel. This is my first regency by Ms. Forester and she wowed me once again, though not surprising with her amazing talent at storytelling! 

London 1810

In 1797 Lady Katherine Ashton (Kate) was wrongfully forced into debtors prison with her twin brother Robert now Earl of Darington. They were only twelve years old. All because their inheritance had been stolen and they were now orphans! On top of that the siblings were separated because of being male and female. Luckily one of their families servants got them released but it still causes nightmares!

From there they went to open sea adventure to recoup their losses and by less then honest means. Kate knows her re-entrance into society won't be an easy task due to her bad lucky and how she had to fight to survive. 

John Arlington, The Earl of Wynbrook finds society women dull and boring. His attraction to Kate is pretty instant though they do have a shared past. As she is everything opposite of the society women he detests. He is totally captivated but also finds her a bit of challenge not to say they don't bump heads. Yet Kate  only plans to remain in London a short time to start a new business venture. Will she stay or will she go? You will have to read to find out.

A fast paced page turner with so many twists and turns that I just couldn't put this book down. I loved Kate's independence and no nonsense attitude. Plus the attraction between the  h/h was sizzling and so much fun to read! I can't wait wait for the next book where her brother Robert will get a book. As always Amanda Forrester  wrote another magnificent story that readers will absolutely love.

My Seductive Highlander by Maeve Greyson, book 4 Highland Hearts 5/5 Kilts

Book: My Seductive Highlander 
by Maeve Greyson
Series: Book #4 Highland Heart Series
Reviewed by : Barb Massabrook
Heat Rating: Hot
Overall Rating:5/5

13th and 21st Century Scotland
Maeve Greyson does it again in the fourth and final book of the time jumpers, the Sinclair sisters.  It is a wonderful Highland Hearts  Scottish time-travel series and again another exhilarating read from start to finish! 

In this story, Grandmother Sinclair is up to her matchmaking shenanigans again, with her fourth and last unwed granddaughter, Lilia Sinclair.

This book starts with the hero Graham MacTavish who we met in Book 3, My Tempting Highlander. He had been released from an evil witch's curse, that had caused him to be a man by day and dragon by night. This bound to him Loch Ness for the past three hundred years! Well, he has been making up for lost time per say, soaking up his wild oats! Unfortunately he was recently caught swiving a nearby Clan Chieftains wife and mistress at the same time! Plus his man Angus has lifted a couple of this chieftain's best roans! So his Laird MacKenna, Trulie's husband has no choice, as Graham has to either be exiled from Scotland or executed!

The heroine of this story is Lilia Sinclair lives in present day the 21st century while all her three sisters live in the 13th century. Granny Sinclair and her sister, Mairi are worried about her.  As the elderly woman who has been watching over her is dying. Then Lilia will be all alone and Granny has always sensed she is the one sister to remain in the past. 

Now Granny Sinclair is back at her matchmaking ways!  She see’s Graham and Lilia as each other's true soul mates. So he must go to the future and remain there plus be able to sweep Lilia off her feet. 

This won't be an easy task as Lilia can read people's true feelings and can feel what they feel whether it pain or deceit. It's a big burden to carry another reason her Grandmother and sister are so worried about her once her. So Graham is not only to watch over her,  but to marry her in the old pagan way, mixing blood with blood. This will not be an easy task with the  independent, suspicious twenty first century woman with special psychic empath abilities!

Sadly this is the last Granddaughter of the series so this is the final book.  It's been a wonderful journey as all four books have been absolutely spectacular reads. As I have absolutely loved them all! I highly recommend you read them all as it brings out every emotions from laughter to tears! 

Can be read as a stand alone book. I feel it would be more rewarding and fun to read the entire series,  to connect all the characters. 

I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review through netgalley.

