Thursday, November 12, 2015


 Boston. Present Day 2015

This is a lovely inspirational time travel and this is a new author for me that I absolutely enjoyed! In present day the man in her life Matthew treats her like crap in my opinion and blames her for all his short comings. Brianagh O'Rourke is a successful matchmaker for the rich and famous. Her clients are fooled thinking she is in this perfect passionate relationship like a happy endings fairy tale, but it is far from the truth. The relationship very stale and bland, she even accepts his proposal just because in my opinion because it's safe . Definitely no fireworks and passion as you can tell from her very bland ok answer. No words of love or tears of joy and happiness. Her only escape from this hell is in her dreams where  Mr. Right is her dream man, the perfect knight in shining armor. Then  her lovely dream turns deadly into a nightmare as her Prince Charming of male perfection is killed. From there she decides a vacation is just what she need from reality and night terrors to clear her head per say. Her destination is Ireland to look up her ancestor history of Clan O'Rourke .

This is when things gets really interesting as she discovers her ancestral family are actually time passage keepers which she has heard the stories her entire life, but is stunned to find out it is all true! Then Brianagh is suddenly wisked into 15th century Ireland. As if that is not shocking enough she comes face to face with male perfection himself! The man from her dreams who is very much alive and right in front of her!

Ireland, 1457

Nioclas MacWilliam has been dreaming about the same dream woman for years, his brother's makes him believe that those dreams are a sign or message  from their mother's spirit. As she who was wrongfully murdered with the rest of her clan by her own Laird husband when Nioclas was only a boy. Because of his father's cruelty evilness and drunk with power, Nioclas then exiles his father from the clan and demands he leave immediately! He being the heir becomes laird in his place. Nioclas was only twelve years old at the time and  the same age when he is promised to marry O'Rourke's daughter. It has been 20 years and still O'Rourke's daughter is still missing and he must have a wife as it is necessary and required to lead the clan,. Then in the middle of a rescue mission the woman he had been dreaming about for years shockingly is right in front him. The same person he had been promised when he first became laird as a boy all those years ago.. It has been twenty years but Brianagh feels she needs to go back to her own time so a deal is struck she remain for three month married as his wife. Well a lot can happen in three months! Will Branagh leave her dream man and go back to her successful business and her bland no sparks relationship or stay in another time where she has met and possibly discovered a relationship that has all the sparks and passion missing from her present life with a man the treats her the way she thought only possible to attain in dreams and fantasy? What would you do? I know what I would do. You must read this riveting fun filled page turning  novel to find out.  I look forward to future books from this author Nancy Scanlon and plan to continue to read more books about hot sexy Irish warriors in her wonderful Mists of Fate series.

** I received this free ARC  from the publisher through for an honest review which I gave gladly with pleasure!**

Mists of Fate
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