Monday, November 9, 2015


This is a 1991 and 2006 a wonderful re-read for long time fans of Hannah Howell like myself or a great author to discover for new readers as it is a win/win. All her books for me are  action filled, heart melting fast reads in a beautiful Alba ( Scotland)  setting as I can never put them down and read them from to cover and absolutely  love them and this book "Conqueror's Kiss" is no different.

Berwick, Scotland 1318

This spectacular story is set during Scotland and England's Border Wars. Jennet Graeme a young orphan girl who lost both her parents at a young age as her mother was raped and killed. Jennet thinks her is father has been murdered  as well. Jennet has been physically and mentally abused in years of service so she decided to join a nunnery thinking that is the safest routine during these times of war, bloodlust, famine and sickness. Well even nunneries and convents are not out of reach in these dangerous times.

This is where Jennet meets Sir Hacon Gillard in the service of Robert the Bruce and who is immediately taken by Jennet though she has no trust of men. Even thought he takes her by force he
never forces himself on her. He is actually saving her, though Jennet doesn't see it as such. The reader will find that Hacon has no choice but to follow the orders. If Hacon is ever to get back what was rightfully his, but wrongfully taken from him as to many others. Hacon is hoping he will be rewarded with his lands and home returned and given back to him as a reward,  for being in service to Robert the Bruce for so many years. As he has seen other warriors being rewarded this way. Convinced this will be his ultimate reward.

When he meet Jennets  though immediately taken by both her beauty, intelligence bravery and courage, but has no choice but to claim her as his his plunder. Though he know he wants her in his bed but willingly never by force,  Unlike the other warriors he and his men are not cruel, do not rape or murder as other troops do. Soon Jennet starts to develop tender feelings for this tender Knight, but not without some bumps in the road. Lots of action,adventure, mystery, suspense, betrayal and of course ever lasting true love. All the elements you look for in an exceptional historical romance.In
this riveting story that  keeps you on the edge of you seat never quite certain what will happen next.

I really enjoyed watching this couple as Hacon understand Jennets resentment and no trust  toward all men for good reasons especially warriors and how he slowly inches his way into her heart, he claims her as his plunder,  but it is his way of protecting her so no others can harm her. Again Ms, Howell pen a fabulous story in her unique style that keeps you wondering what will happen next. Hacon does not agree has no taste for war of the way they are claiming victory but has no choice if he is ever to get his home and lands back. Jennet also comes to realize she has no real choice, but to remain at his side and soon realizes this man is different from the other men she has known. Can she open her heart and find happiness, love and forgiveness? Is it even possible to have a future with a man she that represents everything she despises? Will she never be able to trust and open her heart to this man and all he stands for? You must read this marvelous book to find the answers.

I highly recommend "Conquerer Kiss" by Hannah Howell as it will  definitely conquer your heart with this beautifully written story. I could not put this book down and it's another Hannah Howell story that will stay with you long after you have read it! Absolutely loved this book and Hannah Howell is just a brilliant author in my opinion.

**This was given to me an an exchange for an honest review from  which I give with pleasure.**


  1. Got this on my tbr list, and now I'm going to have to read it next, what a brilliant review, thank you

  2. Got this on my tbr list, and now I'm going to have to read it next, what a brilliant review, thank you