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The Highland Lass by Rosemary Gemmell

 OMG this book totally rocked like having two stories in one really beautifully written. My first go with this author but definitely won't be the last. This was like two stories in one and in two different centuries too not a time travel but both stories interconnect with each other. So have those Kleenex ready as I was sobbing throughout this lovely book. Kudos to Rosemary Gemmell for writing such an original, refreshing, unique and exceptional story!

Present day and 1784-86 Scotland

It starts out as Scottish born 33 year old, never been married before Eilidh Campbell mother recently died and has lived in American since she was twelve years old. All her life she has never know or been told who her father was. This is part of her reason to she decides to go back to Scotland and research her roots. As she has no ties in America so she decides to go back to the county of her birth and her early childhood years. Eilidh and her mother are big fans of Highland Mary being a Campbell wanting to know that perhaps if she's an ancestral relation too. Though she knows it's probably fanciful thinking on her part, she wants to research Highland Mary Campbell and Robert Burns love story. On her plane she meets her love interest in the book and possibly the hero of the story - Lewis Grant,  a handsome Scottish 39 year old divorcee and history teacher who has taken quite an interest in Eilidh. The problem is he has some complications in his life, Eilidh life is complicated enough trying to find a father she thought was dead until recently. She is really interested in finding and putting together the true missing pieces of her own birth and of eighteenth century Highland Mary and Robery Burns love story together and to see if she has any true ancestral ties to this Highland Lass afterall!

The book shows Highland Mary's point of view of her thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams. This is  of her sweet and tender heart of her first and only love. Each chapter has a verse from of Robert Burns poetry which really touched my heart. Though he married his wife Jean Armour which any fan of Burns knows in the end. It also tells a bit of Robert's struggles and heart breaks before he was published.  Even with his selfishness and vanity and yet somehow this young, uneducated milkmaid, Highland Mary, might of been the one that really touched and captured his heart. The one he loved completely, as it shows in his life's work of poetry which she is mentioned and is honored in throughout his life.

As the chapters in the present it examines Eilidh research of Highland Mary and Robert Burns relationship going to exhibits, museums even walk the same streets as Highland Mary and Roberts Burns did and where they fell in love. Also her mother's name was also named Mary Campbell.  It also examines Eilidh's own relationship with Lewis Grant. The stranger she met in on the plane and shared a seat with, the handsome Lewis Grant which is a bit of love at first sight, as you feel the attractions from the the getco . It seems more on his part in the beginning as Eilidh  has a lot on her mind, but she finds him gorgeous immediately and is attracted as well as it grows and he becomes possibly a love interest.  Readers can feel the attractions right away, but as they get closer and start what could be a close friendship or personal relationship  you get the feeling he might be a bit of a scoundrel just like Robert Burns!  Especially after seeing him out and about with other women after they arrive in Scotland, also you wonder if he is a bit of a liar saying he is recently divorced as the woman you see him enjoying himself with is non other then his ex-wife!  Is he possibly just a cheater and really still bound by marriage? There are many similarities and comparisons  to he and and Robert Burns too, as there are to Eididh and Highland Mary too.

 Readers will have to explore and read themselves, Louis too is an educated man being a history teacher, but also his bone structure is similar to Burns which will also be explained in the story and is really fascinating! I also enjoyed the secondary characters of Eilidh's childhood Scottish best friend Christy who she stayed in touch with all the years in America through correspondence and her flatmate Sarah as well as her fiancé Rory and Eilidh's other school childhood friend, the flirtatious Jamie. So will Eidih Campbell get the happy ending or will she follow history and die alone with no husband or special someone In her life like her Mum? Will she ever find the identity to her biological father or will she have to accept she will never know and move on with her life. So many secrets and unanswered questions that will keep readers guessing!  Her mother also sadly never had a another man in her life. You will have to read this fantastic, quick paced, exhilarating and phenomenal story that will definitely capture and melt your heart!

***Bravo Rosemary Gemmell, I loved The Highland Lass! ***

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