Tuesday, September 22, 2015

One Knight Standing by Kate Robbins and Ian Gillies is available in print now

 Kate hits another winner with this captivating novella about a Laird's sheltered, curious and intelligent  eldest daughter, the beautiful Catherine St Clair. The heroine of this story, Catherine is 18,the eldest of three sisters ,whom is heartbroken over the death of her best friend, teacher, confident, and elderly priest Father Duceppe. The death is mysterious and seems to involve a secret order as well, the secretive well famous Templar Knights!

The hero of this story is about the sheltered William Gillies who was the seventh son born of a seventh son which some believe he has been born with special privileges and abilities. Will has been waiting all  his sheltered life  for his destiny as he knows he is to eventually to join the church and take his vows and become a priest. The main reason he has never paid attention and avoided females known he is never to marry and he has remained celibate his entire twenty years.  As this is what he has been trained for with warrior skills and instincts as well. He can whirl a sword or dagger as any accomplished warrior, or seasoned Captain the guard as well.

As in all mysterious stories full of suspense, murder, espionage and intrigue things or not as what they appear to be. First off Will and his dark skinned companion, best friend and teacher Ash are to go to St. Roslyn and as the new Priest replace, yet at the same discover all of it's secret as well. All will think him a real Priest when he actually is not. All will find it easy to believe all but the ever curious and observant Kathryn St. Clair who will do anything to find out the truth about this imposter priest who had his own guard. Who ever heard of a Priest needing a personal guard at the peaceful St. Roslyn's church and village.Catherine is full of suspicion of this new handsome Priest she is very attracted to, even knowing it is a sin and wrong to have any type of romantic feeling to ones own Priest!

Of course Will soon realizes his destiny is going off course once encountering the beautiful Lady Catherine. What is he to do about it before all these lustful feelings he has never encountered before and want to act on, but hold himself back. Women and marriage is not in a Priest's destiny and future but was it in his? He can imagine how disappointed his father, Ash, and not to even think about the order would think of all his bottled up feelings not that he would ever share. He decides avoidance is the best solution but he is Lady Catherine's priest how can he not hear her confession!

You must read this enchanting, spellbinding, fantastic read to find out how all of this plays out what the results come to be. I always found the true history and biography of the Templars Knights both fascinating and tragic so I loved how Ms. Robbins centered them and their mysteries in this exceptional amazing fictional novella. Another one she has knocked out of the park, just a fabulous entertaining read you won't be able to put down!

High recommend this was a beta read I was given by Ms. Robbins for an honest review.mww

(Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy Name give Glory) ****Templar Motto***

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