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Lord Ruthven's Bride by Tarah Scott

Here is my Reciew of Lord Ruthven's Bride by Tarah Scott I. This wonderful analogy in Highland Flames
Lord Ruthven's Bride by Tarah Scott is the second book in her Highland Regency series as the first on Lord Greyson's Bride was originally in the Scroll of the Cridhe, Highland Winds, volume 1 and recently a 2015 RONE award winner as this is in the Guardians of the Cridhe, Highland Flames volume 2. 

1823 Inverness, Scotland

This is book's heroine is Annabelle Montagu who is betrothed to Callum MacLennan and James Ruthven one that saves her life. I kept hearing the song torn between two lovers and loving only one while reading this fantastic storyline!  Yes I sometimes have a music soundtrack while reading books though usually it is Scottisj pipes and fiddles! Lord Ruthvren's Bride is another fabulous fast paced page turner which is the usual for me with talented Tarah Scott books! Another riveting tale of mystery, drama, suspense, espionage, kidnapping, murder and love!

The heroine is the lovely Lady Annabelle Montagu sister of Josephine from Lord Greyson's bride she finds herself curious seeing one of Lord  Monroe Harley  burying a mysterious box and decides to investigate under an oak tree and Lady Morgan's  and decided to discover clues at his home during a party. This is the is how she meets the handsome Lord Ruthven, James Waterson, the new Viscount who was also snooping on Lord Harley but for very reasons . This is when Annabelle's life starts to go out of control, as she tries to hide and is caught and to cover up for her Lord Ruthven gives her a kiss like no other and later feels guilty as she has a betrothed who she intend to marry Callum MacLennon, Marquess of Northington. 

There is someone murdering prostitutes and Ladies of good breeding in Inverness that James had been investigating and fearing Annabelle's might be next victim and then when he saves her life. You can feel the chemistry between James and Annabelle and the guilt Anabelle feels though she would never betray her fiancĂ© either but is torn as is James watching her and knowing he can never have her. Plus knowing she is probably the next to be murdered James feels a need to protect her and frustrated Annabelle takes unnecessary risk's that drive James crazy. Now Annabelle cares for both men and who will she chose?  You will have to read this wonderful novella to find out ,

This is a quick faced paced book that readers won't be able to put down and wonder what will happen next. I do hope the man Lady Annabella did not choose will get his own story too as he was a good man too. I felt sorry for him as he loved her too. Tough when two wonderful men care for you but you have to choose only one! I highly recommend! Another spectacular Tarah Scott read and this book really had so many twist and turns not knowing what was going to happen next it was totally exhilarating! Loved it! 

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