Sunday, February 7, 2016

Celtic Barb's Book Recommendation:The Pretenders Lady, A Novel by Alan Gold

Only 1.99 and 376 pages/ 2526 KB for ebook at in ebook format also available in hard cover print  and audio  It you love Scottish history like Celtic Barb does this is a histroical fiction book you don't want to miss! It is about ones of the most famous women in Scottish history and her love for the great pretender himself Bonnie Prince Charlie. Many jacobite supporters blame for Scotland's fall, death and destruction at Culloden Field in 1745 that changed Scotland forever!

Excerpt by Alan Gold

In the page-turning popular genre trail-blazed by Antonia Fraser and Phillippa Gregory, The Pretender’s Lady, Alan Gold’s meticulously researched novel, accurately opens history’s pages on a peerless woman who helped change the course of history and whose legend lives on in Scotland today—Flora MacDonald.

She was the most famous Scotswoman of her day, single handedly saving Bonnie Prince Charlie. This is her fictionalized life story—her relations with the Prince, her flight to America, Ben Franklin’s influence, and her return to Britain to lobby for peace

But what’s hidden from history, revealed now for the first time in Gold’s dazzling new work of fiction, is the result of Flora’s and Charlie’s love: a beautiful and talented boy raised on an American farm. But only she knows his true heritage and his claim to the world’s greatest throne. And only the genius of Ben Franklin understands how to use this naïve boy to change the history of America.

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