Friday, November 20, 2015

Highlanders Heart by Joanne Wadsworth 5 Kilts, book 2, Clan Matheson

Joanne Wadsworth does it again with another notch in her belt! In this time-travel tale that will leave readers feeling the magic, as if the universe stood still and you have been transported to another place and time! This is book two, in her fabulous Clan Matheson  series. I know reader will be totally as enchanted as I was and feel the magic in Ms. Wadsworth written words....

Scotland 1210
This books heroine is Layla whom has the power of telekinesis which is to move things with her mind and levetate but can also move people. which  be a wonderful fearsome gift in time s of war and battle. Due to her special gift she has been betrothed since childhood to a fierce highland Warror Donnan MacDonald from another allied Clan. Layla understands this is due to her special gift to help them n battle and understands its just a political marriage not uncommon and knows she must marry a man she feels nothing for a political alliance and knows her duty.

The hero is this story is about warrior shifter Tor Matheson who come f0rom the 21st century to find hos one true love the thing is he does not know who she is and has bit can only do this during a full moon. He finds he is in a jeep of trouble when he senses the one who is betrothed to another and might be putting his life in jeopardy if he tried to claim her! Plus you can feel electricity as Layla must decide who she must pick the one she loves or the one she feels nothing for but  would be breaking a betrothal agreement and betraying her clan. She also knows her betrothed is son of one of the greatest highland Chiefs so this decisions and betrayal is not as simple as it may seem. Layla knows the marriage is only wanted for her gifts as she is wanting more since Tor comes I Ot her life. Not to mention the danger this puts her beloved Tor to go against one of the most fearless warriors her betrothed. Love on the battlefield and who is going to win and which will Layla pick duty or love?

You will have to read this fast paced, enchanting,  riveting page,  turner that will sweep you off your feet and leave you feeling spellbound and breathless in this captivating romantic story!  Another Joanne Wadsworth weaves another tale full of magic, action, adventure, suspense, passion  and romance which  with lots of twists and turns that will have readers at the edge of their seats not knowing  what to expect! I highly recommend Highlander's Heart by Joanne Wadsworth a totally delightful read!

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