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Her Highland Rogue by Violetta Rand 5/5 Kilts

Her Highland  Rogue by Violetta Rand
Reviewed by Barb Massabrook
5/5 stars

Kintail, Scotland 1498
This story starts with a healer calling herself  Sgùrr, a pregnant woman having had  two lovers of enemy clans. Deciding her child would be much better off not being brought up around so much hate and violence. Sgùrr decides to leave them both and give birth to her daughter in a cave in the high mountains away from humanity. A few years later she knows her daughter needs to be around other people and living in Cave in isolation is not the the best solution for her child. So she leaves her to be found by the MacRaes who are known for their generosity and kindness towards orphans and abandoned children. It was the best decision she could make though forever breaking her heart!

Kintail, Scotland 1515
This story hero is about Laird MacRae’s son and heir Erroll,  who has been ordered on a mission by his Laird Father. He is to journey to find one of their kitchen maids who is missing. As this Laird found this missing lass eight years prior abandoned and all her memories missing. As The Laird is known for his generous heart and takes her in and makes her one of his own calling her Aileana MacRae.

Aileana MacRae was put in an horrible situation where the drunk Broc, Captain of the Guard attacks her with unwanted advances! She knows no one will believe her after all he is the Captain of the Guard and she being lowly kitchen maid. Most will think she should be lucky to have the erroneous attention of such a man. On top of that being the Laird's son Erroll’s best friend, she feels she really has no choice but to run. It's not like she can defend herself against such a man.

Erroll feels she is overreacting which  makes his father furious as every MacRae and member of his household is just as as important. Erroll would rather hunt or bed a willing lass and not taking his responsibilities seriously. The Laird has been fighting a lung infection for the past several years, this only makes him disappointed and angry at his son and heir.

Then when does discovers her in the witches cave they both act out on the feelings they have been hiding and share a passionate kiss. Of course the Laird doesn't realize his son has always desired Aileana,  this ginger haired lass with the big blue eyes. Of course he knows better than to take the advantage of one of their orphans who have become a part of their clan family.  Plus she is always being mistreated  cruelly by most of the women due to her being a bastard and orphan. This laird also has a special place in his heart for  Aileana too, protective of the lass treating her more like a daughter then a serf. Though it  is the spinster maids Margo and Esme who raise her and love her dearly. That was a big part of the problem all the MacRae men admired her quiet shy beauty and half of the women were jealous of of it! The women made her life a living hell making up horrible lies with venomous rumors and treating her horribly.

Then Erroll finally discovers the missing lass in the mountains in a witch's cave thing come to full impact! As all the emotions and feeling Erroll had been hiding and  holding back come out! Aileana too has desired Erroll too but  feels nothing good would come it and end in her heart being broken! Aileana is not stupid and knows his reputation with other women but still something changes at this moment between them. When he realizes what Broc has done he is furious and assigns himself as her protector. Then his father makes him make a choice either marry her or allow Broc to marry her. What will Aileana pick? No the story does not end here.

Lately Aileana has only  wanted to find out where she comes from? Who her parents are? Are they even alive? She knows she has to leave MacRae lands if ever to discover the truth of her birth. Yet her feeling for Erroll are real, but she feels her moving up so high in status will only make the rumors become worse and more. Would the Laird and his son come to resent and become ashamed of her? When happiness does suddenly come in her grasp it is taken away just a quickly!  Will this orphan ever get a break for happiness or it only gloom and doom and possibly death in her foreseeable future? Recommend you read this captivating book to find out the answers and so much more….

Breathtaking tale of feuding clans, secrets, betrayal, emotional conflicts, heartbreak, romance, star crossed lovers and more! Beautifully written in this fast paced, riveting, non-stop action adventure! Readers will be rooting this couple accomplishes a happily ever after! But will they is the big question?

Bravo Violetta Rand for writing such a top notch magnificent story! Plus since Clan MacRae is my true Scottish ancestral roots, this book had an even more special place in my heart! I was totally mesmerized and glued to my seat, read in one sitting as I literally could not put this book down! Highly recommend “Her Highland Rogue” definitely one not to be missed!

