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Captured by a Celtic Warrior Box Set 5 Kilts 2/16/2016

***I was given a copy of this ARC from publisher through net for an honest review***

Captured by a Celtic Warrior by Kris Kennedy, Eliza Knight, Vonda Sinclair and Jennifer Haymore

I loved how this dagger was interconnected to all four stories over a span of over five hundred really brilliant and ingenious! The dagger was once owned by such great such as King's like "Richard the Lionheart"and "Robert the Bruce". All four are fast paced exciting adventure's filled with danger, mystery suspense, passion and love! Readers don't want to miss this exceptional and fun magnificent box set! If you love Scotland, it's history and romance you definitely don't want to miss this terrific set by four multi-talented authors Kris Kennedy, Eliza Knight,Vonda Sinclair and Jennifer Haymore. This was so much fun reading! I highly recommend!

"The Kings Outlaw" ( A Conquerors and Outlaw Novella) by Kris Kennedy

Saletè de Mer, Northern France, January, 1306

The hero of this story is Tadhg O'Malley, is an outlaw and his one objective is to find the worthy dagger weapon of Jerusalem. Before he is caught and pays the price, by meaty, bloodthirsty, ferocious, aristocratic men trailing him down!  Tadhg is nearly caught and has only one option left he must take a hostage which sounds easy enough. He just didn't expect to fall head over heals when he abducted his beautiful captive. the beautiful Magdalena (MAGGIE), the Tailor, which puts he and she both at risk not to mention his mission and kingdom!

This novella is so hot that the pages nearly sizzle,in a non stop quick paced adventure. Kris Kennedy writes another heart melting page turner that readers won't be able to put down!

"Taken by the Highlander" ( A Conquered Bride Novella) by Eliza Knight

Fourlis Castle, Scotland, Spring 1306

Malcolm Montgomery had been ordered by King Robert the Bruce to abduct Lady Rose Munro and her son to keep her from marrying a man Bruce suspects might be a traitorous activities Malcolm is plagued with guilt for being attracted to Lady Rose and and acting on it even though he knows he knows the result will be devastating and he must not fall in love with . After all she is too high above his station, a woman he can never have a woman is was sworn to protect! Will his heart survive or it already to late?

Fan of Eliza's best selling Stolen Bride series will remember in The Highlander's Lady, book #3  Rose also was mentioned as Myra had brought Rose to safety after Myra's brother and Clan Munro Laird had been murdered,

Eliza writes another spectacular tale which never surprises me as I have been reading her since her debut book. You can't help but fall in love with her neck break paced stories, lovable characters, or her descriptive rich  beautiful Scottish settings. I love how she weaves famous historical figures in her stories too. Another exceptional story by this multi talented author!

"Stolen By A Highland Rogue" (A Highland Adventures Novella) by Vonda

Scottish Highlands, June 1619

When a precious valuable King's daggers goes missing  with lots of history and that once belonged to King Richard the Lionheart as it was once even passed down from King Robert Bruce has been stolen from Clan MacKerrick's Chieftain, Dugald MacKerrick! Dugald will do whatever is necessary to retrieve it even if it kidnapping the nobleman's wife he suspect's of the theft! What happens if you end up with the wrong woman that just might possibly be the right women?

Camille Bouchard is the heroine in this story. Fans of Ms. Sinclair's books will remember in  "My Wild Highlander" who is Angelique's cousin. Angelique and Lachlan both make an appearances in this story too. I love when favorites character's from previous books are in a current book, it is like visiting an old friend or having a family reunion.

Again, Vonda Sinclair and that golden pen writes both a beautiful and passionate story that reader's won't be able to put down! I love when he calls her his Wee Frenchy...sigh. So much breathtaking dialogue in this one too...loved it!

"Her Wicked Highlander" ( A Highland Knights Novella) by Jennifer Haymore

Scottish Highlands, 1817

Aila MacKerrick is abducted in the mist of night by an unknown  mercenary and newly appointed highland knight, Maxwell White. Aila does not realize who Max is or that he has done this to protect her from harm from a sadistic Warlord who wants the valuable famous dagger one belonging to Kings like Richard Lionheart  and Robert the Bruce. Alia is taken to an old, isolated, deserted castle in the middle of the Highland forrest to keep her safe from harm. You can feel the attraction between these two right from the getgo,  but due to Max's commitment as a Highland knight he holds back. At first Aila is furious and does not trust Max as he is a stranger to her, once she realizes his good and honorable reasons Aila soon opens her heart. You can also feel the danger that surround Alia from this cruel warlord who will do anything to possess this infamous dagger,  even taking Alia from Max! Very passionate love story again centering around jeweled dagger that had been in Alia's family for generations.

Jennifer writes another wonderful passion filled story that will steal readers hearts!

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