Thursday, July 16, 2015

The fabulous and wonderful USA Today best selling Scottish historical author has done it again with another brilliant and wonderful  new serie,called Highland Wars. This is the third book in this series and it is absolutly riveting! So hold onto you seat and what a  great ride is is! Game on.....the epic battle continues.

Medievial Scotland, Western Isles

This story surrounds Ceana MacRae and Macrath Mor who both fought hard and won at the Bloody War Games and now have the current title as Prince and Princess of Sitheil which they are only allowed to keep for five years Now the story continues,  as Ceana and  Macrath are just married and given only five years to hold on to their tiles which seems unfair for all the sweat blood and tears they had to suffer just to get the title yet it not permanent . Now they want to go after those in charge of the Games, the corrupt council but seems like they seem to have enemies at every corner whether present, past or future!

Seems hopeless yet the future of Scotland,their love as well as well as their very lives are at stake! Can Ceanna and Macrath's love survive this? Can they survive this? You will just have to read this fabulous and captivating book and find out!

Another wonderful Eliza Knight book that you won't be able to put down as I know I couldn't. I highly recommend you read this book it totally dazzled me. Also make sure you check out Ms. Knight's wonderful   Stolen Brides series , Tales from the Tudor Court series, Highland Bound series and others as all her books are spectaular fun reads which I highly recommend.