Monday, February 1, 2016

My Tempting Highlander by Maeve Greyson 5 Kilts TBR 2/23/2016

13th and 21st Century Scotland

This is My Tempting Highlander, book three of author Maeve Greyson fantastic Highland Hearts series. Readers of the series or the last book My Highland Bride, book 2 will remember Chieftain Ronan Sutherland was not so much a hero as a bride kidnapper for Kenna Sinclair the heroine of that book. As well as a brief marriage that never was consummated and the marriage had been forced and Kenna only agreed to save the one she loved her current husband Colum. As Ronan found out the hard way he had the wrong Sinclair woman, as they all feel a big current of energy, sparks and he felt nothing from the slightest touch when with Kenna. He finally did the right thing but you need to read that book to get the details. Now he is the hero of this book but he has to jump a lot of hurdles to get in stubborn and insecure Mairi Sinclair's good graces!

In this book seems Ronan might finally get it with the right Sinclair sister, the eldest twin Mairi, as she and twin sister Lilia are the younger sisters of Tulie and Kenna. Again this is about the Sinclair women who can time jump from present day to the past, or past to the future. It seems some dark fates are making them pay for their special gifts and abilities of time travel jumping and they need Mairi and her healing gifts too. Again this all come about because of their matchmaking Grammy who loves all her granddaughters to pieces but fell in love with a man in the 13th century who can't time jump  and cannot leave! Grammy determined to reconcile each granddaughter with their own  happily ever after true soulmate so they can all finally be together!

Ronan still want to break this curse of immortality on his Mathair, his best friend and himself . Plus the fact he can shift as a wolf, his M├íthair is a wolf and his best friend is a dragon. It's been this way since his mum was his father's mistress since his wife who is also a  the witch was barren and could not provide an heir.  The only reason his best friend and mentor got involved was as his father ordered her drowned and when she tried to seduce and get him to save her he refused after seeing all her evil and cursing them all. He needs a true love and soul mate and a marriage to break the curse but it has to be true love. Only a Sinclair woman can do this, one problem is he need to go t the future to find her as ordered by Granny Sinclair herself! Sounds easy enough but he travels in his wold form and whose car hits him in wolf form thinking he is a dog that she tries to care for and loses and comes back a man. The deceptions begin......not good at all in Mairi Sinclair's book  

Again as Mairi loves all the modern conveniences of the 21st century and not to keen in living in 13th century Scotland. She also has trust issues, feels a kinship to animals, and hate liars being betrayed and having her heart broken in the past. Readers will see as she starts falling for this stranger and when she finds out his deceptions lets just say all hell comes loose and Mairi has huge trust issues big hurt by men in the past.  Ronan fears she will freak out if she is aware of his shifting abilities and what he is! I really felt for both characters and really felt  for them. In some ways I felt Mairi should forgive and forget and move on, but then anyone having their heart broken could understand her trust issues. I loved that Ronan felt she was worth it all no matter the cost or grief. Another excellent book in this series which I highly recommend. I can't wait to read Lilia's story next.

***I received this ARC of this book  from the publisher in exchange for an honest review through***

Highland Heart

1. My Highland Lover -Trulie and Gray
2. My Highland Bride - Kenna and Colum
3. My Tempting Highlander -  Mairi and Ronan  2/23/2016
4. My Seductive Highlander - TBR Lilia and Graham


  1. Thank you for the lovely review! I'm delighted that you enjoyed Mairi and Ronan's story. :-)

  2. Thank you for the lovely review! I'm delighted that you enjoyed Mairi and Ronan's story. :-)

  3. I loved it can't wait My Seductive Highlander the younger twin Lilia's story next! This has been such a fun series to read Maeve! I assume Ronan's dragon friend is the hero? I wasn't sure as I thought he was an older man so I was not certain on that.

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