***I was given an ARC of this book from Loveswept/ Penguin Random House publishers in exchange for an honest review through

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Stolen by the Laird (Conquered Bride Series, Book 4) by Eliza Knight

Reviewed by Celtic Barb

5/5 Stars

Exquisite reads just magnificent!!! One Scottish romance lovers and history fans don't want to miss! Body Keith is definitely swoon worthy ladies! The total package believe me and my new book boyfriend! ❤️

Scottish Highlands, 1297

This book’s hero is Brody Keith who is the Marischal of Scotland. Robert the Bruce the future King asks him to swipe Dunnottar castle back from the English. He will be going on this journey with William Wallace. If he succeeds in this mission he the he will own the castle,it's  lands and everything it holds. Brody hates everything English especially since the savage cruel murders of his father and sister. So he is more than surprised  when he finds another prize in the castle after the seize…..well actually four...of female origins too!

Lady Guinevere I is less then happy to trade one husband for another since one had been killed in the seize. Not that she feels remorse as he had been a cruel  abusive drunkard husband blaming her for not able to perform his husbandly duties in the bedroom. She knows Brody is the lesser of the  two evils,  but does she want to give her virginity to a savage heathen barbarian Scot? 

So she makes a deal with the devil to buy her time out of this distasteful predicament. The deal is he is not to bed her for three months. her ladies are also under his protection that no man is to touch them! She knows if she hadn't agreed the Scottish soldiers most likely would had abused them, passing them around them as in the spoils of war with the possibility of rape and slitting their throats! Guin did what she had to to survive and protect her ladies in waiting for now. 

She just wasn't prepared to feel things she never did before for her English husband, after feeling Brody's seductive passionate soft kiss. Feeling things she never did from her English husband whose kisses were so distasteful and quite the opposite of Brody Keith’s soft slow seductive kisses and making her want more. Of what she wasn't certain but definitely more... 

Will they last the three months time plus she is starting to care for her enemies people as well. They both have secrets they have not revealed, will they ever trust each to reveal? Yet there are some who want to break this alliance. Who want her gone and will do anything to see it done, Who will win? The ghosts of the past? Will her life Guinevere's life be forfeit by enemies among Brody's people? Will hate that had been bred into each other or will love conquer all?  Afterall love is a many splendored thing! Is it not?  

OMG! OMG! Eliza does it again in her fourth installment in her best selling hit Conquered Bride Series! Again she pens another well researched magnificent Scottish historical surrounding the seizing of Dunnottar Castle. It has true history, iconic heroic historical characters like William Wallace blended in her own fictional historic tale! This is my absolute  favorite ingredients when reading a fictional historical romance. Only the dates have been changed for the author's fictional story purposes which is absolutely brilliant! 

Has all the elements Scottish romance readers love breathtaking settings  that you can smell the heather, exquisite dialogue. Also twisting and turnings plots that have the readers gasping for air with anticipation wondering what will happen next! This is my favorite in The Conquered Bride Series, but I have loved them all! Definitely unforgettable, one for the keeper shelf to read again and again. Yes it is that much of a phoenominel story the will melt your heart and  warm your soul! 

If you're like me and love Alba ( Scotland)  and your heart belongs to Scotland, believe me you don't want to miss this magnificent Highland Tale! Stolen by the Laird is totally  exhilarating and I highly recommend you read his and all the books on this series! You can read in series order or a stand alone book so not worries on either counts. Another Eliza Knight superbly written novel that readers won't be able to put down and will stay with you! I absolutely and unequivocally loved It! 

Conquered Bride Series by Eliza Knight

#1. Conquered By The Bride
#2. Seduced By The Laird
#3. Claimed By The Warrior
#4. Stolen By The Laird

Buy Links

Stolen by the Laird: Eliza Knight: 9781533577863: Books

Stolen by the Laird (The Conquered Bride Series, #4) - Barnes & Noble

"Stolen by the Laird Eliza Knight" | eBook search results | Kobo

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Beauty and the Highland Beast , A Highland Fairy Tale by Lecia Cornwall, Book 1, 5 Kilts.