Highland Heart Series by Maeve Greyson

My Highland Lover
My Highland Bride
My Tempting Highlander
My Seductive Highlander

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Wicked Highland Wishes by Julie Johnstone, TBR 10/10 5 stars

Wicked Highland Wishes by Julie Johnstone
Highland Vows: Entangled Hearts, Book Two
Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook, Tartan Book Reviews
TBR: 10/10/2016 (tomorrow) 
Heat Rating: Hot
Overall Rating: 5/5

Scotland 1354-1358

This story centers on a  beautiful young girl Bridgette MacLean who is struggling as she is coming into womanhood.  She resents being born a female, not able to do all the the things her male sibling and other males are allowed to do. Bridgette has a warrior's heart and want to hunt and even go to battle and fight.  As she resents all the restrictions put on women not being allowed to do these things and live the life she chooses. Then the first time she puts herself in a dangerous situation she is nearly ruined. The braw handsome Highlander Lachlan MacLeod rescues her and from that day on Bridgette realizes she's in love with Lachlan. The problem is on that day Lachlan's brother Graham has declared  he is in love with Bridgette MacLean

Lachlan loves Bridgette too, but feels guilty and hides it. He had had given a deathbed promise to his mum to protect and watch over his younger brother. So he does all he can to hide his true feelings. Then Graham is crippled protecting Brigette so out of guilt she agrees to marry the wrong brother. On top of that Lachlan feels he's failed his brother, focusing on the lass he loves, instead of the bother he promised to protect. So he leaves for for four years hoping to forget and and bury his guilt and feelings.  On top of this a seers dire protections all seem to be coming true! 

Graham is great at manipulation and putting the guilt on and extremely jealous of his successful and honorable brother. Does he truly love Brigette or does he want something just so he brother can't have it?  Yes Lachlan is honor bound to his mother's deathbed wish to watch over and protect Graham which Graham seems to despise and hate. Then after returning from Kings business Lachlan returns with a beautiful possible fiancĆ© on his arm! Bridgette is heartbroken. In addition  their enemies sister whose lethal brother Colin Campbell also wants Bridgette. A marriage proposal she refused as her mother has promised she could always pick her own husband,. On top of this there is a seer whose dire predictions all seem to be coming true! A Fairie flag in question, plus a surprise twist that was a total shocker that is very dark but definitely needed to be told! 

So Bridgette and Lachlan do everything try can do to suppress and hide their guilt and true feelings, but sometimes love just can't be denied. 

A fast paced powerful and very emotional read that definitely pulls on the heartstrings. Also weaves some true history with a fictional romance . So have the the tissues ready while reading this powerful heart pulling story about betrayal, guilt, sibling rivalry, jealousy, enemy clans, trauma, battles of the sexes and all consuming love. A heartstopping captivating  story Scottish romance lovers will absolutely devour! 

Well done Ms. Johnstone! I can't wait for the next book in this riveting and addictive series. You can also read this as a stand alone book. If you want to read about Bridgette's best friend Marion and Lachlan’s older brother Iain story: I recommend book one “When a Laird Loves a Lady”.

Wicked Highland Wishes (Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts Book 2 …

Wicked Highland Wishes (Highlander Vows: Entangled ... - Goodreads

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King's Knight, by Regan Walker. Medieval Warriors, Book 4. 5/5 *

Book: King's Knight By Regan Walker
Series:  Medieval Warriors Book #4
Reviewed By: Barb Massabrook
TBR: October 11, 2016
Heat Rating: Mild
Overall Rating: 5/5 *

Merewyn of York, was illegitimate  born out of a brutal rape. It is from a Norman Knight, who brutally violated her innocent mother. Her  sadly mother died in childbirth, she was a good woman from a fine family. As that is what Lady Emma tells her.

Sir Alexander of Talisand the Black Wolf due to his Raven hair. His parents are Sir Renald de Pierrepont, the Red Wolf and archer, Lady Serena of Talisand.  

Talisand 1082

This book centers on ward Merewyn of York, an illegitimate a a  child born out of brutal rape by a Norman warrior. Her innocent mother, Inga of York. was not nobility born, but came from a the greatest sword maker in York! Sadly Inga dies in childbirth. Then Merewyn is raised by her mother's best friend Emma.

As a child of 12, Merewyn was nearly in the same predicament as her mother had been all those years before.  Then a hero was born in Merewyn’s eyes. Some called him the Red Wolf's Cub, others called Black wolf due to his dark Raven hair. From that day on Sir Alex was her champion even as the girl turned into a woman. Merewyn also didn't want to depend on a rescue attempt - if ever in a dire predicament again! Besides the fact Alex left to go Squire, so was Merewyn asked to be taught the bow and arrow by Lady Serena Tailsand, expert female archer. Lady Serena is also Alex’s mother. Rhondi and Fia completed Merewyn's  training  in Wales. She now wore archers garb now and is one of best archers around. 

