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The Beast of Clan Kincaid by Lily Blackwood TBR 5/31/2016 5 Kilts

Breathtaking riveting story by the talented Lily Blackwood in her brand new Clan Kincaid series in her riveting fast paced page turning romantic adventure. A truly a phenomenal read that will knock your socks off! Definitely want to hear from more from this author. Like potato chips one will never be enough! Bravo Ms. Blackwood, a new favorite author for me.

1387, Scotland
 Niall Braewick, eldest son of Laird Kincaid who was brutally murdered by enemies  seventeen years prior as was his Mother and clan. Niall and his brothers were taken through a hidden passage and through the woods where they were all three brothers were separated. This was done in case in case they were caught, making the odds better that at least one Kincaid son would survive. Niall knew from that horrible day and on he would one day have his revenge: on the enemies to that murdered his parents and take all that was stolen from them.

The MacClaren clan as one of the clan who betrayed his father and clan seventeen years ago. His plan to take all that was taken from him , his land, castle and clan, but there is one problem in this scenario. He is attracted to the MacClarens daughter Elspeth who he happened to save her and her sister in the river. Of course he had no idea who she was at the time. Niall is rewarded for saving his daughters a place in The MacClaren clan as a new warrior.  Now mercenary and known as The Beast as no one can know his true identity not even Elspeth. He is known as acold hearted and lethal bastard.  Even though warned away from her people to stay clear of her father's new warrior, but Elspeth has her own mind. Now that her father is old and want her married as  clansman and nobleman are vying for her hand just for her lands and dowry. The fools don't seem to know her true worth Yet he knows this could end very badly and ruin all his carefully laid plans. Will he choose love over revenge?

A setting so beautiful your do swear you can smell the heather characters that come to life with magnificent dialogue! Non stop action,  and so much depth in this hands down phenomenal read that you wont want to see it end. This is a first book for me by this author bit of defiantly won't be the last, plus with a Monica McCarty endorsement I just knew it was to be a magnificent read. It was that and more and I can't wait for the next book  The Rebel of Clan Kincaid in this spectacular series. It had me hooked from start to finish, totally wowed me, I just loved it and highly recommend!

Disclaimer: I was given this advanced readers copy from publishers of St. Martin's  Paperback's publishers through

  Clan Kincaid Series by Lily Blackwood

1)The Beast  of Clan Kincaid - TBR 5/31/2026
2) The Rebel of Clan Kincaid - TBR later this summer

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