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The Highlander's Runaway Bride, Book 2 in A Highland Feuding, by Terri Brisbin 5 Kilts TBR 2/23/2016.

Wow!Wow!Wow! Terri Brisbin writer extraordinaire never  ceases to amaze me! I have been reading her wonderful stories for a couple decades at least whether if its one of her Scottish historical romance's or her wonderful paranormal fantasy Stone Circle series I always seems to be swept away and throughly enchanted and mezmerized. In this book you can feel her passion and how she write with her heart on her sleeve with wonderful dialogue, intricate details and unforgettable characters, that you can't help but fall in love with. If your a fan of Scotland, it's heritage, land and kilted lads this is a book you don't want to miss or you will ever forget!

This is the second book in the spectacular new series "A Highland Feuding". In this book it is about a political marriage and neither party the bride nor groom is thrilled about the prospect of this match!  Especially the bride to be, Eva MacKay, but she is is the daughter of the ruthless. cruel mean  and diobiocal Chieftain Ramsay MacKay. The MacKay has no problem using his own flesh and blood to have his way, by threats, blackmail, strap or fists! Even if it means using and degrading his own daughter! In this story Eva MacKay was disobedient for the first time time in her life and followed her heart.  All it did was end up in disaster, as one already she loved is already gone and possibly even another! One she can't bare to be away from even though she doesn't not know this individuals exact location. Now Eva is filled with guilt and remorse for all her past decisions that cost her everything! It is a secret she can never tell her groom or anyone the truth or someone she loves more then her own life might die!  How will she survive with this secret knowing she will be too far away to even try to do a search and discover this beloveds whereabouts? Eva is completely is both devastated and heartbroken feeling her only resolution is to runaway again but how can she do that living so far away from the MacKay lands? Plus Rob with his sharp and intelligent warrior instincts is perceptive and aware what Eva is planning, even before she sets a plan in motion! Now what will she do now?

Rob Mackintosh is cousin to Brodie, Chieftain. Mackintosh's newly appointed Chieftain. Brodie is the heroe and main character in book 1 Stolen in a he Highlander, as is his wife Arabella. Rob whom never had an empty bed and plenty of previous lovers does not quite what to make out a bride running away from him. He just want someone to want him for himself, but not use what they can get from him, his status as the Chieftains best friend and blood cousin. He feels there is more going on that meets the eye at the MacKay's, as Rob is a good honest and honourable man and is determined to find out what everyone seems to be hiding! When he finds his runaway bride so ill he nurses her to health, but is taken back that she does does not seem relieved or happy to leaving her fathers cruel land and Rob does not understand it. It's quite the opposite, as Eva seems so miserable and broken hearted, Rob does not beat or use women, or those weaker then himself like her sire, but why is Eva still so unhappy and fearful? Will she ever be able to open her heart and tell the truth to this handsome, honor bound warrior? Will they live forever as man and wife in name only and in misery forever? Will Rob understand, accept and forgive if Eva's deception and secrets are ever exposed? Or will he find it too big to be ignored feeling this treachery and perfidy to be the ultimate betrayal ?
Read this brilliant and major wonderful page turner with lots lot of twists and turns filled with blackmail, murder, secrets , betrayal, heartbreak, healing and love. It is a story that will stay with you long after you have read it!

I sobbed like a baby with this emotional  and delightful read  which to me means I am reading a truly amazing story that really touched my heart. I highly recommend "The Highlander's Runaway Bride" by Terri Brisbin, as it is a book readers won't be able to put down! I absolutely loved it and can't wait for the next one.

***I was given a reviewers copy by the publisher through net in exchange for an honest review.***

A Highland Feuding series by Terri Brisbin

1.Stolen by The Highlander

2.The Highlander's Runaway Bride - to be released on 2/23/2016 in mass market paperback and on 3/1/2016 in digital format.

 Stone Circle Series by Terri Brisbin

1.Rising Fire
2.Raging Sea
3.Blazing Earth- TBR on April 6, 2016

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