Alex a favorite Knight and respected warrior returns home with his two friends Rory and Guy. His attraction to Merewyn is immediate and all consuming! 

Now a woman Merewyn
 knew of Alex’s reputation as a ladies man. Plus she was a realist, knowing  they would never be equal in status. Plus she knew like his father, the King wanted to conquer Norman lands. The best way to do that was through a marriage alliance.

Merewyn just didn't see her worth.  She is the finest archer, plus one of the most beautiful woman in the land. As soon as Alex came home and saw Merewyn as a woman - he instantly wanted her. He knew she wasn't a woman for a fast tumble. As they got reacquainted  again, he saw her intelligence, strength concentration in chess and supreme talent as an archer. He knew she was the only woman for him. 

The problem is the King has already picked a bride for him. One who was known to get rid undesirable husbands under suspicious circumstances. This woman also see’s Merewyn as a threat. Will she be in danger? Besides the fact all the Kings lecherous men seem to want the beautiful young archer, including a Wales Prince! 

Will Alex and Merewyn have their HEA? Or is it doomed before it even begins - with an unwanted arranged noble alliance through marriage? 

Plus with war around the corner there's  always a chance Alex might not even survive. Plus Merewyn has to make s decision and is totally clueless when it comes to Alex.

Another Regan Walker fast paced page turning novel. It is  full of surprises and upheaval, not knowing what to expect next. Again, weaving true history and a captivating star crossed romance. Picturesque settings, quick paced plots and breathtaking dialogue. 

I Highly recommend readers check out King’s Knight and get totally swept away! You can read as a stand alone or in series order. Just more fun to read this entire mesmerizing and captivating  (Medieval Warriors) series which I have absolutely loved! 

Hero in the Highlands by Suzanne Enoch, Book one in No Ordinary Hero, 5 Tartan Stars

Book: Hero in the Highlands by Suzanne Enoch
Series: No Ordinary Hero, Book #one
Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook 
Heat Rating: Mild
Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars

Scotland, 1812
Major Gabriel Forrester is a seasoned soldier, who just learned he has inherited two English estates and a enormous Scottish Estate. Being a seasoned soldier he is not impressed as he is more comfortable on the battlefield then in a stuffy ballroom. Gabriel takes his responsibilities very seriously, knowing this raise in his status will only be an asset to his family.  Especially his sister who would now be able to have a home of her own.  

Gabriel learns to find out his Scottish Stewart is being difficult with his lawyer. He is determined he must find out the cause and sack this difficult Stewart! So he heads to Scotland to tackle, conquer  and  terminate  this difficult Stewart issue and resolve it!  Problem solved or is it?

Fiona Blackstock despises everything English not uncommon of most Highlander's due to the their history. She can't believe this English Duke now own Clan Maxwell’s castle and land!  that have been there's forever. Fiona is furious as she has been acting as Stewart for the past four years. Ever  since her brother who is the  Stewart…... went missing . Fiona has been taking care of her Clan and castle then meets Gabriel under unusual circumstances  where he think he's rescuing Fiona from a mud hole and a cow! Plus Fiona still  not realizing he is the new Duke puts Gabriel in a dire situation due to her bad directions. Imagine his reaction when he discovers  this spiteful lass is the Stewart of his new estate!  In addition things are not right as of late at the Castle. There are several suspicious  mishaps  and accidents not knowing the cause or some might call a curse.

Of course sparks fly between these two and let me just say things get very interesting indeed. Soon Fiona realizes this too attractive Duke might not be the villain she imagines him to be and might be the man she needs! 

Another delightful Suzanne Enoch novel that readers will absolutely love!  Breathtaking setting, brilliant dialogue and amazing plots. A  captivating riveting romantic adventure filled  mystery, intrigue, humor, hatred  betrayal, passion, love and more.

 I highly recommend this captivating novel that I could not put down. Another exceptional start to a wonderful new series as I can hardly wait for the next book in this amazing  new series! 

I was given the eARC from the publisher in exchange  for an honest review through netgalley.