Scotland 1706

Laird Padraig Sinclair, of Carraig Brigh, as any father loved his son  dearly and wanted him healed immediately! He was not the same man he had been in physically or mentally. Padraig’s  son and heir Alasdair Og Sinclair, that most called Dair, He was the Captain His men and cousin were sailing on a journey  their way to France to take his cousin Jeannie to a nunnery as she requested.. They and were captured by English soldiers mistaken for pirates. They took everything of value on their ship, gold, coins, including their crew and his female cousin and murdered everyone including his beautiful cousin whom they raped, beaten and hung. The worst of it is they he had forced him to live and watch while chained. Most had been his dear friends since childhood, they had tortured and beaten Dair half to death, but let him live just make a point and set an example. He now has now drinks heavily to forget , walks with a limp,  face is scarred, nose broken and wounds not healing that were not tended to and are still festering. Dair has hallucinations and horrible nightmares where he screams through the night in terror . His clan knows he's dying and most believe he is a madman and monster and is the cause of the Clans devastation and downfall and has cursed them all. Dair knows the clan would never vote him in as the next laird and he doesn't blame them a bit.  He doesn't believe he is a good choice himself and knows they whisper about him behind his back. Yet his father,
stubborn Padraig Sinclair forbids his son to die and calls for village  healer Morie o’ the Spring, the old crone and pagan worshipper who worships the goddess as her savior. It is the Goddess voice she hears tells the Sinclair Chieftain, he needs a virgin maiden to heal his son!

Laird Donal MacLeod, of Glen Iolair, the father of eight lassies and eight dead wives. He perks up when Padraig Sinclairs to take of his daughters off his his hands with an offer of marriage. That is until he ask for his daughter Fiona they call Fia. As she is his clumsy accident prone daughter, often ignored or forgotten by her own family members! She had an accident as a child that causes me to walks with a limp and body badly scarred. Though she is beautiful but she just doesn't recognize it. At first Donal is thrilled with the idea to marry off one of his daughters, until he realizes it his fey daughter as he calls her Fia.  Donal is very overprotective of  Fia until her sisters back her up naming her finer qualities. When Padraig sees she's a healer he is hopeful she will be the one. Though he secretly knows he would never marry his son to such a woman with her defects , but her beautiful flirtatious sister Meggie would be perfect for Dair,who will comes as chaperone! Afterall he did promise to marry his son to one of his daughters just might not be the daughter he thought. Yes Padraig Sinclair could be a cruel, devious and a bit of a snob. He still also insists Dair will be the next Chieftain though Dair tells him he is unfit and to make his cousin Logan, Jeannies twin brother his heir. Well his father won't even listen and is determined Dair is to be the next Laird!

Fia see’s Dair is not mad or insane just grieving and in mourning and in need of comforting. She seems to be able to start to heal him when no other can. At first the Sinclair’s , are in awe of her, but then due to a villain in their mist - the winds shift and not for the better. This also puts Fia's life in peril and his in danger as there are whispers of witches and madness and revenge that the closer they too become the more their lives become in peril!  Who could this be? Will Dair finally be able keep the past at bay and take a chance on love? Will innocent Fia die at the hands of a madman, villain or a broken heart?

Biggest scene stealer is Beezlebub,  Fia’s ferocious cat which is hilarious! Some hilarious and heartwarming moments with the Sinclair clansman Angus, Niall, Jock and Ruari too. Also the endearing character English John. He,was the Englishman who also was in prison for debt and kept Dair alive. English John brought him home and was asked to stay on as  Dair’s companion,  since he was the one who kept him alive in prison and brought his fevered body home.

Be ready to be swept away by Beauty and the Highland  Beast, A Highland Adventure, book one. is an awe inspiring beautifully written book with 70 exceptional chapters that I absolutely loved!  It has breathtaking settings, magnificent fast paced plots and characters that glide off the pages and straight into the reader's heart. In addition to so many twists and turns that had me holding on to my seat by a thread! A definite readers delight! A must read in my opinion just was blown away by this beautiful, heart tugging, emotional story! This novel had me tearing up, but then again some parts had me laughing hysterically too. There is something about tortured souls that draws readers in, as I simply could not put the this one down! I think everyone wants to draw someone that is in darkness into the light. Bravo Ms. Cornwall for penning  this exilarating tale as I know I was absolutely captivated by this magnificent tale. It's a story of torture, mayhem,  murder, betrayal, superstition, grief, compassion , healing, forgiveness, trust, hope, faith and love. Had me hooked from start to finish! Loved Beauty and the Beast by Lecia Cornwall.

