Friday, June 12, 2015

Another mind blowing heartstopping absolutely spectacular read by the talented Michelle Willingham in her Duet Series Warriors of Ireland. There are not all that many historical romances about Ireland so I found this story both refreshing and unique as well. As always by Ms. Willingham captured my heart and soul. If you are a fan of the Disney classic "Beauty and The Beast" though the stories are nothing alike,you will see what I mean as the hero is male perfection and the heroine had a horrible thing happen to her as a child and has facial scars for life.

Also if you are are a fan of Michelle Willingham's Irish "MacEgan Brothers" series then you are in for a real treat! A few of the MacEgan Brothers tribe will be in this book, which just thrilled me to pieces!  I am a major fan of the series , as it is how I discovered this multi talented author so many years ago, as I have read and loved each and every book in that series. If you haven't read this wonderful series I highly recommend you do, they are all excellent books!

Ireland 1172....
In this story Lady Taryn Connelly will to do anything she can to save her father, King Devlin of Ossoria,who has been arrested and charged with being traitor and sits in the high..Ard-Righ, King Rory O'Connor's dungeon in Tara awaiting his death sentence. Lady Taryn feels  all these charges are all unfounded and lies and she will do anything to rescue her father from the being executed. The problem is her cold unfeeling mother, Queen Maeve feels her father deserves death and she has a total different image of this man then the image Taryn has. Where Taryn feels he is a good, strong ruler and Queen Maeve sees him as a cruel, self serving man that only cares about himself and getting ahead and isn't worth saving. Plus everyone hears the cruelty and wickedness of King Rory and fears for her daughters life. Taryn refused to abandon her father and is determined to save him!

Lady Taryn's life has not been easy as everyone looks at her like she is some sort of monster due to her face being scarred from a tragic accident as a child which was the same day her brother died. Although Taryn was only four years old and has no memory of what had happened to her. No nobleman wants to marry her due to her facial scars and her heart is scarred as well. Taryn knows what's she looks like, but still wants a husband and family although she knows if is not in her future. She knows many would marry her for her title and lands, but she wants more then that.  Now she knows she needs a warrior to help help her reason for going to Carrickmeath  and meeting warrior Killian MacDubh whom she asks for help. Killian will do anything to help his sister whom is not a sister by blood, but in all other ways that matter.

Killian MacDubh is the hero of this store a very handsome warrior, the bastard son of the high King yet he isn't even allowed to sleep on a pallet on the Castle. He sleeps in the barn with the horses and dogs. All he want is land of his own and be a slave to no man. As his mother had ran away from The high King as she did not want to marry King Rory and ran away to Carrickmeath and the Cheiftain allowed his mother and Killian to live on Carrickweath but once his mother Iona dies he becomes a servant and as he had nobody. For some reason the Chieftain despises Killian especially after Rory O'Connor won't even recognize him as his son. The only person Killian cares about is his sister Carice Faolin though not sister by blood and she is dying as she can't seem to eat and hold anything down. When Taryn make an off to help free her father in exchange for taking Carice  to MacEgan Tribe where they will hide her as she is betrothed to the high king as everyone knows of his cruelty and plus the fact he is old enough to be her Grandfather plus the fact she is dying. Killian knows he has to get his sister away from the place. As Brian Faolin is in denial about his daughters health and wants this match just to line his own pockets!

As they make their escape to get Carice out of Carrickmeath and away from Brian Faolin things go wrong since they are being followed by Taryn's mother, who Killian is not sure if she is friend or foe wanting her husbands execution and claims only wanting to protect Taryn. He suspects her from keeping secrets and wonders if she is the one who gave Taryn the scars? Then things don't go as planned and Taryn and Killian end up traveling alone together after she get the Chieftain to agree and that's when things get really interesting as she sees and treat Killian not as a servant but so much more and he sees the beauty of Taryn and so much more they just don't see themselves as so much more. Plus no one has ever treated him as an equal and cared about him was his sister. At first Killian doesn't know what to make of it plus Taryn also feel she is too ugly and disfigured for a man like Killian. He is the most attractive man she has ever seen!

 So many touching scenes especially how the animals all love Killian and how Taryn is fearful of the beasties and one special cat named Harold is a major scene stealer!

This book is amazing is about two people who have been hurt but not just on the outside but the inside as well. It is also about being brave, showing courage and of course love,  and breaking down walls as they both built around their hearts to protect themselves from emotional hurt. Will they be able to break down the barriers or just keep them up and never finding what they both need, to trust someone who will love them forever?

I highly recommend this book it was hard for me to put it down as it was just amazing and I fell in love with both of these tortured souls! I can't wait for the next book in this Duet which is titled Warrior of Fire which will be Killians adopted sister Carice Faolin can't wait to read it as it is a must read on my TBR list. Warrior of Ice comes out July ist 2015.

Warriors of Ireland

Warrior of Ice....7/1/2005
Warrior of Fire... 12/1/2015

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