Saturday, November 14, 2015

Warrior of Fire, book 2 (Warriors of Ireland) series by Michelle Willingham release date 11/17/2015

Michelle Willingham's  pens another phenomenal  book in  "Warrior of Fire"  book two, in her spectacular Warriors of Ireland series which I absolutely loved!  It is filled with mystery, adventure, suspense,  passion, heartbreak, betrayal and love. If  you are fans of Ms. Willingham's MacEgan series you are in for a special treat as the King Patrick and his brothers also make appearances in this story which I was thrilled again to see. I read this in one sitting as it is one of those I can't put it down books. Lots of twists and turns so hold onto your seat and enjoy another wonderful trip into historical Ireland and fall in love!

Ireland, 1172

This is about Lady Carice Faolin who decides to runaway since her father Brian Faolin  is forcing her to marry her betrothed,  Rory ÒConnor one of the high Kings of Éireann. He is also of same age as Lady Carice's father and has the reputation of being a very cruel and brutal man. Carice wants nothing to do with this marriage,  plus she is dying and just wants to die in peace, as she can't eat food without having horrible pain. Her father is not interested in her desires or even if she will be safe in this marriage. He only cares about his own ambitions and status and his daughter is the pawn. Carice desides to go west to live out her remaining days with her deceased mother's family.

This is how she meets the hero of the story Norman warrior Raine de Garene as on her quest she needs to find shelter or she is going to freeze to death. So she goes to ravaged Abbey but due to a recent fire all the monks and Priest had died.  Raine was only their to bury the bodies. He too had a sad story his parents both died of violent deaths caused by King Henry of England  then  he had been black mailed into service  by this evil English King too!  Not only has King Henry taken his families lands, but took both his young sisters in captivity as blackmail so Raine will do whatever he asks.He is nothing but an assassin  as his last mission to release his sisters from captivity  is to murder the high King Rory ÒConnor , Lady Carice's unwanted betrothed.

Yet this tender warriors cares for Carice as she sees as he keeps her warm, feeds her and tries to make her as comfortable as possible, but he also sees he can use her as a means to get close to Rory ÒConnor! So he can murder the high King Rory and finally release his sisters. He knows Carice sees him as an honorable good  caring pman but he is a man who lives with much guilt due to his past but wants to save his sisters. As time goes on you see the young couple getting close  no matter how much Raine tries  to keep this beautiful kind women with a big heart at arms length. The problem is if he doesn't listen to the Norman Commanders orders his sisters will be murdered. Plus the fact Carice's father is looking for her and the MacEgan's have promised to help Carice too.

Carice knows she is falling in love with Raine but will he break her tender heart as much as he tries to put up walls between them to can see they keep coming down and he is falling for her too no matter how much he tries to deny it.Will Raine break Lady Carice's tender heart or will he chose love over duty and put his young sisters lives in jeopardy? You will have to read this riveting, quick paced page turner to find out.  I highly recommend as this book has non stop action, mystery, suspense, adventure, steamy passion, betrayal and love and all the element you love. Overall a spectacular read and can't wait to see what Michelle Willingham puts out next!

Note: Also recommend  the first book in this series "Warrior of Ice"  which was about Carice's brother Killion also High King Rory OConnor's son. You can read as stand alone or in series order. I find more fun in order but that is up to the reader as characters from Warrior of Ice is also in this book. Happy Reading