Really strikes on all emotions, you can't help but feel empathy for both the hero and heroine in this story. They are two tortured souls with little self esteem,  but in a sense becomes each others lifeline too. So I recommend to have a box of Kleenex on hand. I am definitely looking forward to the next fascinating installment of A Highland Fairy Tale series  by Lecia Cornwall, I can hardly wait!

***I was given an ARC of this book by publishers St. Martin’s Press/Macmillan Casablanca through for an honest review.




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702nd Anniversary Of the Battle of Bannockburn today!

Today marks the 702nd anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.

In 1314 the history of Scotland as a nation was about to change forever. On the 23rd and 24th June, Robert Bruce, King of Scots, would face down the English army led by Edward II.

Edward, keen to retain the stronghold of Stirling Castle, had led a huge army through Scotland to lift the Scots' siege of his garrison at the Castle. Achieving this was vital to Edward's hopes of re-establishing his weakening grip on the country, but he was stopped short by the army of Robert Bruce.

Over the two days of the battle, Edward's army was repeatedly thwarted by the Scots stubborn resistance before finally finding themselves trapped by the surrounding terrain with no room to manoeuvre their huge force.

The result was an unprecedented rout of King Edward's army and a pivotal moment in Scotland's history.

Experience medieval warfare like never before and visit the Battle of Bannockburn. With cutting edge 3D technology, take command of the troops who fought in 1314 and pit your wits against friends and family on our virtual battlefield.

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Today marks the 702nd anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.

In 1314 the history of Scotland as a nation was about to change forever. On the 23rd and 24th June, Robert Bruce, King of Scots, would face down the English army led by Edward II.

Edward, keen to retain the stronghold of Stirling Castle, had led a huge army through Scotland to lift the Scots' siege of his garrison at the Castle. Achieving this was vital to Edward's hopes of re-establishing his weakening grip on the country, but he was stopped short by the army of Robert Bruce.

Over the two days of the battle, Edward's army was repeatedly thwarted by the Scots stubborn resistance before finally finding themselves trapped by the surrounding terrain with no room to manoeuvre their huge force.

The result was an unprecedented rout of King Edward's army and a pivotal moment in Scotland's history.

Experience medieval warfare like never before and visit the Battle of Bannockburn. With cutting edge 3D technology, take command of the troops who fought in 1314 and pit your wits against friends and family on our virtual battlefield.

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Honor Bound: A HIGHLAND ADVENTURE By Laura Strickland 5 Kilts. Made Celtic Barb's Jacobite heart SING!!! Loved it!

Culloden Battlefield, Drummossie Moor,
Inverness, Scotland
April 1746

This delightful story is about the aftermath of the devastation from the defeat from the Battle of Culloden, plus a deathbed promise that our hero Diarmad Ramsey, makes to his father and Ramsey Chieftain. To help Bonny Prince Charlie's escape The Highlands several men with similar looks are to act as decoys to help the Prince escape the country. As he is now wanted to by the English as a  traitor, no one doubts if captured he will be executed shortly afterward. They want to confuse the English, having different and various sightings of the Bonny Prince all over Scotland at the same time. Of course there is a lot of mixed emotion with so much devastation and death. Some feel the great pretender was a coward and running away as the Scottish men were butchered on the fields for his cause, to put his exiled father King James back on the throne. As Diarmad had mixed emotions himself and his eldest brother was still missing who would now be the next Laird of Ramsey. Of course being the dutiful and honorable on he accepts this mission though is not happy about it as he must go on the mission immediately not even allowed to being father's body home for burial. His father was a big supporter of Prince Charlie Stuart and will do anything to support and honor him to his last dying breath.

