Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Another wonderful B.J. Scott read that starts off very emotional right from the beginning as Brianne Dunbar of Clan husband and three month infant son are murdered by one of their clan's worst enemies Clan MacClurry as there was a brooch with the Clan MacClurry crest and a piece of bloodied cloth with the colors and pattern often worn by this clan. The one thing Brianne promises her deceased husband was to protect the Druid stone her deceased husband Tieran Dunbar clan has protected for generations no matter the cost.

Then from orders from Gavin, the leader of the Clan Mac Clurry entourage as the King James has ordered that Brianne marry Laird MacClurry's  womanizing,drunkard, eldest son Dermid . For the soul reason to stop the bloodshed between clans and fetch the newly widowed Brianne.

Brianne's sire,John Keith of  Glen Ceiteach has not seen or spoken since Brianne ran away with her husband to marry. Since her fathers bride price was too high of a price as he lusted after the Druid stone though it is just heresay, as it is a much guarded secret by her husbands clan. They being madly in love since the marriage price was too high they ran off to get married anyway and Brianne had not spoken to her father since. He was a very self absorbed selfish man and since she ruined his plans to use her as a pawn to increase his lands with rich alliances and marry to an old man three times her age.

All things are not what they seem and some betrayals are hard to forgive. It a very touching story of murder, deceit, treachery and lies yet also beauty, love, happiness, forgiveness and rebuilding. I highly recommend to read this captivating Scottish historical romance. The suprprise ending shall surely capture any lover of romance's heart.


  1. Thanks for this review Barb, Enjoyed reading it.

  2. Love B. J. Scotts books and this sounds awesome

  3. thanks so much for posting this Barb. I did see it when it was posted and tried to leave a comment but it obviously did not take. Came back today to see if there were any comments and noticed mine was missing. Wanted to correct it right away. I really appreciate the post and the review <3

    1. My pleasure B.j. And thank for this book is an amazing read!

  4. Great review!!! Who could not enjoy her books? Congrats, @B.j. Scott!!!