Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fabulous Author Joanne Wadsworth does it again in book 2 of her wonderful  time travel paranormal Mattheson Brothers series. This is an exceptional page turner and again another fabulous book, that you won't be able to put down . This New Zealand author is a fantastic and unique storyteller that I highly recommend! 

Setting...Scotland, 1210

The Matheson Brothers triplets know as the power of three sent back in time as to when the Matheson  Clan began. The brothers mission is to find their soul mates and destiny  to save their future clan to continue to exist to save from extinction. This book is about Matheson brother, a Highland shifter , that can shift into bear form called Finlay and the heroine in this story is about Arabel  a Fae who has the fire wielding ability the thing is she fears getting too close to Finlay as she is afraid she will kill him as she still hasn't been able to control her power and fears she will kill Finlay. As she can feel Finlay as she has a lot of powers and with the help with another of her kind and their combined power can make Finlay believe each time they meet it is the first time. The problem is each time Finlay meets Arabel he falls completely in love with her yet after each meeting he forgets her which begone to be very frustrating to Finlay.

There is also a fair share of villains and evil in this story one plans to distroy Arabel village and Finlay being the food and honorable man he is knows time is of the essence to save and protect his beloved Arabel as well as her people. So Finlay knows he has to figure a way for he and Arabel to be together for love and to save both all the people they care about, their families and friends, as well as each other. The problem is how can they do this without dying! Finlay fears loosing Arabel from her enemiesBtho want to distroy and have been killing people from her village.  Now as for Arabel who can't seem to get a hold of her emotions! She fears killing Finlay with her own fire wielding power that she could always control until recently. 

Fate can be a very cruel mistress what is to happen to this ill fated couple where doom seem to be coming at every direction? You  the reader will have to read this spectacular book to find the results and what other adventure and drama this ill fated couple have to endure. 

Another spectacular read that Ms. Wadsworth pens with that golden pen of her! I absolutely loved this brilliant storyline filled with so much action packed adventure, mystery, suspense, drama and even a few giggles at some humorous scenes and of course the romance and love. Of course who doesn't love a visit to historic Scotland? I could nearly feel the chill from the winds near the loch, smell the  sweet scented heather while tripping over some thistles doing some frolicking up a mountain! 

I can't praise this book enough as it is definitely one for the keeper shelf. I loved Highland Passion as I did with Highland Desire book one of the Matheson Brother series and can't wait for Kirk's story in Highlander's Seduction.   I also highly recommend Ms,Wadsworth Highlander Heat Series as another I read and reviewed the entire fabulous series, all 7 books which are always all my honest reviews. 

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