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How To Wed A Warrior by Christy English TBR 2/2/2016 5 Kilts

London, 1820

Christy English does it again in her second book from her home exceptional Broadswords and Ballrooms series. This time it centers on elder brother Robert Waters.  He comes to help get her sister a husband and save his spitfire sister's reputation who had just pulled out a Claymore in the middle of Hyde Park! Since brother Alex recently married from book one, "How to Seduce a Scot", the duty now falls on Robert. Whom I also met from book one.  Robert is not very happy being in a country full of the bloody English, as he is a braw and fierce highlander through and through He knows his reckless sister  Mary Elizabeth needs some lessons on how to behave like a lady  in or her reputation will be in shreds! Plus  with no decent prospects  for a husband either and that is the only reason they are in this bloody country and that is when he meets widow Prudence Whittaker. The perfect solution as far as Robert can see, the proper widow can teach his sister how to be a proper lady 0r so he thinks....ahem!

Prudence Whittaker is actually an imposter named Prudence Farthington,  daughter of the ruined Earl of Lynwood. Prudence who has never been married and hides behind  large spectacles and plain unattractive gowns not to draw attention. As life has not been easy or fair for her. She lost her brother at sea and then loses everything including her home and fiancĂ© . Since her brother was the only male heir and when he dies as everything they possessed reverted back to the crown. So Prudence does what she has has to to survive so when Robert offers her a respectable position to help rein in his wayward sister and teach her how to behave like a lady. It is the perfect position to Prudence even though she has no experience. Will she be able to carry off the betrayal and fraud.

You can feel the chemistry and attraction between Robert and Prudence no matter how much she tries to ignore and fight it. Prudence is living under deception and lies to survive, yet sooner or later the truth will come out, especially since Prudence's past is about to catch up with her. How will Robert handle this deception and ultimate betrayal from the woman who has his heart?  As most Highlander's  rely on honor and pride. Will Robert forgive and forget or give Prudence her walking papers feeling the ultimate betrayal?  Will Prudence find herself once again in dire straits but with a broken heart? You will have to read this wonderful romantic adventure to find out.

Can read as a stand alone book or in series order. I recommend reading in series order as it is just more fun to connect the dot per say and get to know all The Waters sibling is in my opinion .  This wonderful book will be released 2/2/2016.

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