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This Highland Adventure novella was originally from anthology Kissing the Highlander. Another fast paced page turner that I know anyone who enjoy a kilted braw highlander will be doing a Scottish gig after reading this wonderful read! Vonda Sinclair has is truly a gifted author whose books are always fabulous fun reads! This is book 7 in the Highland Adventure series.

Scotland, August 1619

 On a mission to escort the Earl of Rebbinglen to Glasgow is met with storm that causes Shamus Mackenzie brother to Chief of Clan MacKenzi to barely survive a a galley wreck.  He is badly injured and alone assuming his brother and clan member drowned in the wreck. He would of went looking for them if he had been given a chance. Unfortunately fates are not in his favor, as He  did not realize he was in enemy territory,  Clan MacDonald lands. When the evil And greedy Chief finds him he has poor Shamus beaten on top of the all injuries he had already sustained from the Galley wreck! The evil-greedy MacDonald Chieftain decides to hold him for ransom of Shamus doesn't die from starvation first! Luckily it was probably the only thing that saves his life until he meets the MacDonald's sister, some who call a witch,  the beautiful Maili MacDonald. From what Shamus views, she is the exact opposite of her evil brother, as he felt as if she was a kind, wee fae Fairie. Maili, whose visits are the only thing that keeps him from going mad in the dark ,cold,  smelly dungeon he was being held prisoner at!

Maili MacDonald, the heroine is this story, whom no one wants to marry due to her second site and most men seem to fear her. Already she has a record of three broken betrothals her brother set up. She almost sees Shamus coming with her second site and feels he will be an essential part of her future. In what way she is not certain, but she feels he will be very important in some way to her. Maili  checks on her evil brother's latest prisoner and demands she be allowed to get a healer and see to his injuries as well as bringing him clean bandages, food and water.  Maili is totally disgusted by her brothers actions and believes that's his evil greed will cause the clan much destruction and death as she has another vision of The a Chieftain Cyrus MacKenzie and his warrior coming to rescue Shamus and killing most of Clan MacDonald in retaliation for holding his beloved brother Shamus hostage!  

Once Mali finds out her evil brother plans to force her to marry this creepy man,  old enough to be her father just to be rid of her! Maili refuses and  decides time is of the essence and it is time to help Shamus escape, but with on wee catch he must take her with him! Shamus refuses knowing he would be accused of kidnapping and it could start a horrific war between their two clans. So now Maili has to figure a way to convince that just might involve some kissing! You can feel the attraction between Shamus and Maili immediately which sizzles right off the pages!

Most powerful breath taking  scene to in this book is the one was at the standing stones and the marriage stone just so touching, beautiful, tender, enchanting and magical without giving anything away. This is a highland adventure you definitely don't want to miss! I highly recommend My Captive  Highlander By Vonda Sinclair as again another beautiful and powerful read! 

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5 plus stars and fans of Donna Fletcher can't get enough of this beloved couple! I was so thrilled and excited  that Ms, Fletcher wrote another book about our favorite duo! Cree and Dawn, our  favorite brawn highlander and his beautiful, peasant wife, without a voice. As always I am always amazed as well as mesmerized how this talented author pens these stories and the way she has Dawn communicate to her husband and others is beyond amazing and just so brilliant!

Scotland, early 1200's

In this page turner Cree gets into quite a lot of trouble as he goes on a mission under King Alexander Stewart's orders as an emissary to Minnoch Castle. Shortly after Cree's arrival he is framed by Lord Parlan Minnoch stating he stole jewels!  Villain Minnoch torture Cree with words saying he  will have his castle, lands, wife and and children in a matter of days after he has our beloved Cree beheaded and throws him in Minnoch's filthy dungeons,  Although they all know Minnoch was not a man to be trusted going into this and this just proves the fact.

Well stubborn Dawn will not let this happen without a fight. As he is the love of her heart and soul so she and Old Mary come up with a plan but a very dangerous one and Castle Minnoch is impossible for his men to free him without being seen! Sometimes a man needs the help of woman, no  matter how furious and angry he will be! When things can't be negotiated peacefully and civilly Dawn takes things into her own hands. Sometimes dangerous times takes desperate measures, but Dawn will try anything to rescue the man she loves more then life, but will it work or will they both end up on the block leaving their newborn infants as orphans?

You will have to read this captivating and superbly written short story to find out. As there are so many twists and turns in this  exceptional  magnificent story that will keep you guessing as I know it did me totally brilliant! It is truly a truly fabulous read and a good meaty length for short story too,  as I highly recommend it. Those like myself whom are team Cree and Dawn will love and won't be able to put it down! Believe me you don't want to miss this one, I was totally absorbed and enchanted! I really can't praise it enough!

