Saturday, July 11, 2015

1511 Scotland
Beloved Imposter - Book one, The Scottish Highland Trilogy

 Felicia Campbell  is being forced to marriage by Uncle and King to marry a man three times her age and with an evil reputation and his last wife died under user mysterious and shady circumstance that look like he might of done the deed himself and murder his own wife!Felicia is a smart lass and act calm so she can plot her escape with the help with Felicia's beautiful friend Janet Cameron whom was in fact betrothed and in love with her cousin Jamie devised a plan to help her escape. Like all thing they don't go as planned as the lassies had devised a plan to make Felicia look like Janet. As Felicia is kidnapped by her Clan's most hated enemy Clan Maclean as they thought they were kidnapping Janet Cameron as they were bride napping the thing is the groom to be one Rory Maclean had no idea or a hand in this bride napping plot!

Worse still was the fact that her abductors were from Clan Maclean - a clan that was a bitter enemy of Clan Campbell as the older MacLeans though a Bride and an heir could solve their problems.  Rorys's  older brother is missing and his father dead and they need someone to stay and lead the clan plus to stop all the bloodshed. Rory plan is to resolve  and make peace with these enemy clans and get back to the sea.

Long ago the Laird of MacCleans had tried to murder his barren  Campbell wife who could not provide him with an heir a curse  and as an act of revenge had been put to the MacLeans that no bride would live long and prosper as Rory had already lost two wives and swore never to marry again! 

His reaction to the woman his clan mistakenly brought home to him was that he would take Felicia thinking she is Janet Cameron would of returned her to Clan Cameron straight away except that she brought out feelings and passion he though he lost long ago. Felicia too is conflicted as feeling start to unravel as she knows this is wrong to feel anything except contempt and hate for any MacClean no matter how bonnie he might be! 

This is a wonderful book with all the emotions you would want in a Scottish historical romance with hate, guilt, passion, conflict, mystery, betrayal, mistaken identity, kidnapping, suspense and even a paranormal element and of course eventually everlasting love. It was fun to read how these two enemies come together and of course very romantic to the core. Patricia Potter is a wonderful author and one I have enjoyed for many years. I look forward in continuing to read this fabulous trilogy. I highly recommend fantastic read! 

The Scottish Highlands Trilogy

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