Monday, February 1, 2016

The Fearless Highlander by Amy Jarecki 5 Kilts, TBR 3/13/2016. Highly recommend by Celtic Barb

I have loved so many by this author, Amy Jarecki novels but I think this one is my favorite yet! As this is the first book in a her brand new Highlander defender series it one not to be missed. It blends true factual Scottish history with a fiction romance and adventure, which is my absolutely my favorite kind of read! I think this is Amy Jarecki's best novel yet and if you are like me a Jacobite in your heart,  it is one you definitely don't want to miss! A spectacular book that will live you feeling rather satisfied! Definitely one for the keeper and reread shelf, drool worthy,  a rare magnificent masterpiece of a read!

Scotland, 1691

It start off where a prisoner of Fort William in Scotland and how a Scottish prisoner captured at the Battle of Dunkeld, Hugh MacLeod, who is actually Hugh Maclain MacDonald, who is actually the heir to Glencoe lands and of one of the most feared jacobite rebellious clans in in Scotland, Clan Maclain Abrach of Glencoe is being mistreated. It's the same old story if you support the exiled Stuart King you suffer, for you support the new worthless deceiving King you are rewarded! Of course Hugh was smart enough to know being son and heir he would of been murdered some time ago so he gives a false name. One of their enemy clans of course. He had been living in the Fort Williams hell pit for prisoners for nearly two years and treated like an animal locked in chains and manacles and only given gruel twice a day and dirty water or ale to survive! As he comes into the surgery with the flux near death, no thanks to the prejudice cruel Doctor and would of died if hadn't been for an angel, one English woman named Charlotte Hill. Charlotte had been assisting the Doctor, but what Hugh isn't aware is she is his warden's daughter Colonial Hill who is the Governor of his hell prison at Fort William!

Charlotte disagrees with the way her father is treating the prisoners and voices her opinion, plus her father is trying to convince her of a match between she and the cruel Doctor of  Fort William. A man she feels nothing for except contempt and hates how he has no compassion or sympathy for the prisoners he treats no matter how ill. As she tries to help this ill treated Jacobite prisoner, she starts to feel something for him and in the end she helps him escape, it will be nine month until they meet again. No one recognizes him, but Miss Hill as they have both fallen for each other and this is where the story gets juicy as of course the son and heir of one of the most feared  Jacobite clans in all of Scotland and the daughter of the Governor of Fort William is a match no one would agree to. Yet this does not stop the couple from trying until a horrendous tragedy tears them apart.

Amy Jarecki does it again weaving true factual history in  a riveting Highland adventure full of drama, suspense, mystery, murder, betrayal, passion and love from start to finish! Readers will be rooting for this star crossed  couple but won't be able to see a happy outcome with feuding clans, and enemies and boulders at every turn. The Fearless Highlander is beautifully written but have your kleenex nearby as some scenes had me tearing up, tugging at my heartstrings  just couldn't put it down!  I highly recommend you read The Fearless Highlander a truly captivating book readers will absolutely love! If your heart belongs to Scotland you truly don't want to miss this Highland tale!


  1. Fantastic review!! Thank you so much. I do hope people will enjoy the story. A ton if history is woven throughout :-)

  2. My favorite type of weave in a story fact and fiction and of course I have a heart of a jacobite to most who know me well. I absolutely loved this story why I chose this book as this month's chosen post as it really touched my heart. Thank you for the early read what a spectacular read. Thank you for the shout out and liking my review that means a lot. Now I can't wait for the next one in this series! LoL xoxo

  3. This sounds like it's going to be a great story. Can't wait to read it!

  4. This sounds like just my type of book.

  5. It truly is a spectacular read Angela and Petula if you love Scotland and its history and a braw highlander! A perfect combo if you ask me, but this is my favorite recipe for my reading pleasure too! Happy Reading Lassies!