Thursday, July 16, 2015

American Ghost Whisperer Kendra Chase is fed up with some angry spirits not easy persuading angry spirits to her way of thinking isn't easy , but she knows she will be free at last and have a long deserved and over due holiday in lovely Edinburgh. Well that is until she get an unanticipated job that takes her to Scotland's north coast to a small fishing village called Pennard, which is getting ready to be dug up for a historical restoration many of the locals are are not thrilled by this new development especially some without a body or living heart of the supernatural variety. Plus protesting paranormal activity has been reported!

Graeme MacGrath the hero of this amazing story is promised to keeps the peace well that is until these humans start making a racket and throw everything in disarray causing a disturbance that breaks the shield between this world and the old paranormal world. Of course the attraction is immediate when he sees the beautiful Kendra which Graeme seems to resent even more as he just doesn't have the time for it!

The chemistry and attraction and it is obvious the solution join the same teams then be opposite sides. Of course this  brings them even closer and things begin to heat up but can they keep away from the one thing that is not allowed by opening up their hearts! You will have to read this marvelous book to find out.

For me a enormous fan on four four legged friend Jack was one of my favorite character's in this read as Ms, Welfonder also puts an adorable little beastie in her books which I love. Of course I loved watching how Kemdra and Graeme come together for their well deserved happily ever after!

I am a major fan of Sue-Ellen Welfonder as I have been reading her books for close to 25 years! Believe me  when I say her books are rock solid in story and flow, with her brilliant mind and imagination. Haunted Warrior the first in her Highland Ghostbuster series and  is definitely one for my keeper shelve! As all of her books always are whether paranormal under pen name Allie MacKay or historical under Sue-Ellen Welfonder. Anyone can feel her love of the people, animals and land through her written word whether describing a love scene or a piece of haggis. Ms. Wdefinitely has a way about her that sounds so inviting you feel as you are there with her book characters. Yes she is that talented and I always so look forward to her exceptional books that always leave me feeling satisfied though sometime I wish they don't have to end!

I highly recommend Haunted Warrior by is absolutely brilliant and a joy to read!

Sue-Ellen Welfonder has new release coming out August 25, 2015 called  to Desire a Highlander by Sue-Ellen Welfonder which is book 2 in her wonderful  Scandalous Series. Make sure you pick up a copy or pre-order today.