I highly recommend "Highlander's Promise" it was another winner as Donna Fletcher books always are! I totally loved it! ~B

     Highlander Trilogy full length books and short stories by Donna Fletcher

                 Highlander Trilogy are all full length books

1. Highlander Unchained - 370 pages, full length book * trilogy
2. Forbidden Highlander - 390 pages, full length book * trilogy
3. Highlander's Captive   -  368 pages, full length book * trilogy

                Cree and Dawn's Short Story Collection

1.  Highlander's True Love (A Cree and Dawn's short story #1) 83 pages
2. Highlander's Promise    (A Cree and Dawn's short story #2 ) 100 pages

You can read all her books as a stand alone book or in series order readers choice. I personally find it more fun in series order to conectioto the dots of previous character that or the relationships but it is not necessary as you can enjoy and follow the storyline without doing this as well. It's just a personal choice per say. Happy Reading and every book is a fabulous read! Enjoy!

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Laddie Isle, Scotland
Spring 1400

This is the second book in the Scandalous Scots series  and again Ms, Welfonder books are always magnificent you can feel her love of  Scotland both the people, lore, history and land . This  is Roag the Bears story, in the story of the illegitimate friends  who becomes members of King Robert's Fenris Guards. These brave, honorable and fearless men will go on dangerous missions and do whatever is required of them. Sometimes this requires different accents and identities for the better good of Scotland.

This series continues for  those who read To Love a Highlander in book one of Scandalous Scots Series where that book was about Morley the fox. In To Desire a Highlander, this is book two  where Roag the Bear takes the identity of of a deceased Donell MacDonnell Cheftain not realizing he is

betrothed! Now the betrothed was done five years earlier and hasn't seen or heard from him since
which was just fine with the independent Lady Gillian  MacGuire also known as the spitfire of the Highlands!

Gillian MacGuire remembers her betrothed as an onion breathed, yellow stained, overweight, smelly and unkept greedy man and although it's been five years she is not a dummy and realizes before long that this man is an imposter! Of course Roag hates the position he had been put in an no one told him that he is betrothed when he accepted this mission. One wee important part that one Alexander Stewart, brother of the King forgot to mention. As he has assumed the identity of one Donell MacDonnell  a dishonorable man who died escaping prison as he was far from honest and honorable  man. Gillian is also known as the spitfire of the Highlands. When she realized she can't buy him off

with enough riches to line his pockets nicely is when Gillian starts putting the two and two together, as the real MacDonnell loved  filling his pockets over anything.  This man was fit, muscular, clean
and smelled good  actually the opposite of MacDonell as he was honorable. Also he was making
Gillian feel things she knows Donell MacDonnell not capable to stir these types of feeling. Roag who has stopped wenching with his men as of late realizes this woman one Gillian MacGuire has  bewitches him like no other and make him feel things and only after sharing a couple kisses that leaves him spellbound!

A must read you won't be able to put down beautifully written and my heart went out for young those boy who lost his life long ago and always wanted a dog but lost his life before that happened.

Again Ms Welfonder and her love of animals pulled at my heartstrings with the ancient Skog the dog,
 Gillian's best friend and also befriended  one boy ghost himself the laddie of the isle. I also love the style of Ms. Welfonder's writing when she mixes true fact, Scottish lore in her historical fiction, the combination is truly magnificent! Another enchanting, fun, entertaining read that will enchants you and sweeps you off your feet. I know it did me with lots of twists and turns that you can't wait to see what happens next .

I loved To Desire a Highlander By Sue-Ellen Welfonder one you truly don't want to miss and I highly recommend and I know Sue-Ellen Welfonder fans like myself have been waiting for this story and believe me you won't be disappointed. It is a fun filled spectacular read that will melt your heart! I loved it!

Scandalous Scots by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

1. To Love a Highlander: Morley the Fox story
2. To Desire a Highlander:  Roag the bear story 8/29/2015 release date

* I was given this book in exchange for an honest review from

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Check out awesome giveaway Laura Camoie also known as Laura Kaye is giving away. She is also writing a historical romance with author Stephanie Dray. Both terrific tallents can't wait to read it cover picture to come. These are books from RWA that I still haven't posted my photos...sorry

* It's due to my time promoting, beta reading and writing and posting reviews. August is a busy month for Celtic Barb. I will try to get them out and take you on my journey at the Nationsls soon as I  can. Thanks for your patience. Happy reading!

