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An Enchanted Spring by Nancy Scanlon, Book 2, Mists of Fate Series, 5 Kilts, TBR 5/24/2016

This is book #two in Nancy Scanlons fabulous new Irish time-travel series "Mists of Fate". As she again writes about another heartwarming, sexy, alpha Irishman that will make readers swoon!

Present Day

Aiden MacWilliam, brother of Irish Laird Neoclas, is unhappily  trapped left behind in the 21st century, United States. Although Aiden has adjusted to his unfortunate circumstances, as he has become somewhat of a wealthy entrepreneur. Aiden, heart sore and missing his time and  home in the past. His matchmaking cousin knows he needs to take his mind off his sadness and shake these feelings. He know all Aiden want is to go home to his time and family and unhappy in the future. Aiden agrees and makes the decision to head to New York City, with a push from his great - great - many times removed cousin. He needs to recruit a publicity manager for his cousins match making company called Celtic Connections! Secretly his cousin knows this woman recruit would be perfect love match for Aiden. Also this could help with his sorrow in missing his family and friends all in the past. After-all doesn't love heal all wounds and sorrow?

Emmaline Perkins, is the heroine and is perfect for the job as she has the PR background and is secretly somewhat obsessed with medieval history. Plus the type that always puts works first and foremost, before a personal and social life. Well until the  gorgeous Aiden MacWilliam walks into her life, yet with a business proposal! That is the last thing on her mind, when she sees this gorgeous,true-to-life Irishman, right out of the Middle Ages!

You can feel the chemistry and attraction between these two right from the getgo, plus the dialogue is fantastic. Then all hell breaks loose!  Emmaline's blackmailing, cheating, stealing, threatening  ex storms right  back into her life demanding money or her life could be forfeit!

This only draws Aiden and Emmaline closer - afterall he being from the past - a time where men were fearless and fierce!  Plus wore honor, shivery and protectiveness on their sleeves. It soon seems that there is only one conclusion - that is Emmaline needs to hide where she will never be found! Where and how can this take place? Will these two open up all their secrets and move forward? Will Aiden be able to help Emmaline in time? Are theses two just fated for more heartache, failure and sorrow? Will Aiden be able to be content living I n the 21st century forever, even with a woman like Emmaline at his side? Aiden and Emmaline have many decisions  to make, hoops to jump and obstacles to overcome. That is if they are ever obtain a happily ever after! Is that even remotely possible?

To find out the answers to the many questions and more I definitely recommend  and suggest you read An "Enchanted Spring"  by Nancy Scanlon  that will be released shortly on May 24th, 2016. It is the second book it this exceptional time-travel series that will take your breath away!  Readers can read this as a stand alone book too, so it's a win/win for all readers! I am looking forward to the next book in this  series as I have listed below and future books by this author as the are always such delightful reads, Sláinte!

Mists of Fate by Nancy Scanlon

1) The Winter Laird Brianagh O'Rourke  and Nioclas MacWilliam - available in al formats
2) An Enchanted Spring Aiden MacWilliam and Emmaline Perkins - TBR  5/24/2016
3) Once Upon A Summer Night - TBR March 7, 2017

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