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Highland Angels (Fated Hearts, Book 3) by Ceci Giltenan just released today and Celtic Barb's 5 star review

This is the third book in Ceci Giltenan's Fated Heart series and again I absolutely loved the a book about love, forgiveness, guilt, shame,  and perhaps its bet not to believe the worst about a person or a clan. It's a book about human emotions we all go through and hopefully eventually moving forward. Highland Angels is centered  around two feuding Clans the MacKay's and MacLeod who had been brought up since birth to  hate the rival clan. This is a stand alone book though it is part of a series really  won't effect of you read the others or not. I have a joyed all the books in the Fated Hearts series immensely.

Northern Highlands, Scotland 1342

This books heroine is Anna MacKay  just had a fight with her brother, Laird Eoin MacKay,  who she is furious when he threatens to marry he off to a horrible man!  Even if he will be Laird one day on the Isle of Lewis  which is faraway from her family. Anna walks to burn off steam not realizing she was so close to the MacLeod territory. She sees a young lad go under on the ice and saves him in the frozen loch. Yet when his father and Uncles see they accuse her of abduction and imprison her in their dungeon for her act of heroism and threaten her with death. When they realize they were wrong and Anna did exactly as she claimed as Davy gives the same precise details all The MacLeod feel even worse plus the face she gets deathly sick being in the cold dungeon fm being in the cold loch and not sure she will survive due to their carelessness and cruelty and faithlessness, As Anna MacKay had just saved the life  a seamstress named Eve MacKay is the name she gives as she knew that if they knew her real name it would be even worse. All Anna want is to do home but once they find out who she is the Old Laird see as an opportunity to generations of hate and war between clan and there is only on way to do that and that is with marriage. The problem os neither the bride nor the groom he has picked want to marry.

As Andrew has vowed never to marry again as it has been four years and he is still mourning from loss of his wife and knows he could never love again. The thing is he has closed himself to everyone including his own son. Anna think she hates and fears this Clan  though she love his son and fourteen year old sister. Plus she want a marriage like her brother has one about love plus feels this Clan has betrayed her in thinking she was going home. So what will happen can two people from enemies clans work together as lifemates with so many forces working against them? One with such an open heart and one with a closed one but the one thing they both love is an adorable little,dragon chaser names Davy who want a new Mama very much.

Highland Angels was really beautifully written and better have some kleenex around and some parts were very emotional but I loved how a lass from an enemy clan opens the hearts of everyone around her.  It's a story about letting go, forgiveness, love and of course angels. Davy was definitely a scene stealer and the scenes with him and Anna are so  heart wrenching and beautiful.

I highly recommend and I suppose you would call this inspirational as there is no sexual love scenes in this book. I have been a fan of Ms, Giltenan's work since her debut with Highland Solution and as always she weaved  beautifully written fast paced page turner.  It is a fascinating story but with conflicts, miscommunication, lots of twists and turns and  usually more then one plot which is full of surprises. I absolutley love her unique style of writing with positive morals which always melts my heart and softens my soul. I look forward to her future books as I am always left feeling a bit in awe !

Fated Hearts Series

1. Highland Revenge
2. Highland Echoes
3. Highland Angels

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