This exceptional book comes out on 8/25 next week my review will follow shortly. I can tell you it's definitely drool worthy, toes curling, sweep you off your feet type. I love how she mixes some true stories of lore and fact into her fictional Scottish historicals. All her books are spectacular reads and as an animal advocate she always adds a furbaby to her stories! Always fun filled satisfying exceptional reads. This is book 2 in her Scandalous Scots series can read as stand alone or series order. As To Love a Highlander book one is also a fabulous  read. You don't want to miss this marvelous read believe me, highly recommend!

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Maeve Greyson Blog Tour

USA-Kentucky-21st Century
Scotland-The Highlands-13th Century 

My Highland Bride book two in Highland Hearts series  this time Matchmaker granny has picked a mate for the second born Sinclair daughter  one Kenna Sinclair....

 My Highland Bride by Maeve Greyson is a Superbly written Scottish historical time-travel romance tale of humor, adventure, sacrifice, betrayal, love, choice, and trust. As it will melt your heart and make you giggle at the same time. The chemistry between Kenna and Colum is just sizzling.   This is about 21st century Kenna from Kentucky who is less then thrilled when she gets a message from  her
 Granny who is in the 13th century telling her it was time for her to jump the web of time back to the 13th century. Kenna who hates jumping as she gets major motion sickness at jumps and vomits her guts up. Also she is worried about her mature 18 year old twin sisters whom she lives with. Plus of course giving up all the modern conveniences like the Internet, pizza, being lazy even good old tampons and tooth paste, she just isn't ready. Yet no one can refuse Granny who has sacrificed so much for them and when she is told she has only a week to prepare well let's say she is less then thrilled by this. Of course Granny takes care her of everything as she has a friend who will be watching the twins until it is their time to do the jump to the 13th century when they all can be together again. Of course Kenna will be happy to see her eldest sister  Trulie  who fell in love and married Laird Gray MacKenna who is expecting their baby at any moment. 

The hero of this book  the best friend  and man of arms of her brother-in-law Laird Gray Mackenna  the Mr. muscle himself one Colum Garrison. The Sinclair sisters all have the power of  jumping to 
and from time, read minds and erase memories. It also has to be kept secret as only a few chose know especially in 13th century with witch burnings and people being accused of sorcery that have no gifts at all!  It's was dangerous times for those with any special gifts of any kind! 

Kenna's big problem is when she briefly looked into Colums  mind it's was like watching the Highlander porn channel he has slept with every available woman is Scotland and virgin Kenna wants no part of that! She will not sleep with any man before marriage  which is surprising for 21st century Lass from Kentucky. For Colun this is the first woman who can resist him yet the first woman who makes him feel things he never did before. Even Kenna knows there is this electricitbetween them as they both feel a tingle when they touch. 

You will have to read this amazing page turner enchanting, sweep you off your feet story  to see how it resolves as it is truly like having a piece heaven to see how thing are resolved or possibly not resolved? 

I can tell you this I absolutely loved this Scottish historical time travel by Maeve Greyson and she outdid herself in this one. Even the secondary character like Granny and others were  so endearing! What a joy to read can't wait for the next book  in the highland hearts series which will steal your heart and a wee bit of your soul. As I know it did for me. Definitely putting these books on my keeper shelf!

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Cover reveal for the talented Ashley York Norman Conquest book 3. I am so excited to read aThe Irish Warrior as I have loved, read and 5 star reviewed the entire series! The Irish Warrior It's the story of Sean from The Gentle Knight and Thomasina MacDonnell whom are related to Seumas MacDonnell relation  from The Bruised Thistle generations back! I am so excited to read this book well for many reasonsI love Ashley's style of writing, but I love  connecting the dots to family lines from previous books!  

PS: Look who gave Ashley a wonderful praise ( blurb) Kathryn Le Veque....awesome!!! I 

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This is book one in the USA Today Bestselling, award winning author Eliza Knight, in her brand new "The Conquered Bride" series and fans like myself of her previous Stolen Bride series will be delighted to know the is spin off of that series.

Isle of Skye, Scorrybreac Castle, October 1290: This book starts in the prologue as 12 year old  Lady Brenna MacNeacail and her twin sister Lady Kirstin whose castle is under attack by Clan MacLeod little does she nor her sister are aware is that both her parents are dead and all their warriors as well. Her governess tries to get the twins to safety but is murdered on the way by Ronald MacLeod who tells a terrified  Brenna is to be his wife! Brenna  is shocked, thinking she is way to young to a wife, yet in truth then thinks he must mean a betrothal contract. Kirstin is hiding behind rock. When Brenna's cousin Finn shows up and Kirstin shows herself Ronald is shocked! There is two of them, but then decision made he puts a sword to her throat that he cruelly presses until some Brenna's blood trickles out from her neck and threatens to kill her if they don't leave! There really is no choice for her cousin though he does promise he will be back to save her, a promise that is never kept.

