Sunday, July 12, 2015

This is the first book in Joanne Wadsworth new series The Matheson Brothers (Book One) and what a lovely introduction
at that. There is shape shifters, fae lore but also an amazing adventure and mystery. Do I have your attention? It sure had mine!

In the past 12th century Gilleoin was gifted and has the shape shifting ability to turn into a bear, he also mated with one with faerie blood which they did in secrecy. His clan was called Matheson.

This book is about Isla and Iain Matheson: as (Isla Matheson)whom is running from the one her ancestor prophesied would be hers highland warrior (Iain Matheson). Isla knows she is running out of time, but why as she knows once he captures her she will no longer be able to deny him anything! It also sets the 12 century prophesy into motion, which Isla is not ready for. As it will set her back through time to when their clan began.

Highland warrior shifter, Iain Matheson, has fallen for the beautiful Isla and will do anything to keep her! Iain will even dive into a portal she falls into as he would die for his known mate! Yet they both soon find out the games are over! They both have a mission to save their future lines and save from both the past and the future, yet how will this be accomplished? Must read this exceptional read to find out! Another spectacular read that will blow you away!

Note: I truly loved this original unique story as I think everyone will just want to warn you there is a cliffhanger at the end, but it really goes hand in hand with the story. Plus the fact this fabulous author bangs out her books rather quickly another talent of Ms. Wadsworth. If you love mystic, magic, love and adventure then this is definitely the book for you!

I really love thr style of writing that this New Zealand author has it is refreshing and unique and pretty spectaular it my opinion. Always grabs my attention from the beginning to the end never quite sure what will happen next with that element of surprise. I highly recommed and what aa awesome start to a new series. I read each and every book in her Last series Highland Heat which was fabulous I expect this series will be jist as much fun if not more so. I highly recommend you real all of Joanne Wadsworth book as she totally dazzles me. Of course you might moss a few hours of sleep not be able to put her books down! Love, love, loved it!

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