Saturday, July 11, 2015

This is the first book in the Scottish Strife Series called The Highland Chief by Dana D'Angelo. 

It is about a son Chief to Clan MacGregor going to great lengths to try to save his dying father as Rory and his brothers all gave up hope in his survival until they hear about this famed Scottish healer whom resides in the dreaded England. A place and people they hated and despise.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but the problem is this healer would rather take her own life they help the MacGregors. Rory considers taking the healer against her will until the healers beautiful daughter offers volunteer to go in her mother's place stating she is as a healer as well. Darra's decision agreed and made since her mum has not been able to function since her fathers death as she she has been in a grief stricken state.

Dara knows that escape is the only way she will survive from these cruel savage Highlander beasts,but  soon realizes these Highlander's are not the beasts she was always told they were. The only thing that she needs to protect is her fragile tender heart for fear she might leave with it broken to bits! Lady Darra Berchelaine has heard horrible evil cruel stories about these savage highlanders  but then realize they had planned  to kidnap her Scottish Mum  so she decide she had to take immediate action no matter what the cost! Her Mum who ran away from Scotland before her birth and who has been grief stricken state since her fathers recent passing. She has been her the one taking care of her people and caring for the sick since her fathers passing and her mother unable to function.

As Rory and Darra travel together and you can feel their chemistry feeling she will do her duty and marry an old unfeeling English gentleman and this might be her last chance at passion before she has to return to England. and meet her cold fate. Will she take a chance on love? How will Darra  be able return to England with her heart still in tact? Yet there are many obstacles in this couples way besides each ones families opposition one being Scottish and English although half English. 

I really enjoyed this book as the author really brings you into historic Scotland and the conflicts this couple will face and need to overcome. It was fast paced read with kept me turning the pages from cover to cover. I highly recommend as I adored The Highland Chief ( Scottish Strife Series) book one by Dana D'Angelo as I am looking forward to the next book in this wonderful series.

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