Thursday, November 19, 2015

Highlander's Kiss by Joannne Wadsworth Five Kilts ( Stars)

This is book one in Joanne Wadsworth new Clan Matheson series "Highlander's Kiss"  is a historical paranormal time-travel and a spin off from her previous Matheson Brothers series. I recommend that you read that series as well,  if new to Ms. Wadsworth books not to worry as you can always read her books as stand alone too. I just find its more fun to connect the dots per say and know the history, but that is the readers choice. Either way reader will be totally enchanted by this wonderful story.

It's the story of how 21st century bonny bear shifter, fierce warrior  Clan Doctor Tavish Matheson  travels to the past to find and claim his mate. Of course plenty of bumps in the road to keep this plot interesting and not as easy as it sounds. The problem is the 0ne he wants to claim is resisting him and how is he to convince her especially with so much danger at every turn?

Fae blooded Julia is the one Tavish is determined to make his, she has  the ability to read minds as she reads people's auras and know what they are thinking in a heartbeat.  Julia is extremely loyal and protective of her family and Clan, will do anything to keep them safe. It is another one of her endearing qualities. When Tavish claim they are meant be as one she thinks he is wrong as she cannot see it! Will he be able to convince her or go their separate ways?

As of Julia's life is not complicated enough an enemy clan wants to start marriage negotiations for an alliance between clans Julia not seeing things clearly or the true intent name duplicity of this enemy Clan!  As her parents are captured and I prisoned! Julia will do anything to have them set free and rescue them! Will she be in time to rescue them or is it too late? Then things get really dicey as Julia gets abducted  wil'l Tavish be able to get to her in time?

Will  Tavish be able  to convince Julia of their connection and how they are meant to be together! You will have to read this quick paced,  fabulous romantic tale and take a trip to historic Scotland and find out. Plus fans of Ms, Wadsworth books might be delighted  and reunited with characters from her precious Matheson Brothers series characters,  which is always an extra perk in the story.

I was totally enchanted as Ms Wadsworth weaves another magical tale  in  a beautiful Scottish setting with  non stop  plots of action, mayhem, abductions, adventure, betrayal  passion and romance that will have readers totally mesmerized! I can't wait for Highlanders Heart the next Clan Matheson book in this exceptional riveting series!

Highlander's Kiss, #1
Highlander's Heart, #2
Highlander's Sword, #3

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