Mara MacIvor is Diarmad’s guide and can sense he has no loyalty to the Bonny Prince,  nor does Diarmad knows how to act or dress the part of the Prince. Mara shows him he must wear the fancy Stuart’s plaid and garments and act Lordly as a monarch would. Mara is a big believer in the cause and holds the Bonny Prince in high regard. So they have a conflict in beliefs right from the beginning. Then when confronted in a dangerous near death situation Mira is impressed  see's that Diarmad can act and  play the part perfectly. Soon an attraction develops between the two and as feelings grow they both have lots of insecurities too. He wonders if he’s  just a poor substitute for the Bonny Prince? The one Mara truly desires. Mara questions if he wishes she was his brother's betrothed, the one woman he has always dreamed about but could never have? The one Diarmad truly desires.

On top of their growing affections for each other and insecurities plus personal heartaches from lost loved ones at Culloden many are hunting them down. Of course there are those honorable Scots willing to help them being big supporters of the Stuart Jacobite cause. The  English are hunting them as even some Scottish outlaws who are hunting them too! As their is huge reward for the capture of Prince Charles Edward Stewart! This would lead to his execution and of anyone helping and abetting him in any way. So if captured both Diarmad Ramsey and Mara MacIvor would both in dire straits and be executed if captured!

This is a marvelous read that warmed my Jacobite heart from start to finish! Bravo Laura Strickland, for penning such an action packed riveting adventure full of drama, factual historical facts mixed into a fictional romance, mystery, suspense, betrayal, heartbreak, miscommunication, passion and love. Plus any fans of Scottish history and myself who feel so much empathy and heartbreak about the forty-five rebellion,”’ also called Battle of Drummossie. As we all know this end the Clans way of life, not to mention the clearances and new English laws forbidding them to wear kilts. I love the factual history in this author's fictional romance story about the young pretenders escape from Scotland as many Scottish were either dead or dying on the battlefield as he ran. As even today their are many rumors about the Bonny Prince's escape. I have even heard he dressed as a woman as was aided by one of his mistresses to escape to France. I suppose we'll never really know how he escaped, so I applaud this author's wonderful insight and imagination.  This book is totally a brilliant tale with s with wonderful plots and magnificent dialogue.

I highly recommend this spectacular read!  It is one you definitely don't want to miss especially if you love history weaved into a delightful fictional romance! One of my favorite reads for 2016!  It made my Jacobite heart sing as I could not put this book down!  Absolutely and unequivocally loved Honor Bound: A Highland Adventure by Laura Strickland!

***I was given this ARC from the publisher, The Wild Rose Press for an honest review through***

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The Valiant Highlander By Amy Jarecki ( Book #2, Highlander Defender Series) 5 Kilts, TBR 6/12/2016

The Valiant Highlander (Highland Defender Series,
Book two) by Amy Jarecki

(Some true historical background)
In 1692 The English monarchy punished  the recalcitrance of the Chief of the MacDonalds at the Massacre of Glencoe. They also ordered a military fort to be built in the highlands which became Fort William. So by 1695 it was a turbulent time in Scotland, though it was a time of supposed peace after such a big loss at Glencoe. Yet the Jacobite rebellion threat still remained. As Scotland had still been under  English rule for close to two hundred years now being treated horribly and the country itself was much poorer and in a recession. Yes the people resented it as they did the King on the throne William of Orange. Watching  blood baths of  innocent women and children and the elderly being murdered by the English in Glencoe and the burnings of Dunkeld. The Scottish people had long memories and were just biding their time before it was time to strike again and put the rightful king back on the Throne again the exiled King James Stewart! He still had many supporters in Scotland and France. The name Jacobites is the Latin version of his name. It was time another battle to take back their country back - without having redcoats patrolling the areas and breathing down their necks. As the wealthy and titled nobles were trying to find ways to earn a living with trade etc. through the Americas, Africa and India. They certainly didn't want to be starved out again. To feed and arm an army and your people you definitely needed income. The problem was some Scottish people were backing the English and wearing red coat uniforms, totally betraying their people and country! Also it was a time some of the nobility and wealthy had to put on airs and forget the highland way of life. Wearing breeches, wigs and cravats like the English. Laws of etiquette were changing to the English way of life too and acceptance this too was not easy for all to accept. Yet if you didn't you would be an outcast. Plus the word Jacobite rebellion could have a Scot swinging on a rope as these were dangerous and difficult times for the Scottish people. It seems so unfair as they only wanted to be left alone in their country to live in peace and freedom. Alba gu Brath...Sáor Alba!