Isle of Skye
Dunakin Castle June, 1305

This is the home of Laird Gabriel "Wolf" MacKinnon who has just received word from Chief Lamont his enemy  man who stole the woman he loved ten years ago and he has never loved who felt for any woman since but still will do anything his former beloved Ceana Montgomery. She has asked him to rescue her cousin Brenna MacNeacail MacLeod who has been imprisoned with her four children for the past month, well since she murdered her evil abusive husband Ronald who she was forced to marry at age twelve. Not in name only but actually a forced consummation as well at age twelve too. When Lamont mentions he should marry her Gabriel thinks she must an old way past her prime and plus whose to say she wouldn't murder him in his sleep! No thank you he thinks though at 36 he knows her need a wife and an heir. It just won't be a woman with a broad of four children past her prime so he thinks. He is curious why her brother by marriage Thomas MacLeod has never  brought murder charges against her and have her executed as would be the case.

Thomas MacLeod  has his own agenda and  is even worse then her husband Ronald was, more evil and cruel as they have been loving on only rations of bread and water this past month, Brenna fears he will kill all her children to take lairdship away from her sons and daughter. He tells people he is there for guardianship of Theo to teach him what needs to be done to be a Laird until he is of age. There is also a treasure that Brenna and her children are keeping a secret, though she knows Thomas is searching and would steal it if he knew where it was hidden. Plus all their lives would be forfeit and she knows she has to escape this prison with all her children and soon!

Of course at this point Gabriel is not aware though he has heard rumors of how petite Brenna is and is expecting a much older woman as well. Of course when he sees the beautiful 27 year old Brenna sparks fly, but not only physically, but mentally as well. He loves her stubbornness and fiery temper. It is  fun to watch this couple go hot and cold and how innocent Brenna truly is, but how fierce she is when it comes to her children and her beloved dog Snow who is also the best guard she has. Also how Gabriel wins over her children and even Snow of course being a handsome, fierce and powerful but good man and highlander made me sigh a lot during this read as you can't help but love this man, I found this book very emotional as well so have that box of Kleenex nearby but of course that means your so absorbed in  an exceptional read. I always consider that actually a great thing when a book can get that much emotions out of me.

This book is a definitely a page turner,  beautifully, superbly written, riveting tale you won't be able to put down! "Conquered by the Highlander" will have the reader totally absorbed, as it will have you both captivated and mesmerized, believe me I know I was! It has all the elements we want in a beautiful Scottish historical romance. Of course as an avid animal lover, I love when author puts pets into their stories,plus all the elements like mystery, suspense, unrequited love, hate, betrayal, attraction, honor, denial, fear, love and more that make it a joy to read that this book had in spades!

I absolutely and unequivocally loved and highly recommend  "Conquered by the Highlander" (book one if The Conquered Bride series) by Eliza Knight. It is a book you definitely don't want to miss! ~B.

Other Books by Eliza Knight by series name
* Readers can read any of Ms. Knight's books as a stand alone book or of course in series order too.

1.The Stolen Bride Series
2. The Highland Bound Trilogy
3. Highland Wars Series
4. Tales from the Tudor Court

Anthologies with Eliza Knight

1. Kissing The Highlander: with Terri Brisbin, Vonda Sinclair, Terry Spear, Victoria Roberts, and Willa Blair

2. Celtic Hearts: with Tanya Ann Crosby, Suzan Tisdale, Margaret Mallory and Kathryn Le Veque

3. With Dreams Only You: with Christi Caldwell, Kathryn Le Veque, Suzan Tisdale, Cynthia Wright and Eva Devon

4. Medieval Lovers: with Laurel O'Donnell, Catherine Kean and Denise Domning

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Excerpt just released of When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare. Soon to be released book 8/25

When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare
Will be released 8/25/2015
Except by Tessa Dare

On the cusp of her first London season, Miss Madeline Gracechurch was shyly pretty and talented with a drawing pencil, but hopelessly awkward with gentlemen. She was certain to be a dismal failure on the London marriage mart. So Maddie did what generations of shy, awkward young ladies have done: she invented a sweetheart.
A Scottish sweetheart. One who was handsome and honorable and devoted to her, but conveniently never around. Maddie poured her heart into writing the imaginary Captain MacKenzie letter after letter … and by pretending to be devastated when he was (not really) killed in battle, she managed to avoid the pressures of London society entirely.
Until years later, when this kilted Highland lover of her imaginings shows up in the flesh. The real Captain Logan MacKenzie arrives on her doorstep—handsome as anything, but not entirely honorable. He’s wounded, jaded, in possession of her letters… and ready to make good on every promise Maddie never expected to keep.

