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Enthralled By Emma Prince, Book 1 of Viking Lore series 5 KILTS

Enthralled by Emma Prince
By Barb Batlan-Massabrook
5 stars

This is the first book in Emma Prince's  acclaimed Viking Lore series which is absolutely fantastic! If  you are fan of Vikings and its history or even the history or even the history channel television series Vikings then this is a must read. This is a a fictional  romance but has a lot of accurate background and history of the Viking culture in history. It's a fast moving, action filled with character that come to life on the pages.

806 A.D.,North Sea

Eirik son of Arud the Steady and Captain of the Drakkar of Dalgaard, is on mission to find out more about Northumbra and raid and steal holy houses to secure from future for his people village as they had a big loss from a raid five years. That raid included the abuse and rape of his friend Madrena, twin sister of Alaric who is Eirik's best friend. Eirik is the only one who can understand and speak the English tongue and understands some of their ways from a previous mission. Eirik has been brought up slavery is wrong even though it is allowed many do not believe in this practice and it is not honorable. Even though the practice was still accepted Eirik and his village wanted no part of it. This is why when his jealous brutal and  evil  cousin Grimar abducts  an orphan young woman from the Abbey, Eirik is furious! Grimar the Raven is only on this voyage because he is Eirik's cousin and son of Jarl Gunvald. Grimar is a trouble and creates problem's when not necessary. He defies Eirik's orders at every turn, readers can feel he is a villain at the very beginning as he wants to be the next Jarl and is threatened and jealous of Eirik who is loved by their village. Even though it should go to Eirk who would rather travel and explore. As it has been Eirik's father as the previous Jarl who died in a raid under mysterious circumstances , but Eirk's Uncle convince's him he was too young to become Jarl.  When Grimar is mistreating his new enthrall and when he discards her Eirik claims her as his own, just for her own protection feeling every bit a hypocrite!  Since he and his people know his view on slavery and believes every person should be a free man or woman and there is a sense of pride and honor taking care of your own land and property.

The young woman and orphan Laurel has had a very cruel life! Her unwed parents abandoned her on the steps of the Abbey as an infant and she has been paying for their sins ever since. One of the holy men try to rape her and when she defends herself and reports him, yet no one believes her as he denies it. The nuns and the cruel Abbess then give her the cruelest of punishments. They have treated her as a slave since the day she was born making her do an unreasonable amounts of chores like a prisoner with the most torturous of punishments!  Now she is abducted by these pagan barbarians and abused by the monster that originally took her.  Laurel has looked to Eirik as a sort of protector,  but you can feel the chemistry and sensuality between these two right away,  but there are evil forces at work that want to tear them apart.

Will Laurel be forced to a life of servitude with more forced labor and abuse? Will Laurel finally find happiness in this foreign land with the man she has started to care for or will she feel the pinch of betrayal by the one she trusted most? Will Eirik pick a low life enthall over his status, position  and people? Or will he discard her like everyone else has since the day she was born? Be ready to have have your heartstrings pulled in this story  that is absolutely exceptional! Fabulous riveting story full of conflict, betrayal, adventure, emotion, and love and layered with Viking history weaved in a wonderful fictional historical romance! Non stop action readers will absolutely love!


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