Isle of Skye, Scotland, 1695
This story centers around Mary of Castleton, eldest daughter of a lower Highland Laird Chieftain. She can shoot a musket, throw a dagger and never miss her targets. She can also ride a wild horse barely broken in and even pull a the stopper off a powder horn with her teeth! Mary also wears lad clothes when the occasion calls for it. As this is what she was wearing the first time she meets Sir Donald MacDonald, the Baronet of Sleat, the hero of this story. He also at first thinks she's a lad and not very happy when he finds out she is not and even bested him in target practice!

Mary lost her mother at a young age and her father lost a leg at Battle of Dunkeld in 1689. As was considered lucky since many Jacobite supporters were burned alive in that battle. Therefore most of the castles responsibilities fell to Mary and has been lady of the keep since 12 years of age.

The story starts where her family is hosting the Highland games and her father is hoping to find a good match for a husband for Mary. This will help to strengthen the clan and alliances, though strong willed Mary has no interest in a husband at all. Mary and Sir Donald are like oil and vinegar when they first meet. He the refined aristocrat and she the wild highland lass.

Sir Donald was visiting Mary’s family as they were hosting the Highland Games as Mary's father wants to find her a titled husband. Mary knows this Baron is too high up in title even to look her way. Readers will feel the attraction immediately - even though they both are in denial. Especially when he sees her dressed as a beautiful lass for the first time in a gown with her fiery tresses and adorable freckles.

Then the villain of this story - Balfour MacLeod, steals Donald’s English galley and and kidnaps Mary. Plus the galley holds the white salt Donald needs in trade, an important  agreement and secret business deal with the Americas. This is to secretly help support a new Jacobite rebellion and cause. Not to mention  help support his people and clan. Donald is trying to work out a trade agreement as a successful business merchant. As he is putting up all his finances in this - if this does not happen he might be financially ruined.  As for Balfour MacLeod, this Scottish turncoat and  devious English supporter has been stalking and is obsessed with Mary. In his sick diluted mind, thinks he loves her and can force Mary into marriage. He also thinks he can get her to change her way of thinking. Mary is every bit a highland lass and hates everything about this traitor and bully! Mary would rather die than marry him!

As Donald and Mary are on the run the attraction becomes more apparent, but they have many conflicts too. He feels Mary’s safest solution is to bring her to his townhouse in Glasgow. He feels under his sister Barbara’s tuledge will help her become a society lady she is meant to be! Donald feels Glasgow society would eat her up so he does this for his reason of protection.  Besides to being able to fit in and accepted with Glasgow society. He feels she needs to be more refined and behave like a chieftain's daughter should…. in his opinion.

Mary feels ashamed and angry too! Feeling she is not good enough for Sir Donald in his eyes. As Mary is not one to shy away from what she is thinking and feels! Mary feels he has given in to the English way of life! To her it is just being fake, phony and putting on airs. As she sees him in his periwig, breeches and fancy clothes, Mary is not impressed in the least!

 Mary has her insecurities too, feeling she is not good enough for a man like Donald. She knows she is lower chieftain's daughter compared to a Baron like Donald. Yet she is still proud to be a highland Lairds daughter. Mary is who she is and won't hide from that fact either.

Donald has much on his mind, trying to help his people and lessen the suffering of the past.  Also with so many responsibilities that he doesn't see with what's right in front of him? Or does he when it's possibly too late?  He also worries about the future of his business dealings and the risks he is taking if it  doesn't end in success. This also makes him denies what he is feeling and is right in front of him!

Will Donald choose business and support of the jacobite cause over love? Will Mary have her heart shattered?  Will Balfour have his evil way and abduct Mary and force her into a marriage she will always refuse, detest and  despise? Lot of unanswered questions and more….in this story. You will have to read this spectacular novel to find out.

