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The Crusaders Hearts by Claire Delacroix 5 Kilts

Wulf did not seem overjoyed leaving his post as he is a Templar Knight and knows an upcoming battle is coming and he wants to fight. Also he did not seem all the likable as he does not honor the monk vows as his brothers do and goes to prostitiutes for sexual release. We also learned Christina did not choose to be a prostitute but after losing her husband In a foreign land and it was always obvious from the way she carried herself she came from no nobility. It was obvious to the me she was just trying to survive it was that or death in a foreign country that was starving, I really felt a lot of empathy for Christina and understood why she chose to follow as this woman had suffered so much and would do what she had to to survive. I also had a feeling she wore a strong armor and that there was a vulnerable woman inside who would break at the seems soon as she had been through hell and back as every human being has their breaking point. Honestly it was Christina's back ground that Piqued my interest as I wasn't completely thrilled with Wulf at that point. I have a feeling Ms.Delacroix wrote him in this way for that very reason, as I have been reading her books for years and she is very clever like that and knows how to draw readers in. I really want enjoyed The Crusader"s heart and was happy to see the gruff Wulf as how he seemed it Crusaders Bride really do have a heart and vulnerability as well. This is Wulf and Christina's story and their point of view, which really surprised me and completely changed the opinion I previously had.

Venice 1187

Wulf the hero of this story, is a man with a chip on his shoulder. He is a Templer Knight, whom was given orders to leave the city of Jerusalem just whe he feels his sword arm is needed most. As war is about to break out and he has to go on this ridiculous errand to deliver a message and a precious relic as if that is not bad enough he is not even in charge of this mission. Gaston whom he calls a former Templar was chosen as leader as he this Templar had chosen to leave the order with his chosen wife on his way home and this is his last mission. Another thing he resents, but a a Templar Knight you must accept with whatever orders are required by the Grand Master as that is part of thier oath as Templar Knight and Wulf wants to finish this quest as soon as possible as return and defend the Temple of Jerusalem. So to let of some steam he decide to find s brothel of sexual release an other oath he breaks as a Templar Monk they make an oath of celibacy but it's is an oath many break except the perfect Gaston that is.

Christina came here for a better life once she was a woman with a husband so full of hopes and dreams but was ripped out of her life with little choice even of she attempted to leave they cut the women where they are scarred for life. So she wouldn't be able to make a living In the worlds oldest profession as a courtesan, prostitute, whore no matter how you sugar coat it. Not the life she would of ever chosen or saw in her future coming from nobility but it was that or starve to death! She hates this life but she is survivor and finally during unusual circumstance she sees there might be a light at the end of this very dark tunnel she has been living It is the same making a living by selling your body to men. This is how she meets Wulf but then he saves her life and chooses to stay by his side until the debt is repaid and Wulf is not exactly thrilled by this outcome.Christina sees this as an opportunity and rescue out of this nightmare she has been living.

I really enjoyed watching Wulf and Christina angle POV of the story who had both had a had a difficult life come together but of course there is more to this fast moving story with a riveting , action , adventure, espionage, mystery, suspense, passion and romance that will sweep readers off their feet. I found the different points of view from the choices will have to me made bit what will Wulf choose duty or love? You will have to read this exceptional story and find out. I absolutely was delighted and loved this story.

(The Champions of Saint Euphemia Book Series)

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