Saturday, July 11, 2015

Spectacular read not surprising since I absolutely love Hannah Howell and have been a huge fan for many years. This is book one is Ms. Howells  Murray series and I think there like 19 books and they are all magnificent reads in my opinion. This is the book that started it all and I highly recommend you read this wonderful  it  definitely one for the reread and keeper shelf . Yes it is that exceptional of a read.

1430, Scotland

This story is about Laird of Duncoill Clan,  Balfour Murray as his young  half brother Eric has been kidnapped by his clans worst enemy clan Beaton and as the boy was once left to die  as a newborn for the wolves since Balfour father had an affair with Beatons long dead wife. This is what started the war between clans. Though both parents are long dead but now the dying Beaton wants Eric as heir. The infant he left got the wolves all those years ago. The trouble is Eric is a Murray and many will just murder a teenage boy as others Beacon's want that wealth and title and feel entitled to so. They don't think Eric will past. Day once Beacon dies. They also fear for Beacon's known cruelty as they know Eric will never accept Beacon as his Father and wonder is he will force this through torture. There Mak 

The heroine of this story is Maldie Kirkaldy who promised revenge on her mother's deathbed  to murder and kill the Beaton of Dubblinn whom used and discarded which left them in a life of poverty and starvation. Maldie's mother had to whore for them to be able survive yet Maldie disgusted at her mother's way of life. Plus a mother who had even wanted her own daughter to join in her profession which Maldie refused holding onto her virginity for dear life. All Maldie want is to kill Beaton her sire and get her revenge but needs help and then she finds the Murray whom had just been beaten in a skirmish with the Beatons that was supposed to be a peace truce but as usually Beaton betrayed them. Balfour's brother is injured near death and Maldie offers her skills as a healer though they know the lass must have secrets to show up in the middle of a bloody battle but also know the old healer at Murray household is useless so they accepts,her offer not to mention she is the bonniest woman Balfour has ever behold and has know immediately he wants her in his bed as well.

This book was so beautifully written and there is so much action, adventure and emotion, deception, betrayal, murder and love. Even how two brothers being in love with the same lass. I found this unique secondary storyline although how it is resolved is bittersweet. I really felt bad for Nigel knowing he didn't have a chance with Maldie. Plus I felt bad for how Maldie grew up with an emotionally abusive mother and and a father she never met but was beyond evil. I understood her reasons for keeping her secret and think I would of chosen the same path in her place as Balfour would never believe a daughter of Beacon's would want to murder him, but I felt for Maldie's pain when he accused her of spying. 

I really hated this book to end it was one of those rare those books that so many character's have that endearing quality not just the main couple, but Balfour's  bro there's Nigel, and Eric, even Maldie's Uncle Colin from the Kirkcaldy Clan. I cannot praise this book enough and all the dangerous on slip of a lass can get into. Some moment made me giggle too as Hannah Howell is one of those rare writers that really brings the reader into the story.  It's heart wrenching and heart warming at the same time. I highly recommend you start with this book I'd you are just venturing into her Murray Clan series as it is a spectacular series and I highly recommend. I would give this book a bazillion stars if allowed. I totally loved Highland Destiny by Hannah Howell who has always been a favorite author of mine! 

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