This story is a fast paced, non stop action packed  riveting adventure! It is filled with mystery, suspense, treachery, deceit, betrayal, revenge, forgiveness, faith, hope and love. Best part for me it is layered with true Scottish history in this fictional passionate romance.

Kudos Amy Jarecki! As you did it again in book #2 of The Defender series! Looking forward to the next one in this brilliant series.

Readers can read as a stand alone novel, but The Fearless Highlander is another superb read you don't want to miss! Again I absolutely loved it! Happy Reading!

A Defender Novel Series by Amy Jarecki
1)The Fearless Highlander
2)The Valiant Highlander

Disclaimer:Was given this ARC by the publisher for an honest review through

Rating - 5 Stars/Kilts ( Highest rating*powerful read)
Heat Rating - Mild and Tasteful
Reviewed by - Celtic Barb ( Celtic Barb’s Kilted Tartan Book Review Blog)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Defiant by Kris Kennedy re-issue but even better the second time around for Celtic Barb! Now available in digital and print book! 5 Kilts.

Celtic Barb’s Kilted Tartan Book Review Blog says:
Eva is determined to save her friend…
Jamie is determined to to capture her friend…

Eva is a liar to protect
Jamie is a liar to get what he wants

England, 1214

Jamie Lost, a favorite Knight under a King's command is ordered by his King to kidnap a Cúre and bring him to his King. Jamie has never failed an order or mission ordered by his King even knowing the results could be lethal for those he catches. A missing Priest who had been on self imposed exile in France for the past ten years. Of course even Jamie the King favorite warrior knows the result most likely won't be good for this Priest once in the King's possession. As many people who have been invited by this King John-have never been heard from or seen again, often reported missing by their families. Yet what choice did Jamie really  have? Non at all and he never failed a mission the reason he was chosen, well he had previously never failed. Well that was until he met the beautiful waif Ava who has deceived, lied, and threaten his mission as well as thawing his cold, black heart! As he desires her like no other!

Ava knows Jamie is a very bad man as she calls him and also knows she is caught in more ways than one. She intends to escape him as she like Jamie is very talented at deceiving, threat, lies and can be very dangerous. Yet they. Are both on opposite sides of this uneasy alliance, but both are desperately  searching for the Priest for very different reasons. For Ava loves this man like a father and not on the religious sense, she too has been in exile for the past decade. As she has been protecting her ward Roger since he was five years old and saw his father a titled man murdered as well as their entire household. So she has been on the run with Roger for a decade, as he is one of the missing heirs. Could Ava be as well? Or is she the missing nursemaid that helped the young heir escape all those years ago? Ava was a thirteen year old girl herself and if it were not for this Priest they most likely would of never survived. Now they are all in England and they are still fighting for survival and England is about to be in a middle of a civil war between the royals and the rebels and both sides are full of very bad and dangerous men? Who will win and what result will be for people like Ava, Roger and this Priest and the important papers he has in his possession that everyone seems to want?

Ava always wanted to be married and have a family but she knows those things are not in her future or a reality for her.  Jamie knows he can never be tied to one woman as his missions are too dangerous and has too many enemies too long with even longer memories! He knows the end result would end in death. Yet you can feel the attraction between these two which is so hot the pages sizzle! During this time together they both look at reality, their dismal futures  and their hearts. As this attraction is not just physical but mental as well. How can you stay with someone you can never really trust and might just be lethal to your very livelihood anyhow.

Secrets will be opened and betrayed. Ava wants to save her friend. Jamie want to capture her friend,  Ava will die for those she loves , Jamie will kill under his cruel mean vindictive Kings orders. Yet he betray someone will it be Ava or this bad King to keep his status as favorite and coffers filled. Readers will have to reading this non-stop s action filled fast paced riveting adventure with a surprise ending you never saw coming! Will Jamie chose love or deceit and betrayal and possibly murder?

Bravo Ms. Kennedy another powerful, heartstopping thrilling tale, filled with mystery, suspense, murder, mayhem, intrigue, hate, passion and love!  It will keep readers wondering right to the last page of this masterpiece of a story.

This is a stand alone story that is just magnificent and Jamie is absolutley a keeper that will make readers drool! This as my second time reading and think I loved it even more! Highly recommend and definitely worth a revisit.