Possesion of Highlander by Madeline Martin Blog Tour

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This is the second book I have read and reviewed by Ms. Madeline Martin and it nothing short of a masterpiece in my opinion. If allowed I would give a bazillion stars, as I absolutely loved it and is definitely headed for my keeper shelf. I was totally dazzled  by  this exceptional book and you can't help but fall in in love with the sexy, attractive, braw highlander Colin MacKinnion. I also felt for  it's heroine, Lady Brianna Lindsay and all the heartache and cruelty she has been through in her short life! Possession of Highland is another page turner with lots of plots within plots with so many curves and turns was simply a joy to read!

Setting: Angus, Scotland - June 1606

Highlander Colin MacKinnon only want land and a title so he thinks after being ignored by his own father Laird MacKinnon and giving lairdship to his younger twin brother Ian. All he needs is an heiress and a castle and lands so he is wee bit full of himself and set out to woo one Lowlander, Lady Brianna Lindsay whose father is Laird 0f Castle Edzell, but comes to her in the guise as a Captain of the Guard after hers is murdered by her enemies hands. Colin thinks this will be an easy quest. Brianna never wants marriage or children watching her father's cruelty toward her and treating her mother as a prisoner not even believing his own daughter is his own blood and believing she is a bastard from his faithless wife so he believes. Brianna was only allowed to her own mother under watch with guards. Plus her evil cousin Lord Robert and Uncle wants her to marry him for the wealth and title and obsess over Edzell. So when her father dies she hides his body and knowledge of his death or she will be forced into this marriage which would only be what she watched her parents have a loveless cruel marriage and all her freedom taken away. As she is something of a blue stocking, loving her books and education and knowing seven different languages. It is who she is.

The problem is there is no evidence she is legitimate to inherit Edzell as she isn't sure who her father is or if her mother actually did have a lover. Sometimes she wishes she did as a dream to have a father who would be proud of her and care for her and be proud of her accomplishments. Brianna also knows her Uncle and cousin would ruin her home and murder her servants and it's people. Her father dies as she has him buried in unknown grave and under the guise he is ill and can see no visitors so she won't be forced into this farce of a marriage. Of course this can't last and then when they realize he is dead from a spy and come to the assumption her Captain of the guard did the deed she has no choice but to marry Colin  or her he will be hanged for a murder he did not commit. Of course this is not the way Colin wanted her either even though his plan was seduction before he met Brianna. He was not expecting someone  so caring, giving, protective of her people and beautiful as he had already fallen for Lady Brianna. He also knew she was starting to feel something too, knew she would now feel betrayed and forced into this marriage not the way he wanted it at all!

Believe me this story doesn't end here this is only the beginning as there is murder, corruption, mistrust, denial, betrayal, mystery, lies, suspense, hate, love,  etc as you will not be able to put this superbly written book down!  I was so engrossed in this story it was as if the world around me stopped. Yes, this book was that wonderful. Many surprises  and emotions along the way and I loved some of the beloved secondary characters as well and you never knew what was going to happen next.

As Miss Martin does it again with another brilliant story that pulled at my heartstrings  and melted my heart. You can't but help but root for this couple, but there seems to be so many obstacles in the way. So you always wonder how so many issues can it be resolved? How can so much misery lead to happiness. The loves scenes are hot and steamy but tastefully done.  I cried at the marriage stone an old highland tradition, another way I know I am reading a spectacular book when it can pull such emotions from me. I highly recommend  Possession of a Highlander by Madeline Martin as I do her previous book Deception of a Highlander  which I have previously read and also gave a 5 star review. I can't wait to see what Ms, Martin will put out next, but I know I will be first in line to read! ~B

 Madeline Martin Books

1. Deception of a Highlander
2. Possession of a Highlander

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Tartan Book Reviews Highlander Pin Giveaway at


Enter here to say hi to Celtic Barb and comment for Facebook's Tartan Book Reviews free Highlander Pin by Scottish historical author R.L. Syme it is huge six inches in length and width. You can wear as pin or as a stand. Now who wouldn't want this handsome laddie on thier desk or nightstand to wake up to or fall asleep and dream about highlanders aye.

Note: Contest is for Tartan Book Reviews group members if you want to enter you need to join group  also you you must be a USA resident as well. Good Luck Lassies!

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