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HIghland Heat ( Highland Knights) by Jennifer Haymore 5 kilts

I have always  enjoyed Jennifer Haymore regency books, I was super excited when I heard she was writing a new  Scottish historical series ( A Highland Knights) my favorite genre! You can read in series order or as a stand alone book. 

June 1815, The Waterloo Battlefield

The kind hearted Lady Grace Carrington is the heroine of the story and meets Army Sergeant, Duncan Mackenzie on the last day of the Napoleon war at Waterloo where Bonaparte is finally defeated but probably the bloodiest battle! As she decides to see if she can be aid in a field of corpse she trips over Duncan landing directly in his lap! Duncan the father of a sheep farmer in Scotland and Grace the daughter of a wealthy English Earl. Even what priority demands she ignored and gave her given name and took Duncan under her care. As he had been hurt and unconscious thinking at first Grace was only a dream a dream he didn't want to wake up from! 

As the story goes in Duncan and Grace keep getting thrown in situation where they are together and alone. You see as the attraction grow and Grace who has accepted a lifetime of spinsterhood just wants to at least feel love once in her life thought she knows it will be short lived and has to be.a secrets due to her family and her own reputation. Not that she cares much about the ton but didn't want to hurt her family. So what shall she do stay a virgin forever or take caution to the wind and go for it. 

Optimist Duncan knows he has nothing to offer Grace but can't seem to resist to her but he is an honorable man. He sees the class difference and knows they can't have a future as much as he wishes it were different. He has the attitude of live each day to the fullest and worry about tomorrow later well that is until his status has changed but still not good enough for an Earl daughter.He has no choice but to break her heart.

Also a side story of Grace’s sister Claire is estranged from her husband  who is having marital problems due a past tragedy. Her husband Robert is also Captain to Duncan and brother-in-law to Duncan. He is also the reason for Duncan eventual Status claim. 

This was fast paced about the problem and prejudices of class difference is still here today in my opinion. I am sure Prince William didn't have an easy time marrying Kate. Maybe not a ton issue today but you still have to fight paparazzi and other villains. Some other aristocrats  like Duke of Windsor, gave up his title for the woman he loved, as he did for the divorced Mrs. Simpson! Although the world finds this very romantic, that these romantic aristocratic men defied all in the name of love, as for the women I imagine this was not easy marrying men from such royalty status.

It also has a mini story of Graces sister Claire and her husband Rob who is also brother-in-law to Grace and also Duncan’s Captain in the Army. The couple have been estranged and due to a past tragedy, you will have read this wonderful book to find the details. Also fans of the series will remember them from book one (A Highland Knight Novel) series in Highlanders Heart.

I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more in the series though this is book two and my first in the series I plan on reading book one and keep following the series. In other words you can read in series order or as a stand alone book. Highly recommend it was a delightful read! 


(1) A HIGHLANDER'S HEART (Lady Claire and Major Campbell)
(2) HIGHLAND HEAT (Lady Grace and Mackenzie) TBR 4/24/2015
(3) HIGHLAND AWAKENING (Lady Esme and Macleod) TBR 3/29/2016
(3.5) HER WICKED HIGHLANDER (novella in Captured By A Celtic Warrior Collection (Aila and White) TBR
(4) HIGHLAND TEMPTATION (Lady Emilia and Stirling) 

Note....The characters from the Highland Knights appear multiple times throughout the books, but each book can be read as a stand-alone.

***The is an arc I got in exchange for honest review from netgalley.com***

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