Tuesday, July 14, 2015

England, 1791

This is the seventh book in the Wherlocke series by best selling author Hannah Howell whose books I tend to devour as she is one of my favorite authors as I have be reading her books for close to 25 year and this book is no different as I absolutely loved it! 

The heroine of this story is Lady Primrose Wooten whose father recently  died under mysterious circumstances and now her brother is missing and as the vultures are swarming in on (her her greedy and evil relative)  whom she suspects might of possibly murdered her father for his wealth. Now Lady Primroseshe fears her brother might be next on her list so if much urgency she must find her brother. She bumps into Sir Vaughn daughter literally falling directly into his broad chest. Now with his ability to track he is the best choice to help find her brother and keep her safe.

This book is about Sir Benet Vaughn a man whose special gift is t track and sense danger and  isn't afraid of much except maybe a lady with a pistol. He considers himself an honorable man but with her by his side to keep her safe her can't seem to help but to desire her and even thought he knows it's wrongs woth so much danger  and  havac in her life he doesn't know how much longer he can resist her.

This is another fun adventure that Miss Howell take you on another grand ride in her wonderful world of historical romance with a touch of paranormal. As always I devoured another Hannah Howell book which was brilliant and touches your heart and soul and a few giggles with some humor. Of course it is always fun to watch how her couple and open their hearts to each other. I highly recommend this wonderful series.

I was given this book by netgalley.com for an honest review

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